Summer looming

In this more virtual world, it’s nice to see that we can still run a fun, safe, and memorable event with our annual Scavenger Hunt.  It was great being stationed at the clubhouse to see numerous families ride in on their quests to decipher the fun riddles and clues that our team had put together.  Thanks to Coaches Ignacio, Cara and Sara for their hard work on the organizing and putting together the clues.

We are excited to see the first week session (June 7-11) of Summer Bike Camp is already full!  We have three total weeks with session two running June 14-18 and session three June 21-25.  It is mandatory that all team Grupo participate one week to help staff the camp.  Once you’ve completed the first week, you will be eligible to be compensated for week two and/or week three of camp.  This is a tremendously popular and rewarding experience giving back and teaching the young riders all the valuable lessons you yourself as team members have learned.  Let us know which week(s) work best for you.

We have a gravel bike camp coming up this weekend.  As per usual we require a negative covid test no more then 72 hours before leaving on Friday.  Here is the site I use for all my testing.  It’s free and results are often emailed back within 24hrs.

There are more races on the horizon.  If you are interested in competing please let coach Ignacio or I know.  These races include;

May 1-2; MBAA Flagstaff

May 2; Three Bears TT Picacho Peak

May 8-9; State MTB championships Prescott

June 24-27; Road Nationals Florida

July 9-18; Mountain Bike Nationals Winter Park Colorado

Here is the practice schedule for the next two weeks;




The Hunt

Another great weekend of rides and races, in particular the MBAA race in Prescott.  Coach Ignacio lead an 11 rider contingent with places as follows in their respective categories. 1st– Taryn; 2nd– Axel and Damiano; 3rd– Olivia and Sam; 4th– Maggie; 5th-Liam; 9th– Alex; 10th– Thomas and William and 11th for Kaiden.  Thanks again for everyone that volunteered.

This weekend is the ever popular Scavenger Hunt.  We encourage all team members and families to attend and have fun discovering our beloved Tucson by the best means; the bicycle.

\Our movement workshops continue on Thursday this week with Coach Daniela.  Group 3 will partake in this tough and valuable workout.  Group 3 consists of; Caden, Dom, Ty, Evan, Levi, Nick, Simon, Corey, Julian, Katrina, Taryn, Emilia.  Make sure you bring comfortable P.E. type clothing for this session.

We have a lot of riders outgrowing their equipment.  Make sure the coaches know your interest in changing sizes and also if you want to upgrade to clipless pedals and shoes.  There’s a certain amount of orientation to adapt to the latter and we want to ensure that coaches can oversee and educate on all changes going forward.  Again all modifications and replacing parts on your bike must be approved by a coach first.

Here’s is this week’s practice schedule;


April notes

April is heating up with races both on the mountain bike and road bike.  The latter was a criterium on Saturday night out at the GoKart track.   It was awesome to see Myles pin numbers on for the first time since his crash last year at the Valley of the Sun race.


MBAA races continue this weekend in Prescott with 10 team members planning to attend.  Note that the van will leave on Friday at 9am so please be on hand at 8:15am to help load equipment.  Please confirm with Coach Ignacio your intentions on camping and transportation ASAP.

The excitement continues to build for the always fun Scavenger Hunt.  Spread the word and make sure you and the family have Sunday April 18th marked off!

On Thursday’s for the next few months one of our Founders, Daniela Diamente, is going to be instructing movement workshops in the small clubhouse. We are going to break you up into groups so that you can have an intimate experience and she can have time to see where your body is at. Please on Thursday come with an extra set of PE style clothes, in case it is your group. Also come ready to work, this will be a strength workout and will be properly demanding.

Tuesdays will continue to be endurance MTB rides and Wednesdays will continue to be endurance road rides.

Here is the group breakdown for Thursdays;

Group 1 (MBAA race group)- Olivia, William, Maggie, Axel, Kaiden, Thomas, Tomas, Alex, Damiano, Lam.

Group 2- Nathaniel, Ben, Leo R., Leo S., Estevan, Thorsten, Jorah, Eve, Kaileen, Sivvy, Myles, Daniel, Elliot, Andre, Sam

Group 3- Caden, Dom, Ty, Evan, Levi, Nick, Simon, Corey, Julian, Katrina, Taryn, Emilia

Here is the practice/event schedule for the next weeks;



Scavenger Hunt approaching!

It’s definitely starting to look like spring is winding down and summer just around the corner.  Temperatures are heating up and with it the need to start hydrating properly before coming to practice.  The days are getting longer so we feel that lights are no longer needed for mid week practices.  Of course, if you… Read more »

Marching forward

We are at an interesting place these days.  Some team members have finished spring break and are ready to return to school- and some are even attending in-school classes for nearly a year!  Other members are just starting their break.  Wherever you may be, one thing that can bring everyone together is the practices! We’ll… Read more »

Saturday Mar 20

Just a small tweak in tomorrow’s programming.  The Old Man Shootout will depart the clubhouse at 6:45 while Cara’s ride will be a touch later for 7am.  Look forward to another day in the 80’s! G

Cactus Cup

The weather may have presented its challenges, but the Team fought through the elements and had a wonderful race weekend up in Phoenix for the Cactus Cup.  It was the first camp/race program for quite some time and all said, we came away with new experiences and friendships.  We had many first time racers and… Read more »

Tapering into race week

I hope everyone enjoyed an amazing weekend.  Blustery winds made the Saturday rides more challenging but the warm weather certainly made it enjoyable.  We had a small contingent competing in Lake Havasu with Taryn and Damiano placing 2nd in their respective categories.  Other places included Liam 4th, Tomas 6th, Alex 9th and Evan 10th.  Lessons… Read more »

Marching Ahead

This month we continue our racing focus; firstly Ignacio is taking a small crew on March 6th to the MBAA race in Lake Havasu and then on March 12-14, The Cactus Cup. We are excited that so many team members (25!!) have signed up for this classic Arizona mountain bike race.  We will continue to… Read more »


We had a wonderful camping trip to the magical Chiricahua Mountains last weekend.  I happily borrowed some gear from our BikePacking program to comfortably negotiate the sub freezing night temperatures. Saturday we rode gravel bikes out and back over Pinery Canyon road to the town of Portal, AZ.  The climbs were tough but the scenery… Read more »