Cancelled viewing of Race

I am going to cancel the viewing of the race for today.


So many of you have been working hard and showing up in the heat and humid conditions and I wanted to honor the work with a fun viewing of the race.


However its still too hot.


I know many of you are tired so I really encourage you to enjoy the chill before the storm that is school.

Wednesday 28th of July

6:30 am we will depart from the clubhouse tomorrow.


Please be prepared for a three hour ride.


There will be no cross training afterwards.


Be prepared with enough food.


Also I will make everyone present a tube before they get to go on the ride. No more leaving without a tube.


Also a special option tomorrow night.


At 6pm I will be screening a replay of the Olympic Mens Mountain bike race.


It will be roughly a 2 hour affair with snacks.


7 more weeks Until NICA #1

The title of this post I hope excited everyone.


Having a goal and purpose when we put in the time and work should hopefully make all the sacrifices easier to handle.


Accepting yourself as an athlete and pursuing goals will naturally be filled with sacrifices.


Such as not staying out late on Friday night, because you have an early morning ride the next day.


Or caring a water bottle around where ever you go because you are always concerned with being properlly hydrated.


Or ensuring that you have packed a quality lunch and after school snack and not going out with friends to the junk food fast food after school.


The pursuit of trying to be your best is filled with little sacrifices along the way, but all those little things, when you add them up at the end make a huge difference. They equal dedication and commitment and those character traits are critical to a successful life experience.


I can also promise that when you put in the time and make those small sacrifices and then you attend the event you have been working towards and you find the success you worked for, all those sacrifices are forgotten and the joy of personal achievement hits you, it is all so worth it.


These smiles and friendships are born from hard work, sacrifice and trust, and look forward to taking everyones picture with this kind of smile.





This week and really for the next month, I want this idea of CONSISTENCY,  to be what we focus on.


I know last week we met amazing rains, and by golly was I happy to see it, however it did not help us put in the time or find the consistency that I hoped for. However no big deal, we needed it and it was beautiful. To see the desert happy and quenched is an amazing scene.


Training Plan and Schedule


Tuesday– MTB ride and then cross training. 6:30 am start. 2 ish hour ride then cross training at clubhouse. Done at 9:30.


Wednesday– Road Ride. 3 hours.


Thursday– MTB ride and then Cross training. 6:30 am start. So riders will be driven to Sweetwater and others will ride there.


Saturday– Road Rides.

Old Man 5:45 am

Big Kid Shoot Out 6 am

Valentine ride at 6:30 am.



Also this week I will be leading a tryout.


This evening, Monday the 26th, I will be giving a presentation as to what it means to be on the team from 6-7pm.


On Friday the 30th from 8-10 am I will take the kids to Oury Park and we will do a skills session.


Then on Sunday August 1st from 4-6pm I will take them on a bike ride to see how they like being wonderfully stressed.


I am letting you all know in case you have friends who think would love to join us and to invite riders to come and help with the tryout.



July 24th Practice Cancelled

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Week of July 19th

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How we camp and Cactus Cup Information

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Team Presentation and New Opportunities

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Upcoming Events

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Happy Holidays

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