Week 3 Base Block: Consistency is the foundation for success. I really want to inspire and encourage everyone to find their schedule and to really stick to it. This is a hard time of year. It gets dark early. It is cold. The races seem far off. School is getting harder. You’re just trying to get it over with, and it seems as though we are just going through the motions.
Intentional planning and preparation is sometimes work. There are times within the year that we just need to put the work in so that when the races come we can really enjoy them and the challenges they present. I totally understand that this can be a tough time of year and we coaches are here to support you, and we also want to encourage you. So hang in there it is going to get better real soon.
This week we are going to continue our base training and cross training. This is our third week so please be prepared for the cross training to be tougher this week.
Our rides have limitations during the week because of light and our time frames. Lets do a great job with route planning so that we are back on the Loop when it gets dark, so as to be as safe as we can.
Tuesday– MTB Endurance ride and cross training
Wednesday– 2:45 and 4:30 Road rides.
Thursday– 4:30 road ride. I would like to try something different on this day. I would like to load up the vans and drive folks to a parking lot at Ina and I-10 so that we can have a structured crit practice.
Saturday– I am thinking a Bike and Hike to Mt Wrightson might be really fun. We could have some folks get driven out to the mountain and then others could ride there. I will consult with folks about this idea. If not we will have our normal rides.
Sunday– If we do not do the bike and hike then I will ride Mt Lemmon just as I had proposed for this week. The ride is a total of 3-4 hours so we do not ride the whole mountain.
The video link below I believe does a great job of explaining what we are doing this time of year. I like the analogy that is made at the 6:30 mark.
Week of December 12th: This would traditionally be a skills week. After three hard weeks of base training we need to take a respite and work on the fundamentals of our sport. We are still going to do this however we are getting some work done on the building and I am going to need everyone’s help. Our buildings are going to be getting treated for termites and we need to take everything away from the exterior walls 6 feet. I am not too intimidated by this job, but will certainly need everyone’s help. So please ensure that on Tuesday the 13th you are available for practice and ready to help.
Weekend Shout Out: I want to congratulate and thank everyone who came out and endured the weather on Saturday morning. 
Coaches Daniela and David joined Sterling, Rosalie, and Julian. They all braved the weather together and of course got caught in the rain. David being the super kind soul and brilliant coach that he is had all of the rider go to his house and he was able to get them all dry clothes. Not only that they also got a cup of hot chocolate. David then drove them back to the clubhouse and they all ended up at my house for more treats and hot chocolate. 
THANK YOU David and Daniela for your amazing kindness and thoughtfulness. 
Roey and Evan. Thank you for having the courage to come out to the old man knowing that it was going to be extremely hard. Thank you for having the courage to so wonderfully challenge yourself. 
Thank you Board Member Joey for helping them and of course a huge thank you to Coach Curt and Joel for their support of these amazing young men. 
Bravo to Damiano, Alex and Tomas for brilliant rides in the rain and for working together as a team to get Tomas his first shoot out win. 
Thomas way to get back on the bus and to put in a solid rain.