7:15am– Old Man Shoot Out.

It is going to be cold so please dress accordingly. Also this is the end of week 3 so please be prepared for some extra fun.



7:30 Big Boy.

You know who you are and yes be prepared for some extra. We will all meet at the store at Mission and Drexel after our rides and then continue on together.



7:30 B Team Ride

Be prepared for a solid ride of at least 2 hours.







Depart in team vans at 9am.


Should be ready to hike at 10am.


Hike is approx. 5 hours long.


We should be home by 4pm.


I truly want to see everyone on this hike, so if you can only make one practice this weekend, please make it the hike.



Hike Essentials:


2-3 liters of water. Please arrive prepared with a water pack.


Good pair of shoes. Just like last time no blown out vans or any other blown out shoes.


Be well dressed. We are going to hike up to almost 10,000 feet so you will need to bring extra clothing. Also bring a Hat.


I will wear an under warmer, a long sleeve shirt and have a thin jacket to put on at the top. Be prepared.



2 PB and J sandwiches

2 apples

bag of chips

bag dried mango