Here is what people are saying about El Grupo . . .

Team El Grupo

From Youth . . .

  • El Grupo is like a second family for teens and young adults. It’s not just a youth cycling team, it’s so much more. You as a team help the community in so many ways. Every teammate supports and encourages the others. Teens and young adults gain lifelong friendships from El Grupo. And that’s why I like it so much; it’s much more personal and outstanding than just a cycling team.
  • El Grupo has changed my life. It has developed my life, changed my life style, and given me something to be proud of.
  • El Grupo is my friends, family, place to hang out, and my team. El Grupo is a place where I can ride my bike and be silly.
  • El Grupo is something that I wish everyone could understand and appreciate. Because we’re definitely a great group of kids, kids-at-heart, and adults that make El Grupo amazing. El Grupo gives me purpose in life. Otherwise, I don’t know where I would be. This is a very good place for me.

From Parents . . .

  • El Grupo is an “opportunity” to learn and to grow, to gain confidence, to be accepted for who you are. El Grupo gives the feeling of belonging to something larger than just bicycling.

From Volunteers . . .

  • It’s almost as if I forgot how much fun riding a bike can be.

From others . . .

  • I was lucky to have the opportunity to ride with “El Grupo” for a number of miles [in El Tour de Tucson] and was very impressed with the quality of riding! I used to race seriously in the 80’s and always enjoy finding a good, smooth, and safe group to ride with. I lost contact with the  El Grupo before the Tangerine downhill as I was hoping the group would drag me south into the headwind along the frontage road and back to the stable! I was very impressed when I rode by the group a couple of miles from the finish fixing a flat.  The entire group stopped and waited to fix the flat. Way super cool !! You guys rock!! Teamwork !! Keep riding and continue to have fun on the bike!!! Thank you again!!!

El Grupito

From Parents . . .

[At the MBAA Race in Fort Huachuca] When they heard their own name and all of the parents cheering, they pumped through each turn so hard until they were off for another loop.  Every time one of them crossed the final finish line, I had a lump in my throat – and they are not even my kids!!
Thanks coaches for giving everyone the confidence and skills to go out and ride hard. I would have never guess this was our team’s first race.  I’m also grateful for the donated equipment  that we could use this whole season and for the race as well. On a personal note, I have never known my kid to be very competitive.  I felt like video games were her biggest passion to be honest with you. After the coaches took the kids on an early morning warm up lap to see the trail yesterday,she came back to the campsite with a little fire in her eyes (I think everyone did, really!).  I haven’t seen her work so hard at something like that before. I knew she liked cycling a lot, but I didn’t realize how much she LOVED it. Maybe she didn’t either?

Summer Bike Camps

Here’s what some parents had to say about their kid’s experience at Summer Bike Camp . . .

  • I heard about all the counselors/teens. Our Aunt in Australia will receive a handwritten letter describing each Grupo teen in detail. It was fun to read .
  • She shared so much from her week. She was excited to ride on the seesaw and to ride 12 miles in one morning!
  • She learned to ride her bike down stairs and a little with no hands!
  • More confident kid cyclist = more family bike trips! Excited about most everything!
  • My son’s confidence skyrocketed! It’s such an amazing and wonderful milestone to have shared with all of the El Grupo Team.
  • My daughter said she could or would NEVER ride downstairs. But she DID it today. Can’t thank you all enough.
  • Amazing staff and great great to use youth counselors! Kids thought it was so cool.
  • They were happily exhausted every day! They loved logging the miles and gaining confidence with more tricks!
  • Each day: “Mom, I made a new friend.” Generally the friend was 5-15 years older than my young child. The age difference interaction is awesome.
  • They enjoyed biking through the snake tunnel and learning to bike down stairs.
  • He was proud of his scrapes and bruises!
  • He feels very accepted and fits in. He has been challenged, but not to the point of being defeated.