First and Foremost a huge congratulations to everyone for an amazing weekend.

Thank you to all the volunteers, coaches, parents, and loved ones that came out to the events and helped make such amazing memories for all involved.

I feel truly honored and blessed to be able to do what I do and I have all of you to thank.


TUESDAY– I know that it looks like it is going to rain. But I really want to get all of the riders and coaches together. I want everyone to celebrate, tell their stories and to share. So many of our riders truly had a coming of age event and they need to share with their friends. Truly some of the only people who understand what they just did. You can’t explain to other people what it means to accomplish such a task with friends, so these riders need to get together just to be able to have someone understand what they have experienced.

These events and experiences are what makes the team so special. The sharing of monumental efforts that destroy our created boundaries. We all came together this weekend and with each other did something that we did not think was possible.

We trusted each other to be there.

We trusted that our friend could do the next lap.

We trusted that our friend would lead us out.

We trusted that we could do the next lap.

We trusted the elders in camp to take care of us.

I hope that this trust in ourselves, our coaches, and our teammates is how we tackle the next block of training.

Part ONE complete.

Part two of the season — ON DECK.

The friendships created on Team are different from school and family friends. The amount of trust that we have to have in each other is super special and it allows our riders to be their best selves.

SO YES there is practice tomorrow.

There will be intentional programming.

Everyone then will have 6 days off.