4th of July Ride.

Nippy needs help putting on this event.  He will need help on the following days, Friday, July 1st, Saturday, July 2nd, Sunday July 3rd and EVERYBODY in Town on July 4th.

For all dates and time e-mail Nippy at nippy-mr-smarty-pants@juno.com which date and time you can help out. or post on the blog which ever is easier.

For Friday July 1st, meet at the club house or contract Nippy for a ride. 7:00 AM to mark the course, Should take 2 and 1/2 hours . Need 3 teens to help out.

For Saturday, July 2nd. from 12 NOON to 4:00 PM. Registration. Location of Registration is Sabino Cycles – Address is 7045 East Tanque Verde, Tucson Az. (520) 885-3666. Meet there at 11:45 AM. Need 3 teen and one Adult (if possible).

For Sunday, July 3rd. from 12 NOON to 4:00 PM. Registration. Location of Registration is Sabino Cycles – Address is 7045 East Tanque Verde, Tucson Az. (520) 885-3666. Meet there at 11:45 AM. Need 3 teen and one Adult (if possible).

For Sunday, July 3rd, Afternoon set up course signs, Check with Nippy on the time and place to meet. Need 2 teens. Need gloves and strong arms and you will be setting barricades.

SHOPPING: Anybody have a COSTCO card or Sam Club?  We need to buy goods for the aid stations. Call or E-mail Nippy for the list.  This can be done anytime however we will need fruit – Watermelon and Oranges so we don’t want to buy to early. It is possible that Sunflower, Safeway, Fry’s could give us a good deal if an Adult knows someone at one of the stores. You will be reimbursed for what you buy.

MONDAY< JULY 4th, 2011. WE need all the help we can get.  We have to set up Registration, Start and finish line, Aid station (2), set up course signs, EVERYBODY should be at the TCC Parking Lot on Church Street at 5:00 AM to help set up.  Tacks will be give out then as there are lots of tacks to do.  We will need one vehicle that can carry bikes as a sweep vehicle.

El Grupo will not be rideing this event we will be working it.

Thanks – so far we have 20 cyclist signed up for this ride.


Movie instructions

First for the Movie

Meet at the FOX Theater at 4:30 PM as we have to help with the Bike Valet.

We need 4 to meet at the club house to help take the Bike Valet Equipment to the FOX Theater.

Wear your El Grupo T-shirt or Jersey. The Bike Valet is around the corner from the Fox on Church Street between Congress and Pennington. There is one empty lot next to a parking garage.

Some will help park the bikes and some will be at the Fox Theater entrance showing cyclist where the Bike Valet is located.

We will be able to watch the movie, if any one has to stay at the bike Valet during the movie Damion will give you a DVD of the movie.

We may also have to pass out raffle tickets to all that attend.

We also need up to 3 Teens to be able to get up in front of the audience and speak about El Grupo. IF you would like to do this PLEASE let Richard, Lauren or Nippy know. We will help you prepare the short speech. IT should be 3 to 5 minutes and needs to be very well done.

Please post if you can be there or not!


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Edward “Nippy” Feldhake III

Sunday practice.

We will be meeting at the clubhouse at 6:30am. We are going to schedule our ride so that we can be back to the U of A campus by 9:00am to see Daniela and Tyler compete in a triathlon! Good luck to both of them!

Sunday Ride

We will all meet at the clubhouse at 7:30am and do the mountain for an hour. Sooo dope

Sunday Practice

Everyone who’s in town on Sunday, we will be meeting at the clubhouse at 8am. The plan is to ride out to the mountain and ride up for 45mins. Be there or be square! Oh and make sure to bring warm clothes!!! It will be cold on the mountain tomorrow. If you don’t have warm… Read more »

Sunday Ride 8am

For all El Grupo members that aren’t racing this sunday we will have road bike practice at 8am! We will go on a longer group ride so come prepared.

Urban Assault Sunday Funday

I want to say that today’s ride was sooooooo much fun.   Thanks to Mark, D Son, Sabina, Mose, and Sam for shredding the gnar around town with me today!  You all rode well and I hope you felt comfortable and confident on your MTB’s. 

Sunday practice

Update: Those of you who don’t go on a night ride tonight and who coach hasn’t given special instructions to will be going on an “urban assault” mountain bike ride with Mark and me on sunday morning at the club house at 8:30! Hey everyone who coach did not give special instructions to in the… Read more »