Lets keep it rolling

This is the second week of a build phase for us and I want to encourage everyone to have the best attendance they can.


We know that through consistency we can learn discipline and that those are attributes we are going to need to continue to be successful in all our lives pursuits.


This week will be similar to last weeks in that we are going to practice structured hard work. We are going to learn to trust ourselves during hard work and get comfortable when things get uncomfortable.


Program Notes: 


Thursday those that are racing the 24 Hour Race will be riding mountain bikes. Please be prepared for that. Coaches, except for David Cross, please be prepared to ride MTB’s.



McDowell Road Race. Those of you racing at McDowell this Sunday, we are leaving at 2:30pm on Saturday to enjoy a night of camping at the venue before the races. It will be cold so please bring proper clothing. Departing on Saturday the 28th and racing and returning on the 29th.

All information for that race can be found here: https://www.azcycling.org/event/avondale-2/


24 Hour Race Volunteer Sign Up: If you are doing the 24 Hour race then please know that we need your support and help. We cannot ensure that the riders have a safe and fun experience unless we have your help. Please use the links to get signed up to help:

Volunteer needs

1) Team Handler–the most important need: If you will be at the race please sign up to be a team handler. This is a critical job and will be easy if we have enough volunteers. We would like a minimum of 10 people to sign up–2-3 per team. A handler keeps track of one team of 5 youth riders. Handlers get riders to the transition tent, they wake riders up in the night, make sure riders eat and drink, have lights on bikes and many other things—basically handlers keep track of the team. This is lots of work for 24 hours so having teams of 2-3 handlers per racing team makes it an easier job.

o   Each team needs a minimum of 2 handlers and an alternate = 3 handlers

o   The alternate may have to work for just 3-4 hours while the others sleep.


     When you sign up, in the notes please include:

  • Your time restrictions or when you are available to volunteer
  • If you have someone you want to work with, that person’s name

o   Do not worry about which team you are signing up for, this will just get your name on the list and we will sort out teams once everyone has signed up. It is often better for parents to NOT handle their rider’s team.

o   For information or questions please call or text Ignacio. All handlers will be trained before the race or their shift.

There will be a Team Handlers Meeting on February the 8th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

2)  Kitchen Volunteer:  As with all of our local races, we will need a crew of volunteers to run the kitchen. The 24 HOP is unique in that we need a few heary souls to work throughout the night. We split the night from midnight to 3 and 3-6. Shannon(Daniel’s mom) will lead the kitchen crew and will send more detailed info once you have signed up.

Click this link to see the kitchen schedule and sign up  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/Kitchen 2023

3)  Donations of food:  We are asking families to help with baked goods and fruit. Amounts are listed in the sign up. Please drop off fruit and homemade baked goods on Friday morning Feb 17th. Call or text Shannon 520-468-8600 if you need to make other arrangements for drop off.

Sign up to bring fruit or homemade baked goods here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/Fruit and treats 2023


TEAM PRESENTATION: All parents, riders and coaches. You don’t want to miss this event on Wednesday February the 1st. The event will start at 4:30 and be un6il 6pm. This is the big public event when riders will be announced and will receive their team jerseys. Please make this a priority. 



Here we GO!!!

The time has come for us to get to work.


We have been intentional in our training up until this point, however we are now going to bring in even more structure.


The race season is quickly coming and I want everyone to be able to enjoy the events in the way that they are hoping.


However hope is not enough. We cannot just wish to do well. We have to put in the time and the work.


Just like math class. We cannot just hope to do well. We have to listen in class, we have to take notes, we have do our homework and then study for the test. So when the test comes we are not hoping to do well, but we have prepared and put in the necessary work.


This is just like any physical endeavor. Once you set the goal, you need to put the work in and their are different kinds of work that need to go into it.


Not only is their physical work that needs to go into it you also need to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally. We will spend some time working on all facets.


I have put forth this challenge to everyone all last week, so I am excited to see you all tomorrow excited and motivated to put in some hard work. We need to arrive with positive spirits for this work and honor our abilities to do it.


I believe in every rider on this team to be strong and courageous.


Parents over the next three weeks please help me in encouraging your riders to be as consistent with practice as possible. Consistency is the cornerstone off all my lessons. Through consistent work we can learn to trust ourselves to be able to do the work. We need to practice being the person we want to be. Consistency is also how we learn to be disciplined.


Discipline is how we learn to persevere when things get hard and I believe to be one of the most important characteristics to a healthy life.


So this the kind coach plea to help me encourage your riders to have excellent attendance the next three weeks.




Tuesday– VO2 work. Road Bikes


Wednesday– Road Bikes 2:30 and 4:30.


Thursday– Road Bikes VO2 work


Saturday– 7:15 Old Man with extra

7:30 big boy with extra

7:30 B Team ride.



Also please remember to consult team snap as I have all of the months programming on there.


Lastly there is a race option on Sunday January 29th in McDowell. Please let me know through Team Snap if you wish to attend by the end of this week.

Schools back and hopefully some routine

While I know some of you have been in school for a week now, today brought everyone back to school.


As the school semester starts I always want to be mindful of the stress that it creates and make sure to not add to that.


So this week is going to be a skills week so we can all play bikes together after school. These are not frivolous practices. These are super intentional. These days are all about falling in love with the play of bikes, hanging out with friends and coming together as a team. I sure hope to have the same great attendance as always because its important that we laugh together as well.


This should also allow us to soak up all the hard work that we have put in over the last few weeks. Many of you have been putting in the extra time these last few weeks and really building a big base for the season to come. For those of you who put in the hours, BRAVO. I know that it took a lot of courage and commitment and I am proud of you for following through. And I can promise you that you will be rewarded for your hard work. It pays off.


Next week we are going to really get down to business and put in some hard work, so this week it is important that we play and really find some emotional peace and fortitude for the season to come.






WEDNESDAY– 2:30 and 4:30 start times. Recovery ride. NO JERSEYS. But bibs OK.


THURSDAY– Road Bike Skills Day– NO SPANDEX


Saturday– 7:15 Old Man

7:30 Big Boy

7:30 Daniela Ride.


No extra on the Shoot Out this week.

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