I hope everyone enjoyed a restful weekend at home because the fun keeps coming this week.


Last week we put in some structured hard work to prepare for this race in Prescott and I want to thank everyone for their efforts. I along with all of the other coaches was super impressed with everyone’s motivation and willingness to work hard. So often we forget to realize how important the mental game is to performance so I want to thank everyone for really committing the work and emotionally embracing it. We had some of our best work outs of the season last week.


I hope we can move forward with this same motivation as we prepare for this next race.


LIGHTS– Blinking at all times during practice when tires are on pavement 


Training Plan 


Tuesday– MTB


Wednesday– OFF


Thursday– Openers and hole shots


Saturday– Depart at 10am from clubhouse so again meeting at 9am to load up.


Sunday– Arriving back to the clubhouse at approx. 8pm.



The link to sign up to help us in Prescott is here:



And I want to be sure to encourage parents if they will be at the race to volunteer with the race organization. Information here: