Whiskey Gear List

Whiskey  Gear List 2019
Riding Gear Camp gear
Quantity Item Quantity item
2  Riding shorts 1 tent
1 Team jersey 1 sleeping bag
1 Long finger gloves 1 sleeping mat
1 short finger gloves 1 head lamp
0 race wheels zero Nothing electronic
2– 3 Spare tube Cards OK
1  helmet
1 Riding jacket Hygiene
1 mtb bike you always need
1 pump these things
1 Riding shoes small towel Tooth brush
1 arm warmers sunscreen tooth paste
2 thermal base layer shampoo soap
1 riding vest
1 multi tool Race/ Event Info
1 patch kit
3 water bottles Leave for Prescott 8am Friday
1-Jan extra jersey
Be at the clubhouse ready to pack vans at
Camp Clothes
Quantity Item Please bring some spending $,
1  toque
1  sunies- sunglasses Pack smart and light. Too much stuff and you
1  pants feel burdened by it.
2  shorts
1 warm jacket/ sweatshirt
1  wind breaker/ rain coat
1 walking shoe
3  socks
2 wool sock
1 Team t-shirt Weather Forcast
1 short sleeve shirt hi low
1 long sleeve shirt 80’s 50’s
0 Bathing suit/ swim trunks It will be perfect. Always plan for rain.
1 sun hat
Remember everything other than your tent and sleeping bag MUST fit into a normal size duffel bag!
Ignacio cell # 520-349-1701



I will post a lot more information about this week later.


I just wanted to make sure to get this up and easy to read

Weekend Update

State Crit– I posted earlier this week about the race and asked for feedback. I really did not get any at all from riders. So we made a decision.

If you are racing at Gila then you will be doing the crit. You need the practice.

If you are not racing Gila then you will not be racing. If you wanted to, then may this be your lesson to speak up.

Gila Ladies– You will ride to the Bridge on Saturday and then prepare to depart for you crit.

Gila Boys– You will ride the whole Shoot out and then head over to the crit.


Crit races you will be leaving the clubhouse at approx. 2 pm. Ben and Max will be leading this charge.


Saturday– Again we are going to ask that the B Team Squad come out and enjoy the Old Man. This time we will let you try and get to Sprint Hill. After that you will turn around and head in with a coach.


Old Man 6:15 start

Big Kid 6:30 start



Sunday– Swap Meet. Lynn and Ignacio will set up and will work the event until 9 am. After that we need help by all Grupo kids, so yes Grupito and Gruppetto can come and help. The first few hours are bike sales not as much clothing sales, so Lynn and I can handle it. We also do need baked goods and kids to sell them.


7 am Ride up Mt Lemmon. If you are riding the Whiskey you don’t want to miss this. And if you are racing Gila, then you don’t have a choice. You need to be there. This ride will be 3-4 hours long.

Week of April 8th

Thank you to everyone for your help at the Scavenger Hunt. It was another hugely successful event and we really cannot do it without all the wonderful support we get from the families and friends of the team. Thank you all so much.   This weekend is another one packed with events. Saturday we have… Read more »

Weekend Update

Saturday– Scavenger Hunt!!!!  The most fun race of the year. I hope everyone has made arrangements to have a great day with friends and family. This is the first year that I have not developed the “game” so I am sure it will be even more fun this year.   Before the Hunt I want… Read more »

We are at least in town this weekend

Bravo to all the riders, staff and families for their super successful trip in California.   Thank you– Ben, Max, Maya and Morgan for taking the kids and allowing them to chase their dreams.   This is the last month of this season and we only have 2-3 more races to go. The end is… Read more »

Logistics for the weekend.

I really do apologize to the wonderful parents of this team. The start times are crazy early for the races, and it dictates when we have to leave. I really do thank you all for supporting your kids in the ways that you do.   Also a huge bravo to all the kids who doubled… Read more »

Week of March the 25th

Many of you will notice that many of your teammates are gone this week. Many kids are in Southern California in San Dimas. They are there because they are preparing for one of the biggest races for juniors in the country. It is a 3 day stage race, just like TBC, but all the best… Read more »

Just to make sure we are on the same page

Saturday– We are leaving at 8:45 so please arrive at 8:30 or sooner to help pack up the trailer   Also this weekend is the first big European Bike Race of the Year. Milan to San Remo.   Here is an interview with last years winner  

This coming Weekend of fun

While many of our teammates are heading back to California to compete against the best, those of you in town have another great opportunity.   This Saturday there is a MBAA mountain bike race in Phoenix. Thank you to all of you who communicated as I hoped.   Here is who I have: Caden, Elliot,… Read more »