I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend.  We held a fun event up Redington Pass.  Along with the Trail’s End TT, we can re-visit this course later in the year in a different phase of fitness/training.  Here are the results;


Oliver 29:35

Sam    30:57

Jeff     30:58

Kaiden 34:20

Thorsten 36:07

Sawyer 37:12

Simon   37:35

James    37:35

Ken       38:42

Chris     39:55

Taryn    39:55

Steve    39:59


Thank you to all team El Grupo riders for their hard work and welcoming attitudes to me as I’m learning the team culture and how to mountain bike again.  Attendance is increasing at practices which is fantastic, however again it must be said that with covid related cases back on the rise in Arizona, that we remain vigilant with our mask/distancing protocols.  Mask up continues for inside clubhouse, and re-groupings on trails and roads.


As we look forward to a possible NICA season, we plan on re-setting and addressing fundamentals.  We will start a progression with September in mind, and also getting our newcomers a chance to adapt to the exciting challenge of stepping up to Team El Grupo.


Also to note are some fun cross training nights.  I’m looking forward to these as I’ve heard great things about these sessions.  Please ensure for these practices that you bring sneakers, a towel, water bottle and a supplemental gallon jug of water.


Lastly, nearing the end of July we will host a couple of ‘bucket list’ level rides of Box Canyon (thanks for the suggestion Elliot) and Mount Lemmon.


Here is the latest sign up Genius for practices for riders and volunteers;







This week and a glimpse of things ahead

Hey Team.  This is the last week in the build up for the Father’s Day ride up Redington.  Tomorrow we have a longer ride of 60 miles planned as we head out to the cotton fields and the ride known as Big Square.  There will be a store stop halfway for water and snacks if needed.  Here is the map of the ride;




Wednesday will be another short track day out at 36th street while we will take Thursday off to taper correctly into Sunday’s Hill Climb.  Let us know your intention to make it out Sunday by signing up at the bottom of the genius page.




For the latter parts of June and the month of July we intend to run ‘bucket list’ classic Tucson 1 day rides as our featured events.  Maybe some of you have already tackled these monster Tucson outings but I’d like to hear from you what you’ve always wanted to try.  I can think of the obvious routes like summiting Mount Lemmon, Kitt Peak and Madera Canyon but also cool rides like to San Manuel, Parc Link road, Silverbell Mines or Marsh Station road come to mind.


We want these rides to be round trip to the clubhouse to avoid transportation logistics as we still need to limit group drives in the vans with Covid uncertainty.


Team El Grupo tryouts have continued this past week and it will be rewarding to see a collection of new riders, either Grupito graduates or athletes new to the organization enjoying our team dynamic.


Diggin’ the Dirt

June practices are gaining momentum and attendance.  I’ve had a real pleasure learning how to mountain bike again, and with Team El Grupo’s talented riders leading by example, I’ve rediscovered a lost cycling discipline that’s both challenging and rewarding.


We will continue this with Wednesday shortrack day out at 36th street.  Note that we’ve changed the meeting place back to the clubhouse to allow better infrastructure to start our ride.

Don’t forget our mini goal event for Father’s Day; The RambleUpRedington.   This will be a mass start format starting at the eastern intersection of Tanque Verde and E Camino Cartamo.  From the start we will climb up Redington 4.45 miles.  Choose your bike wisely as there are advantages and disadvantages to the mountain bike or gravel bike options.


Here is the sign up Genius for the event, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the practices on this page;




Here is the map of the course;




We have some recent graduates from the Grupito program join us the past few rides and it’s great to see them welcomed by the older riders.  Also, I’m extremely proud to see riders helping each other after mechanicals and crashes.  It’s clear they encompass what it means to be part of El Grupo.

June 1st news

June is here and with it our new cautious push to resume responsible group training.  Sign ups for practices are going well and we’d like for them to continue so we have a preview on how to proceed with smaller groupings.  Here are the overview and sign ups for June;   https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040a4ea8aa28aaf58-team   Arizona is… Read more »

June Practices and last chance for MayDay TT sign up

May has seemingly flown by despite having the pandemic slowing most daily functions.  Team El Grupo  carefully started programming with multiple interval workouts.  These were designed with limited numbers to adhere to cautious distancing protocols.  I’d like to thank all riders, coaches and volunteers for making the month enjoyable despite the challenges.   We will… Read more »

MayDay TT sign up and practice news

MayDay TT sign up now open!   The coaches and I have really enjoyed the interval practice sessions so far.  Riders are keen to work hard and to see their teammates, even through our masks!  I know the sessions are all booked up online, but there’s always a last second cancellation or two.  If you’re… Read more »

Cycling; Still the Greatest

My one to one rides are coming to a close and I want to wish everyone that signed up a big thank you.  It was a pleasure riding and getting to know each of you better.  We are halfway through May and are getting closer to the MayDay! TT at the end of the month. … Read more »

MayDay! TT

MayDay TT (May 31st)     It’s been awesome to get to ride with most of you the past couple of weeks.  You’re all clearly still in decent shape despite the lack of team practices so I say, great job.  We want to have some fun this month and put together a practice time trial… Read more »

One on one with Coach Gord

Private rides.   Team El Grupo and parents;   I really enjoyed meeting the team via Google Meet last week.  It’s clear that Covid-19 closures are affecting all of us to some degree.  During these unique times, I’ve been regularly riding outside and have noticed that ridership is on the rise with a majority of… Read more »

Team El Grupo Big Gear work

It’s been great to meet everyone albeit electronically the past few days. I think what’s clear is that everyone is missing their Team El Grupo friends both on and off the bike. We will try and get a meeting with everyone on the same call soon so that we can compare our covid-hair and get… Read more »