One last race for this season.


This weekend we head down to Sierra Vista for the State Championship Mountain Bike Race.


The race is on Sunday so we will be leaving town on Saturday.


This week will be about preparing for the race on all three fronts. Mentally, emotionally and physically. We have to put all three together to have our best performance and I sure hope everyone finds the success they want.


Training Plan 


Tuesday– High School MTB racers– one more time at Himmel Park to do the last round of efforts.

Middle schoolers. You will  be working out at the clubhouse and continuing to help organize.


Wednesday– OFF. High schoolers rest and prepare.

Middle schoolers enjoy some off time, friends and family.


Thursday– High Schoolers. Classic Hole Shot openers.

Middle Schooler. Another work out at the clubhouse.


Saturday– High schoolers we leave at 10am. So please arrive at 9am to help pack. Same as all the other races bring your lunch.


Sunday– We will return at approx. 6pm and just as before its appreciated if you help to pack everything away.