Friday and This Weekend

As logistically annoying as it may be, this last week has shown that we cannot control the weather. Again, thanks to everyone for bearing with us and remaining flexible. Can’t thanks parents enough.

Because of our ride being cut short yesterday and today, Ignacio and I would love to go on a ride with you all tomorrow. Here’s our plan:

Friday 1/4 – MTB & Road ride 

1:00pm leaving, meet at 12:30pm

Middle schoolers – MTB ride, back by 3:00pm

Everyone else – Road ride, back by 4:00pm

Saturday 1/5 – Road rides

Old man shootout with part/whole of Madera – 7:15am

Big boy shootout with Madera – 7:30am

B/C combined ride with extra fun – 8:30am

Sunday 1/6 – Kitt Peak Road ride

Leaving on bikes – 8:30am

Leaving in vans to drive to three points – 8:30am

Weather is not looking promising for Kitt Peak

As of right now, we ARE planning on riding. If we wake up on Sunday morning and the weather stays true to the forecast, we will not ride.


Thanks all


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Rides

Ben here.

I hope everyone has had a relaxing break from riding. Max and I are back in town and stoked to get back on the bike with all of you.

Friday – 7:30 am meeting, leave at 8:00 am. 

Road bikes for everyone. Be prepared for 2-3 hours: nothing hard, just starting to get the legs moving again. This one will be fun.

Saturday – 2 options. 7:30 am meeting, leave at 8:00 am.

Everyone who normally rides with Colin on Saturdays, plan on mountain biking for 3.5 hours. Everyone else, road bikes with Max and I for 3-4 hours.

Sunday – 7:30 am meeting, leave at 8:00 am. 

Road bikes for all. 3 hour ride.


See you all tomorrow!

SAT Prep discussion and practice night this Monday

Yo! The SAT’s are coming up quick. We’re going to have our first SAT prep meet up this Monday from 4-6pm at the club house!  If you will be taking the test in October you should definitely come and participate in this session.

Please come ready to share what, if anything, you have been doing to prepare with your peers.  I will have some exercises for you as well, but I’d love to have those of you that have been preparing share your knowledge with your peers.

SAT prep

Mechanics workshop October 12th

I will be teaching a mechanics workshop on October 12th from 4-6pm. New riders are highly encouraged to come. I will cover basics about brake and derailleur adjustment, and flat fixing.  I also encourage folks with more advanced questions to come and I will help you one on one with those.

Restructuring Academic Hours

Because of poor attendance, we have decided to change the way that Academic hours works.  We will no longer have a set time where academic hours occur,  instead we will be offering academic assistance based on need. If you need help with an assignment or class please email me (Colin) at  Please give me… Read more »

Mechanics Fridays attendance.

The last 3 weeks attendance has been abysmal. Should I continue to offer Mechanics Fridays?  Is there a different format in which I should teach?  For example do you prefer workshops on one subject over freestyle hours?  They are on for tomorrow as usual from 4-6pm but I might have to reconsider how frequently they… Read more »

Academic hours and Mechanics hours are a go

I am going to be out of town for about a week, but we will still be having regularly scheduled Academic hours on 8/24 from 4-7pm, and Mechanics hours on 8/28 from 4-6pm.  Please come ready to respect the folks that will be leading these two sessions for you. Here’s an old timey dude and… Read more »

Academic hours Monday 8/17 4-7pm

Sorry for the tardiness of this post.  I mentioned last week that there would academic hours this Monday and that’s still the plan, 4-7pm.  Come ready to study and learn.  We’ll discuss/decide when Mechanics hours will be, both at academic hours, and in a later blog post as well. But for now lets transition from… Read more »