NICA Registration Information

All riders and parents should be receiving an email in short order in regards to signing up for the upcoming High School MTB league.


Please find time before August 2nd to sign up and this way your child will get a personalized number plate with their name on it


There are many costs associated with the league and during your sign up process you will be asked to pay.


Upon completing your sign up the last step is in fact payment. When you get to this please: DO NOT CLICK PAY BY CHECK OR PAY.


Please just return to your home page. El Grupo will take care of your payment.


Please feel free to ask any questions

Dog Days of Summer

This is rough time of year.


It is hot. We are tired and ready for a change. Summer seems to have this ability to put us in a rut. I totally understand.


I want Durango to be an awesome Super charge to the soul and the catapult that gets us excited for the season to come.


I am confident that if we put the work in at Durango and then come home and stay honest to the training that we will be ready to have a great season.


However upon return we need to stay honest to the training and not miss, and really put the extra effort in. I do believe if we put together a great block after Durango that we will be ready.


So I want everyone to arrive to the clubhouse super excited to ride in Durango. Excited to get things going in the right direction.


The next few days then please do what you need to do to get excited. For some of you that means taking these days off. Relaxing, recharging and getting excited. Especially those of you who have been around all summer and working hard.


Others of you might want to ride. Maybe you have been on vacation and are just ready to get back to things.


Either is totally cool.


So please self select whatever you need.


Rides this week


Thursday — 7 am leave the clubhouse. 2 hour MTB ride.


Friday — Off


Saturday– Shoot Outs. Old Man at 5:45

Colin and the C team leave at 5:45


Sunday– WE LEAVE


Also Nick King is happy to lead a MTB ride on this day. You must post that would like to go for this to happen. So please do. 6:30 am leave it would be.


Tuesday MTB RIDE

Yet another change.


Tomorrow MTB ride will be in the afternoon. Starting at 4:30. Will be two hours long.


Wednesday will be the MT Lemmon ride and we can figure out what we want to do about Thursday then.


Thanks everyone for understanding, this is what works best for our amazing volunteer coaches.

Ignacio is back and very excited to see everyone

Its true, I am very excited to see everyone and to hear about all of your summer adventures.   The coaches are having a meeting tomorrow night in regards to setting up rides for next week.   Please be looking at the blog tomorrow night to get the schedule.   However Tuesday the 17th, lets… Read more »

Ignacio and Daniela Leave for Vacation

But good news—- We have excellent coaches and volunteers who are going to be around and very excited to ride with you.   Tomorrow there is an MTB ride that leaves at 6 am, so please arrive early and ready.   The week of June 25th is a rest week. Enjoy some time off and… Read more »

Last week of Bike Camp

Watch this before reading. I hope it brings a smile     Bikes bring a smile to my face.   Working hard brings a smile to my face.   When I have a rough patch, riding my bike helps me find my center again.   My ultimate goal with all of this is to help… Read more »

It was not raining at my house

Well too bad the ride is not just around my house.   We did get out.   We did ride.   We did turn around after a full soaking.   We turned at Valencia and called it real good. \   I hope the trails are good and dry tomorrow

Saturday Ride

It is not raining at my house   Please prioritize the Sunday ride though.   We will ride today if you want to

Saturday ride

I will post tomorrow morning at 5 am as to if the rides will be happening.   L’Abitibi kids you kind of don’t have a choice. If it is not death and crazy rain then I  need you boys to ride. Every year that kids have raced in Canada it has rained. So Yes you… Read more »