Our first big goal weekend is finally here.
The most important thing for the riders is to get super excited about the opportunity before them.
If we can prepare our emotions and thoughts when we arrive at the races we will be calm and relaxed.
You all have put in a ton of work over the last few months and it’s time for you  all to show it off.
24 Hour Racers, Volunteers and Parents 
I highly encourage all racers to leave with the team vans at 9am on Friday morning. 
Vans #1 and #3 will be heading to the race and that is 27 seats for the 25 racers that we have.
Please let me know if you are able to drive a van.
This will allow you to settle into the event, to get another lap in, and just spend time with your teammates. 
PLEASE PACK for any and all weather possibilities. There is a chance of rain on Sunday. 
I have attached a packing list that if you follow will allow you to have a comfortable weekend. PLEASE PACK SMART. 
PARKING AT THE EVENT: If you are planning to drive up to the event please be aware that it is a NIGHTMARE scenario to park. The venue is super crowded and rocky. The team cannot secure parking for all of the team cars. My best advice is to arrive as early as you can. There will be 6,000 people trying to find a spot. 
CAMPING AREA: We have secured the same spot that we always have used. This accommodates most of the team but is not sufficient if too many parents try to bring up their personal vehicles. So this is polite ask that folks carpool as much as possible. 
FIRE WOOD: Please we need wood. It is going to be cold and potentially raining. So please if you are driving up BRING WOOD. 
Water: If you are driving up please bring 10 gallons of water. There is no extra water on site and we are cooking, cleaning and drinking for up to 60 people in Barrio El Grupo. If we have extra water we can always bring it home, however running out is not an option. 
CANS OF FOOD: As a donation to the local food bank everyone entering town is to bring 2 cans of food to the event. Everyone coming to town needs to bring 2 cans of food. 
VOLUNTEERING: If you have been unable to sign up to volunteer and you still are planning on coming to the event, we would love to have you. We can always use the help. 
SHOWERS: A little known fact. There are WARM showers in 24 hour town. 
CAMPING MATERIALS NEEDED: We could use another pop up or two. If anyone has a pop up that they are not too worried about. We could use another one especially if it decides to rain. 
I am very excited for all of you that are going to participate in some way at the 24 Hour race. I think it is the best event of the year.
24 Hour Racers Training Plan 
Tuesday– Openers on your MTB. Don’t miss this practice 
Wednesday and Thursday– OFF. Get your homework done, pack and get excited. 
Friday– Depart at 9am from the clubhouse with your teammates. 
Valley of the Sun Racers 
Bravo on your efforts this weekend at the TT. I am super excited for you all and am confident that you are going to enjoy your weekend.
We do not have start times yet, however historically we have left for the races at approx. 9am.
So you will miss the whole day of school on Friday.
Please make sure that you have paid the extra amount for this race with Sarah.
We are going to be staying in an affordable Air BNB house, however I want to ask that a few riders bring their sleeping mats. There are enough beds but just in case.
All information for the race can be found here: https://vosstagerace.com/
Tuesday– 1:30 hour ride 
Wednesday– 2 hours with some openers
Thursday– OFF. 
Friday– depart for the TT 
All the little things will really add up this week. Please focus on taking care of yourself. 
Get to bed on time. 
Have all your school work done so as to decrease stress. 
Eat well and sufficient amounts 
Stay hydrated all week. 
All of these little things add up to one big thing when it comes to time race. If you put this 4 part puzzle together everything will be easier.