This week

Hey all,

Sorry for the late post. Never our intention to get this out late, but sometimes stuff just falls off the plate. Anywho.

Tuesday: road bikes for everyone

Wednesday: road bikes for everyone

Thursday: road bikes for VOS kids, MTB for everyone else

This weekend is another crazy one. First off, I’d like everyone to know that the team presentation on Sunday is absolutely mandatory! 1:00pm-2:30pm. It’s the only event of the year where we get to appreciate the people who give el Grupo boatloads of money and keep us running. Please be in attendance.

Saturday: If you do not see your name on the lists below for the MBAA race or the RAT Time Trial in San Manuel, please respond and tell me what you want to do before Wednesday at 8:00pm. 

– Meet at 4:15am, leave at 4:30am. Back by ~4:00pm
– Bring lunch, bring snacks, etc… We’ll have pb&j’s + ride fuel
– This is who I have as going so far: Sivvy, Sawyer, Maddy, Zeke, Leo Ramos, Caden, Reece, 
RAT Time Trial –
– Meet at 8:00am, leave at 8:30am, van riders back by ~2:00pm

– Valley kids ride back to Tucson from San Manuel. Everyone else gets in the van.

– Bring lunch, snack, etc. We will have race food.
– This is who I have as going so far: Myles, Izaac, Sam, Estevan, Leo Solis, Elliot, Jorah, Axle, Oliver, Quinn, Thorsten, Kaiden, 

Sunday: Meet 7:30am, leave 8:00am, Back by 11:00am.

Road ride for VOS kids.

MTB Endurance ride for everyone else.

Supporter Appreciation: 1:00pm-2:30pm. Mandatory. 

This Weekend

Hey all,

Here is the schedule for the weekend. Please pay attention to who is doing what on Saturday, as there are a lot of moving pieces.


MBAA Racers – 

Meet at 4:15am – Leave at 4:30am – Back by -4:00pm-5:00pm – Bring lunch, bring snacks, etc… We’ll have pb&j’s + ride fuel

Everyone else: No shootout. For anyone. There is a mandatory event on Saturday. We will meet at 7:00am, leave by 7:15am do a short but intense ride (perfect ride to do before a power test– Sunday’s ride) and then finish over by the west side loop for a Beyond Tucson outreach event. I cannot stress this enough: we are a cycling team, we are a race team, but we are also a team that represents the community and inspires youth in it to want to challenge them self on the bicycle! So, if you’re not doing the MBAA, I will see you at 7:00am and then we’ll go over to the event and hang out at an obstacle course and shred with some kids. I’ll buy donuts for everyone after. You’ll be home by 12:00

Sunday – Mt. Lemmon Power Test

Meet 7:30am – Leave 8:00am – Back by 11:00am IF YOU HAVE A POWER METER, MAKE SURE IT IS CHARGED AND YOU HAVE YOUR GARMIN – If not, just bring your phone or computer for strava. Riding from milepost 0 to 5 is a good way of seeing you progression over the year.

January Events

Hey all,

Here are the upcoming races and events to keep your eye on in January. As a heads up, Max and I reserve the right to cancel our attendance at these events based on the number of people actually interested or for any other reason.
We will be signing those interested up and asking for event fee payment the day of the event (or within the following week). You can pay in check (made out to El Grupo Youth Cycling), cash with SPECIFICS -name and event(s)- on what the payment goes towards, or through the donate function on the website (also with SPECIFICS -name and event- on what the payment goes towards). There is a board summit this weekend, after which I will have more information about possible financial changes about tuition and race prices. I’ll stay in touch regarding this. Please review the events below and get back to me with ones you (or your child) want to do. This year, if you commit to a race and then don’t attend, you have to refund us the cost of the registration of the race. Any questions you have in regards to these events, please let me know.
January 11th – MBAA McDowell Race ($15) – Everyone invited
All day event – Leaving times will be communicated on the blog
January 19th – Avondale Crit #1 ($15) – Everyone invited
All day event –
January 25th – Race against Time TT ($15) – Everyone invited
Morning event –
January 25th – MBAA Estrella ($15) – Everyone invited
All day event –
January 26th – Team Presentation/Kit reveal/Sponsor appreciation – MANDATORY ATTENDANCE
February 1 & 2 – Oracle Road Race and UofA Criterium – Everyone invited
This concludes the events for January.
Riders- Please get in contact wiht your parents and EMAIL me what you want to do this month.
Thanks, and a happy New Year!!!

January Updates

Hey all, It was a smashingly successful winter break. Thanks for all the attendance from riders and help from parents and volunteers coaches. It warms my heart seeing the commitment each and every one of you put into this team. Special shoutout to Izzie, Kaileen and Izaac for their attendance, y’all put the work in… Read more »

End of the Winter Break

Hey! Hope everyone had a great new year!! Here’s what’s on the lineup for the last weekend of the winter break: Thursday: Kitt Peak – Road ride Meet 8:00am – Leave 8:30am – Back by 2:00pm-3:00pm – Start at the clubhouse, ride to three points, ride to top of Kitt Peak, back to three points,… Read more »

Saturday Morning Rides – Cancelled – NEW RIDE

Well, it’s raining pretty good at my house. I’m gonna cancel our rides for the morning. If you’re old enough to do the shootout and your parents are comfortable with you not being supervised, feel free to try and brave the weather. I am not interested in getting cold and wet. I am going to… Read more »

Ride coming up

Hey all. There is no practice tomorrow, on Friday, December 26. Next up is Saturday. There are 3 rides: Old Man Shootout: Kaileen, Izzie, Nathaniel, Caleb, Elliot, Eve, Axel, Reece, Kaiden Kiracofe, Caden James, Estevan, Thomas, Thorsten, Zeke. We’re all going to stop at the sprint hill and regroup WITH THE BIG BOY. Do not go… Read more »


Hey all! Thanks for a first great long weekend of riding. Was great to see the turnout we had this week. Shootout to Thomas for a stellar ride yesterday, I love seeing you all so stoked on riding that you just keep pushing. It was rad to see. SO! A quick announcement: Thursdays MTB ride is… Read more »

Grupo riders – Please read

Hey all, As Max and I leave for ~2 weeks post-NICA season, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all. I don’t tell you all enough, but I am extremely proud of you: proud to be your coach, proud to watch you succeed and grow in you MTB skills and speed, proud to… Read more »