Mechanics Mondays

Youth Bicycle Mechanics Classes

We will continue working on those awesome steel bikes we started on last week.  This week we will recable the bikes and discuss housing types and lengths, cable types, and proper installation.  Plus whatever other topics we can get to. 4-6pm 🙂

Now the Mechanics Mayhem begins!!!

Now that school is out it’s time to have some fun! Who’s interested in doing mechanics classes on Mondays from 4-7pm?  If Mondays don’t work let me know what days and times do work.  Also let me know what classes you would like to take.  Comment away!

Additional Academic hours are happening for r34lz!

Just cause Finn and Jake can’t “book learn for beans” doesn’t mean you can’t!  No eye lid farts allowed! We’re holding special academic hours tomorrow the 8th and Friday the 15th to help all y’all prepare for finals! 😉  Regular hours are also still scheduled on Monday as well.  See you there ready to chow… Read more »

Friday the 14th Brake workshop canceled.

Since no one expressed interest in the Friday the 14th workshop I’m cancelling it.  I’m hoping more people will express interest in the Friday the 21st workshop so that I don’t have to cancel it too. Currently only Jeremy has said he would like to do it. If you don’t want to do brakes then… Read more »