Congratulations to all of our amazing riders who have just completed their fall semesters. I sure hope you all finished super strong and smashed your finals.


This means that you are on Winter Break and hopefully really excited to enjoy some huge bike rides in brisk weather.


This weekend I really want to prioritize folks getting out to the 24 Hour Course. So if you are racing the 24 and you can only come on one day this weekend then please make it on Sunday.


SATURDAY– The only option is the Shoot Out. If you have done it before then you are so very welcome to come out and do your best.

Old Man– 7:15am.

Big Boy 7:30am.


After the ride I am going to be making burritos for everyone at my house. Old School Style. This is to celebrate our great friend Leo.



Sunday– 24 Hour Race Course Recon

Depart clubhouse at 9am. 
At trailhead by 10:30. 
Ride from 11am to 3pm. 
Arrive back to clubhouse by 4pm ish. 
Please bring plenty of food and snacks. This is a long day out in the cold so please also dress accordingly. I would recommend driving out in normal clothes, then changing to bike clothes on site, and then changing back into warm dry clothes for the drive home.
Everyone should be prepared to ride at least 2 laps.
SNEAK PEAK TO THE FUN NEXT WEEK. There will be afternoon practice as well next week.
Tuesday 20th– Honey Bee MTB 
Depart clubhouse at 9am. 
At Trailhead at 10am. 
Ride until 2pm. 
Arrive back at clubhouse at 3pm. 
Wednesday 21st– Patagonia Gravel 
Depart at 9am. 
In Patagonia at 10:30am. 
Ride from 11am to 3pm. 
Arrive back to clubhouse at 4:30pm. 
Thursday 22nd– In Town Road Ride
Depart at 9am 
Ride until 1pm. 
Back at clubhouse at 1pm.