I know there is some rain in the forecast and I want to respect that.
However my weather app states that the probability is for the afternoon, so I am planning on having team practice rides in the morning.
Lights– As has been stated and reminded many times. Lights are mandatory on all team rides. Please have them on. Of course during the light hours your daytime lights are most appropriate. You do not need to have your night MTB lights for these daytime rides.
Old Man 7:15am.
Those of you who typically do this ride along with:
Julian, Dom, Evan, Roey, and Kai.
You are all being invited and will be looked after by coach Curt. Please arrive at the clubhouse at 7am sharp. As well be properly dressed.
7:30– Big Boy– you know who you are
7:30 B Ride — Plan on being out for at least 3 hours.
Ryan, Max G, Sterling, Mia, Rosalie, Taryn, Anthony
You all will be going out with David, Daniela, and maybe Chuck. Unfortunately Ken is out of town.
There will be a solid ride plus some crit skills work.
8:30am Departing the clubhouse and heading out to Mt Lemmon. We will be riding road bikes.
I will ride east on Third street and turn north on Treat. I will then turn east on Pima and take that to Tanque Verde.
I will be at the base of the mountain at 9:30am.
We will then ride up for at least an hour and some may do more.
This should allow us to be back to the clubhouse by noon.
If you would like to meet me en route you that is just fine, but I will not stop the bus to wait for you. Please be ready.
As well upon return you can peel off wherever you need.
This used to be a Sunday standard ride for many years and we did it this way as it allows some folks to sleep in a bit more.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.