I truly hope everyone remembers to order their EARNED team kits for this coming year. 
Please look for the email from VOLER. If you are unsure as to what email it may have gone to, please don’t hesitate to ask. 
Mt Wrightson. The peak of the Santa Rita mountains to the south east of Tucson. This group picture is taken from the summit at 9, 456 feet.
I congratulate all of the youth who came out and challenged themselves on such a beautiful mountain. 
I also want to thank Joel, Antonio and Daniela for helping out. 
Special shout out to Max G and Ryan for really rising up to this challenge. They had no idea how long it would take. It was the hardest hike they have ever been on. They were both well beyond their comfort zones or known experiences. They were in a totally new world and exhausted. But they made it. Thanks to Coach Joel for guiding them up the mountain and keeping them motivated. They both conquered their first mountain and they did not believe they could when they started. Bravo guys. 
In fact I have taken riders on this hike many times over the years and this is the first time ever that everyone made it to the top. I was definitely a proud and happy coach at the top. 
I also do not want to forget to acknowledge and applaud the courage of Mia, Rosalie, Elliot K and Dom. They all accepted the challenge of trying the shoot out for their first time ever this Saturday. They all rode with confidence and class and are excited to try again. It takes real guts to try something so hard and I thank all of the teammates and coaches who were out this weekend guiding and encouraging them. THANK YOU!!
I am well aware that this is the end of the semester and you are all focusing on school and ensuring that you finish strong. That is where your energy should be this time of year, but of course I also want to get you on your bikes. I firmly believe that if you exercise and move after school it will make it easier to study and focus once at home. 
Some of you have been able to put together a super solid three weeks, and you should be ready for a skills week. 
However there are also many of you who have not been able to be super consistent because of school and family realities. 
So we are going to have options this week. 
For those of you ready for the skills week, Tuesday and Wednesday off. Almost all of you ready for this break also commute to and from school and we can call these recovery rides. Thursday though I hope you join the team at the crit course. 
If you are excited to get back into training or just have not been able to be super consistent the last few weeks: 
Remember there is termite work being done at the clubhouse on this day, so we do not want youth to be entering. 
Wednesday– Road ride. 2:30 and 4:30 start times. 
Thursday– Crit Practice. We will load up vans again and do something very similar to this last week. 
Saturday– Standard Morning rides at 7:15 or 7:30am. 
Sunday– Another HIke?