The Bigger You Smile, The Faster You go.


This is a statement that I say with the riders before every event they do.


It it to remind them to have fun. That if they enjoy themselves and the effort then they will go faster because they will be in a happy place.


We talk about  this often. That if we bring joy to our endeavors then we will receive joy from them.


I want to congratulate all of the middle school riders for completing this years fall Mountain bike season. My hope is that it was filled with self discoveries, triumphs, friendships and lessons.


Ultimately I hope everyone is able to articulate all of the ways in which they grew and the areas they are excited to continue to grow in.


High schoolers you have one more race and I will build you all a plan that I believe will get you ready to really enjoy the last race.


However this was the last race for our conference and for the second race in a row we were able to WIN the overall for Division 2 of the South Conference. Not only that we finished 3rd overall for the season. So a huge congratulations to the team and thank you to all of the coaches, parents and volunteers who helped make this happen.


We also had a bunch of conference champions and overall podiums. While they are special I am aware that every riders efforts and accomplishments are just as important.






Tuesday– High School Racers. MTB with hard efforts.

Middle school Ladies– Skills day with Coach Jason Tullous.

Middle school boys– Strength work out at Clubhouse and then cleaning for the Fondo


Wednesday — Recovery Road Ride for High school only

Middle schoolers please come and continue to help prepare for the fondo if you can


Thursday– High School Racers. MTB with Hard Efforts.

Middle Schoolers– Packed Stuffing for the Fondo and a cross training work out


Saturday– High Schoolers if you ride the shoot out then you can do that. All others take the day and get homework done.


Sunday– FALL FONDO. All riders this is mandatory participation. Everyone should be prepared to ride their road bikes with their Newest and cleanest team kit on. I will let you know the distance. I expect everyone to be on site at 6am and you will be done by 1pm. This is our biggest fund raiser of the year and we want you all there to enjoy it and to help us celebrate.