Skills Week Ahead



You are a TEAM.


I could not be prouder of how we raced this weekend. It was like a real team. In every category I saw of groups of young people and trusted and supported each other to achieve something together.


I absolutely could not be prouder of how we raced. I am excited to see you all tomorrow.


There is a coaches meeting tonight so I will have more information tomorrow.


Training Plan




Wendesday– 4:30 only– Road bike skills day


Thursday– Road Rides– Low endurance


Weekend update to come.

Thank you all for such a great day

Thank you all racers for such a great display of team work and camaraderie today. Your understanding, support and pursuit of racing as a team makes me so very proud. I say bravo to you all.


I want to encourage all families of the younger riders who are not racing tomorrow to still come out and enjoy the race, especially the afternoon races of the Pro’s. The men and women really put on an amazing show.



Sunday– U of A Mall Crit day

All information can be found here:


Junior boys 15-18 your race starts at 7:10 am we need to be on site by 6 am to ensure we have everything we need and are signed up properly. We need to leave the clubhouse super prompt at 5:45am.


The next race is Junior Boys and girls under 15, and Women 4/5. Race starts at 10:20 am so please be on site at 9 am and thus leaving the clubhouse at 8:45 am.


Junior women 15- 18 next at Noon. Be on site at 10:30 am so leave at 10:15 from the clubhouse, or sooner to watch the other race


All of the other races will be later in the afternoon. Please be on site at least an hour and half early.


There will be a team van on site and trainers. We will have water and race fuel.

Huge Change for this WEEKEND PLEASE READ– New Leave times as well

The weather is looking wet and miserable for Sunday.


Because of this, I want to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun first race of the year.


If you are in the group of kids who was only racing on Sunday. I have changed that.


You all are now racing on Saturday.


This is for your safety and fun.


Zeke, Estevan, Jesus you will be in the 4/5 category now.


Leo, Caden, Reece, Damiano, Thor, Thomas, Kaiden, Elliot, Daniel, Axel and Maddy mogan you all will be racing on saturday in the junior categories


1st to leave at 6 am.

Men and Women 4/5 and Junior men and women are the first to leave.

6 am leaving the clubhouse


2nd and only other leave time is now 7 am.



U of A Racing Weekend

All Information for the race can be found here:   If you have a question please post to this board as many others might have the same one.   Saturday is the road race. If you have been racing the MBAA races then we did not sign you up for this.   There are going… Read more »

Thank you all for Sunday

Reading what it means to all of you to be part of this organization is the best thing in the world.   Thank you.   I am even more motivated now to be my best in the next few months.   We are going to keep working hard this week, with the intent of having… Read more »

Sunday Ride information and time changes

All ladies. Please be at the clubhouse at 9 am. Be ready to leave sharp by 9:30 am.   You all are going down to the crit course by the Costco on Park. There is going to be a womens only crit tutorial tomorrow led by amazing Pro Women. I know I have spoken to… Read more »


Thank you Tedd Kiracofe for bringing this to my attention.   There is construction on the I-10 in Phoenix and it is really messing with traffic. We are going to have to leave much earlier than we had planned.   7:45 is now the early van leave time. Please arrive at 7:30 so we can… Read more »

Weekend info and update

Saturday  Old Man Shoot out with Gates and A MTN— 7:15 am leaving the clubhouse Big Kid Shoot out with Madera– 7:30 am leaving the clubhouse B Team ride with A MTN– 8:30 am leaving the clubhouse   Estrella Mountain Bike Race MBAA#2 Middle school kids and a few others   Two vans this time… Read more »