This is Week 2 of our first base block. This is all about laying our foundation for our season to come.


This time of year is all about creating good habits, sticking to your schedule, and finding consistency in your training and actions.


The holidays can be an overwhelming time of the year with so much going on, so let the team and your riding be a grounding force in your life. Set your schedule and really try hard to stick to it and to find consistency. If you do you will be rewarded with discipline and be set up for a great spring season.


Parents I need your help and support this time of year in regards to LIGHTS. All riders must now be ready at practice with a high powered front light and of course their rear red lights. I need your help in supporting me if your rider does not show up with proper lighting. I will not be able to allow them to ride as it will just not be safe. So please parents support me if I have to tell your rider to sit out a practice if they are not prepared.


TRAINING PLAN– The whole training plan is predicated off of your attendance at least three days a week. So make that schedule that works for you and your family and practice the discipline that it takes to follow through.


Tuesday– MTB endurance ride.


Wednesday– 2:45 and 4:30 options. Road Rides


Thursday– Road Ride only.


Saturday– Road Ride.


Sunday– MT Lemmon with road bike option.