Here we GO!!!

I am so excited that all of you have made it to this weekend.
I know there has been a lot of information that has been passed around, but I just want to make sure we all have what we need.
24 Hour Racers and Participants 
Please arrive at the clubhouse tomorrow at 8:30am. 
Ensure that you have had a good breakfast and that you pack accordingly with the packing list. Attached. 
As well PLEASE BRING A LUNCH with you for Friday. 
If we leave at 9am we should be parked at our campsite at 11am.
My hope is that we all then finish setting up camp and get our area all set up.
This should be completed by Noon if we all work together.
At Noon we should eat lunch and prepare to go on a ride.
Leave for the ride at 1pm.
Finished by 3pm.
3pm to 8pm. Hang out around our camp area and prepare for the event to come.
Riders have been instructed not to climb around on the rocks, not to wander around the greater camp as well.
I want riders to enjoy their teammates and our camp area.
Lights out at 9pm.
Please remind riders to stay hydrated and to be careful with the Sun. It is very exposed out there.
RIder have been instructed that they are not to enter anyone’s RV’s during the event. They should stay with their teammates in the team tents. We are a team. This also makes it much easier for our volunteers to find you when it is your turn to ride. So please ensure to camp in a tent with a member of your race team.
When the event is over everyone will be absolutely exhausted and folks will want to just go home. However we will need your help for just a bit longer. We need your help to un pack everything at the clubhouse. SO PLEASE return to the clubhouse. If you do it is WAY easier on everyone and the work gets done super fast. So PLEASE plan on returning to the clubhouse after the race.
Valley of the Sun Racers and Participants 
Meet at the clubhouse at 9am after a solid breakfast. 
PLEASE bring a LUNCH with you as well. 
Depart at 9:30am. 
Arrive to the TT area at 11:30 am ish. 
First rider off 1:59. 
We will be staying in Phoenix but I ask that we bring a sleeping mat or two and some sleeping bags. Just in case we need them. 
For the TT I do not care what skinsuit you wear, however for the RR and the Crit I absolutely want everyone to wear this years kit very proudly. 
The crit on Sunday is over at 10 am ish so we should be back into town at the clubhouse at 2pm at the very latest. 
Please take time to pack well this afternoon and ensure that you have everything. 
Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.