FINAL Week of School

Finish School Strong. This is the final push. I know many of you have completed most of your finals but for those that have not, good luck and may the force be with you.


Finishing school well will give you peace over the summer and allow you to enjoy the time with your friends and family, so please if you need to miss practice a day or two this week, please do so, to finish on the highest of high notes.


For those of you not going to Nationals this summer is all about finding consistency, creating good habits, and learning to trust yourself at the next level, and of course getting really excited about going to Durango for MTB camp.


Your training plan for next week:


Tuesday– MTB endurance Ride.


Wednesday– OFF. For some this is the last day of school.


Thursday– Cross Training at the regular after school time of 4:30 start


Saturday– Road Endurance ride. Starting at 6am and kids will be ready for pick up at 9:30 ish.


For everyone

Then please remember that we have 2 Summer Bike Camp trainings the following week. Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 2pm. If you can make both that is really helpful. 



For those going to Nationals this is a week 2 in an endurance build phase.


Tuesday– MTB endurance day. With Cross Training either before school or after your ride.


Wednesday– Road Endurance Ride. 3 hours.


Thursday– OFF last day of school for most high school students.


Saturday– Old Man at 5:45 and Big Boy at 6am. With some extra.


Sunday– I will not be available but I would highly encourage you find a friend and enjoy a 3 hour fun MTB ride.



Weekend Update

5:45 Old Man Shoot Out– David and Ignacio


6 am — Ken and Steve will take out the newest recruits for 2.5 hours in total duration.


6 am — Coach Chuck will take out the established team member for 3 hours in total duration


Ignacio will be leaving at Noon with a small group of kids to Prescott

Getting the party started again

That’s right. Its time to get the band back together and get back on our bikes.


I know this is finals season and of course I want everyone to focus on school.


School always comes before bikes.


That said we will have practice this week as it can help many of us decompress from school and actually help us think.


This week will be all about loving the bike and the ride and just getting out and enjoying the hot air.


For most of you, you are building towards the fall races this time of year is all about creating good habits around the bike and getting your grove on with it.


For those of you building for nationals, I have been fortunate enough to speak with you all, so I believe we are on the same page in regards to our training plan.




TUESDAY–MTB Endurance ride.


Wednesday– 2:30 mtb endurance

4:30 Road endurance


Thursday– MTB endurance


WEEKEND TBD after the coaches meeting tomorrow night.


I will post again to give everyone details.

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