All Riders arrive at the clubhouse at 5:30am.
Depart at 5:45am.
Arrive in San Manuel at 7am.
Check in, pin numbers on and warm up.
8:30 am races start.
Races conclude by Noon.
Back at the clubhouse at the latest by 2pm.
Daniela and Ignacio will be driving and we need another parent who can transport a few bikes and riders to help.
We have 25 riders signed up and in the team vans we can only accommodate 11 rides per van.
It will be cold so please dress appropriately.
Bring a change of clothes for after the race and dress comfortably and warm for the drive out.
Ensure that everything you are bringing can fit into one bag. I want all of your belongings to always be contained in one bag. That way we can minimize lost articles. I want everyone to go home with their  belongings and the best way is to keep your things together and not tossed around in the van.
Bring plenty of snacks for before, during and after the race as well. Especially important to bring food for after the race. Your body will need the calories and fuel!!!!
Please ensure that both of your water bottles are full upon leaving the clubhouse. Their is no water on site. I will have water in the vans but will only have so much. So fill your bottles before leaving.
You must wear your newest team jersey, and it needs to be showing during the races. So please dress appropriately and proudly show your team colors.
Upon getting home, rest hard and get to bed early.
Racers signed up: Ryan, Max, Sterling, Damiano, Mia, Jenelle, Rosalie, Lucy B, Alex, Tomas, Liam, Julian, Dom, Evan, Roey, Kai, Elliot K, Andres, Thomas, KK, Axel, Daniel W.  and Elliot S.
Meet at the clubhouse at 4:45 am.
Depart at 5am.
Arrive on site at the race at 6am.
First race for all juniors starts at 7:20am.
Coach Joel Biederman and Ignacio will be driving out.
Please dress super warm and bring plenty of snacks.
As well ensure that you have a change of clothes for after the race and please wear a team T shirt if you have one.
1st CREW
Ryan, Max, Sterling, Mia, Jenelle, Rosalie, Lucy B, Julian, Dom, Evan, Roey, Kai, Elliot K, Daniel W.
Daniela will drive up in time to watch the Men 3/4 race and then drive the first crew of kids who raced earlier back to the clubhouse in van #1 – leaving by Noon and back at the clubhouse at 1pm or so.
(Either Ignacio or Joel can drive Daniela’s car back to the clubhouse. )
If any rider would like to leave after they finish their races (girls – by 9:30am or boys – by 10:30am), they are welcome to go home with any parents in attendance and their bike can still be transported back in the trailer.
Alex, Tomas, Liam, Damiano, Andres, JF Amaya, Thomas, KK, Axel and Elliot S. You all will be staying until the last race which ends at 2pm.
We should then be back home by 3:30pm.
Please pack plenty of food and comfortable clothes.
As well I would encourage you all to bring mats and sleeping bags to nap in, in-between races.