If you would like to ride over Gates Pass to the trail head then please be ready to leave the clubhouse at 9am.


If you would like to just enjoy the hike then please be ready to leave the clubhouse in a van at 9:15am.


We should be able to start hiking at 10am and it should take approx. 3.5 hours.


So if you are riding in the van to the trailhead you should be back to the clubhouse by 2pm.


If you ride out to the start you may be transported back in the van if you are tired after the hike.


If you are choosing to ride back from the hike please be prepared to arrive back to the clubhouse around 3pm ish.


If you choose to ride to the trailhead you may leave a change of clothes, a backpack, and shoes in the van that is going out to the trailhead. This will allow you to not have to carry your hiking equipment.


We are going to hike up to Wasson Peak which is the peak of the Tucson Mountains. It is a challenging hike but the pay off at the top is well work it.


I recommend that you bring at least 2 liters of water and some good snacks.


I will bring a sandwich to eat at the top along with a bar and an apple.


You will want to wear a good pair of shoes, you don’t need hiking boots, but vans that are exploding are not a good choice. I also recommend that you wear a long sleeve shirt to protect yourself from the sun and a good hat.


Here is some good information about the hike: https://socalhiker.net/hiking-wasson-peak-in-saguaro-national-park/