Mechanics Fridays attendance.

mechanics workshops

The last 3 weeks attendance has been abysmal. Should I continue to offer Mechanics Fridays? ¬†Is there a different format in which I should teach? ¬†For example do you prefer workshops on one subject over freestyle hours? ¬†They are on for tomorrow as usual from 4-6pm but I might have to reconsider how frequently they are happening if only one or two folks show up. ¬†Please comment and let me know how I can make these hours better for you ūüôā

Academic hours and Mechanics hours are a go

I am going to be out of town for about a week, but we will still be having regularly scheduled Academic hours on 8/24 from 4-7pm, and Mechanics hours on 8/28 from 4-6pm.  Please come ready to respect the folks that will be leading these two sessions for you.

Here’s an old timey dude and his old timey bike. ¬†Sweet fixie bro.

old timey cycle

Academic hours Monday 8/17 4-7pm

Sorry for the tardiness of this post. ¬†I mentioned last week that there would academic hours this Monday and that’s still the plan, 4-7pm. ¬†Come ready to study and learn. ¬†We’ll discuss/decide when Mechanics hours will be, both at academic hours, and in a later blog post as well. But for now lets transition from… Read more »

Mechanics Monday!!!!

We’re going to do this on Monday one more time 8-10 before academic hours start 8-17. Then we’ll move it to another day, probably fridays. ¬†4-6pm tomorrow! ¬†Another freestyle session! ¬†Bring your rides and/or questions tomorrow!


After 2 weeks off we’re ready to do another mechanics monday! ¬†4-6pm tomorrow. ¬†The plan is to do a free style learn what you want session. ¬†Something wrong with one of your bikes I’ll teach you about it, just want to learn a certain topic I’ll teach you about it! ¬†Wanna have a freestyle battle… Read more »

Mechanics Monday Canceled 7/27

Sorry I dropped the ball and posted this so late.  Mechanics Monday is canceled tomorrow the 27th because so many folks are on the Grand Canyon trip.  We will resume 8/3. 

No Mechanics Mondays this week. 7/20

Sorry for any confusion, I know I told some of you there would be class this week.  At the time my mind was stuck on routine and did remember that we had youth summer bike camp this week.  We will resume Mechanics Mondays again on 7/27

Mechanics Mondays

We will continue to work on rebuilding those two bicycles and converting the one to a more modern shift configuration.  4-6pm.