Week of September 23

Hey! Smashing job this weekend at NICA to all those who raced. Lets keep the fitness and riding we’ve been doing going!

This week is a work week. We’re gonna be focused on MTBing. Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday 09/24 – MTB ride – If it rains, we’ll do a workout and work on our bikes

4:30pm start

Wednesday 09/25 – Road Ride – Intervals

3:45pm start & 4:30pm start

Thursday 09/26 – MTB ride – Short track races – 36th street

4:30pm start

Saturday 09/28 – Shootouts/B ride

Old man – Meet at 5:45 – leave at 6:15am – Izzie, Nathaniel, Caleb, Elliot, & Axel

Big boy – Leave at 6:30am – Bevier bros, Ethan, Myles, Izaac, Jesus, Oliver, & Ben

B-ride – Meet at 6:30am – leave at 7:00am – Everyone else

Unless you have cleared it with me, plan on doing the b-ride

Sunday – Meet 6:30am – Leave 7:00am – 4 hour MTB ride – Back by 11:00am



Post NICA First race

Hey! Great Job to everyone this weekend. Thanks to all the parents and kids who showed up and helped us out. It went incredibly smoothly.

Here is this weeks riding schedule:


4:30pm MTB – KOM Hunting on trail


3:45pm road – Endurance

4:30pm road – Endurance


4:30pm MTB – Short track races


Road ride – Arrive 30 minutes before your ride. Clubhouse will be open at 5:45am earliest

Big Boy – leaves at 6:30am – Quinn, Myles, Izaac, Jesus, Oliver, Ben, Max, Sam…


B/C Ride – Everyone else – 6:30am meet, 7:00am leave


MTB Ride- Endurance – 6:30am meet, 7:00am leave – back by 9:30am



All riders not on the El Grupo Composite team (you are on this team unless you go to Tucson High School or Catalina Foothils):

YOU can wear el Grupo team shorts. You do not need to wear black logo-less shorts.

ALL OTHERS: Tucson High and Catalina Foothills riders – you must wear all black logo-less shorts/bibs.

If you do not have these, please grab some at the clubhouse before you leave for your race. Also, please ask Max or I for a NICA-specific team jersey if you do not have one.


Thanks all, and see you soon!

NICA Packing List.

NICA Packing list Riding Gear:  2 bibs or shorts 2 Jerseys (one HAS to be the team specific NICA jersey) 1 pair of gloves  1 pair of arm warmers  1 vest  1 pair of sunglasses  2 water bottles  2 spare tubes  1 multitool  1 inflation device  Helmet  Riding shoes Normal Clothes 3 socks 1 team… Read more »

Thursday, August 15th

Hey all, Today is gonna be hot. Good news, is that we’re only gonna ride for 30 minutes. Skills ride. 4:30pm leaving. After the ride, we will have a rider meeting. It’s of heavy importance that you try and attend.  Stay hydrated! See you all soon…  

Saturday Trail Work Day!

Hey all! Since we don’t have any practice on Saturday, Max and I are going to go out to 36th st. trailhead and do some trail-work with Neil Stitzer from Pima County. Everyone is welcome, parents, riders, and volunteers alike. Meet at the clubhouse at 6:30am – Leave by 6:45am – Back by 10:15am I… Read more »

Wednesday Mechanics Hours

Hey All, Apologies for the volume of posts here. Wednesday – 3:00pm-5:00pm – Mechanics hours – Come clean your bike and get help addressing issues on it See you then!

Durango Information

Hey! Here’s the logistical information for Durango. Leaving Sunday, July 28th at 8:00am. Please show up AT LEAST 30 minutes prior so that we can pack bikes, gear, etc.  Below is the packing list. As reminder from Coach Max: Pack using the packing list. Don’t fall in the trap of “I’m hot while I’m packing… Read more »

This week – And Durango

Hey all! Here’s the practice schedule for the next week: Tuesday: Meet 6:00am – Leave 6:30am – Back by 9:30am – MTBS Wednesday: Short track – Meet 5:30pm – Leave 6:00pm – Back by 8:00pm Thursday through Saturday is off: We’re trying to get a bit of rest in before Durango. If you’ve been at practices a… Read more »

Clarification about Saturday ride

Hey! So. I’ve heard from volunteer coaches and parents alike, that the old-man shootout is harder than normal. That’s unfortunate because Here’s your chance for a good ride tomorrow. Show up at 6:00am, leave at 6:30am for the B-ride. The more people that show up, the faster the ride will be. If you’ve been getting… Read more »