Clubhouse Access

Hey All,

Per the State of Arizona and Governor Doug Ducey, Arizona is going to be shut down through the end of the month. Because el Grupo is not an essential business, this means us. We’ll continue to post online content (workouts, funny videos, etc…) but access to the clubhouse stops at the end of the day, today, at 5:00pm.

SO! Today is the last day for you to come pick up bikes, borrow and pickup a trainer, etc… Please text me (520-244-5542) or Max (520-358-0290) to retrieve stuff from there today.

Thanks for everything ya’ll have done to stay safe, and please keep it up.

Stay safe and at home!

Much love, Ben

Quarantine Week 2

Hey ya’ll!

We’ve got a special post here for you all.

We’re a couple weeks into quarantining. It’s tough. It’s not getting an easier. But you can improve your immune system and fitness by doing some sweet workouts led by your coaches!!

Follow the link below for some entertainment and a good workout!

This Week

More info to come about the rest of the month, RIGHT AFTER THIS!

Tuesday: Road Ride

Wednesday: Road Ride – Weather is gonna be dicey, so we may not ride. But we will do something fun.

Thursday: Definitely gonna rain: Mechanics time and ART PROJECT led by ME!

Friday-Sunday: Parker Canyon Lake trip: Everyone should come! We’re mixing up the food this time!If you haven’t responded to the email, no worries. Come! Meeting 4:00PM, Leaving 4:30PM. Back by 3:00pm on Sunday

Below is the training plan for March!

2020 Training Plans – MARCH

Thursdays practice

This Thursday’s practice will no longer be a MTB ride, but a presentation by the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation.  Here is a summary of the presentation from the SAAF website: LGBTQ 101 Workshop The LGBTQ 101 will provide introductory level information about identities and provide best practice and competency suggestions for those working in various… Read more »

24HOP Riders

Hey! The time has arrived. 24HOP is here. Leaving times are listed below: Friday AM: 2 vans leaving. 9:00am meet, 9:30am leaving. Friday After School: 1 van leaving. 4:00pm meet, 4:30pm leaving. you will not get a course preride in before the race. If you have any questions at all, comment below. I will get… Read more »

This week

Hey all, Sorry for the late post. Never our intention to get this out late, but sometimes stuff just falls off the plate. Anywho. Tuesday: road bikes for everyone Wednesday: road bikes for everyone Thursday: road bikes for VOS kids, MTB for everyone else This weekend is another crazy one. First off, I’d like everyone… Read more »

This Weekend

Hey all, Here is the schedule for the weekend. Please pay attention to who is doing what on Saturday, as there are a lot of moving pieces. Saturday:  MBAA Racers –  Meet at 4:15am – Leave at 4:30am – Back by -4:00pm-5:00pm – Bring lunch, bring snacks, etc… We’ll have pb&j’s + ride fuel Everyone else:… Read more »

January Events

Hey all, Here are the upcoming races and events to keep your eye on in January. As a heads up, Max and I reserve the right to cancel our attendance at these events based on the number of people actually interested or for any other reason. We will be signing those interested up and asking for event fee… Read more »

January Updates

Hey all, It was a smashingly successful winter break. Thanks for all the attendance from riders and help from parents and volunteers coaches. It warms my heart seeing the commitment each and every one of you put into this team. Special shoutout to Izzie, Kaileen and Izaac for their attendance, y’all put the work in… Read more »

End of the Winter Break

Hey! Hope everyone had a great new year!! Here’s what’s on the lineup for the last weekend of the winter break: Thursday: Kitt Peak – Road ride Meet 8:00am – Leave 8:30am – Back by 2:00pm-3:00pm – Start at the clubhouse, ride to three points, ride to top of Kitt Peak, back to three points,… Read more »