Urban Assault Sunday Funday

I want to say that today’s ride was sooooooo much fun.   Thanks to Mark, D Son, Sabina, Mose, and Sam for shredding the gnar around town with me today!  You all rode well and I hope you felt comfortable and confident on your MTB’s. 

Sunday practice

Update: Those of you who don’t go on a night ride tonight and who coach hasn’t given special instructions to will be going on an “urban assault” mountain bike ride with Mark and me on sunday morning at the club house at 8:30!

Hey everyone who coach did not give special instructions to in the last post, practice will be at 8:30 on sunday morning.  We will be meeting at the clubhouse.  I am still unsure of whether we will be mtb’ing or road riding.  It’s mostly dependant on whether Mark and I can procure the proper vehicles to transport team members and bikes.

Mark give me a call today or stop by Bicas.  My number is 520-971-9514.  Kids if you have any questions or are totally confused as to what you are supposed to do, first read Ignacio’s post just before this one, and then if you are still confused call me.

I will update this post as the plans solidify so check back tonight right before you go to bed to find out exactly what we are doing.

<3 Colin

Practice On Monday

Hey all we have road bike practice tomorrow at 8am! We expect you all to be there and be ready to ride by 8am. I am still sick so sadly I won’t make it but I hope you all ride safe and have a ton of fun.


I want a trials bike!

Off topic but Hunter told me to watch this and fortunately I found it on Mike’s site http://tucsonvelo.com. I wish I could do stuff that is 1/50 as cool as this! Side note: KEEP DRINKING A LOT OF WATER!!!

CTS Photos

Kathleen posted more great photos, this time from the Carmichael Training Systems event on saturday! See the photos on Facebook here or on Esens Photography here.

A GPS map of the A team’s ride yesterday

Mike McKisson of Tucson velo was kind enough to send me a map of the A teams ride yesterday that he made using his fancy bike computer. I want to reiterate what Nacho said, everyone’s effort level and attitude was awesome yesterday! I am so impressed by everyone riding on El Grupo and I want… Read more »

Hey newbZ time to register

Hey all! To leave comments you need to register. Just click on “_ Comments” below and then click on “logged in” below any existing comments, then on the log in page click register and fill out some simple info. The system will give you a horribly random password that you need only use once. Once… Read more »

Training Calendar

All practices listed below are subject to last minute changes as seen fit by the Head Coach. No questions asked. Regular practice schedule during the school year is as follows: Tuesday 4:30 – 6pm Wednesday 3:45 – 6pm Thursday 4:30 – 6pm Sat/Sun – early morning rides, depending on time of year