Wednesday night crit

Ok so it sounds like there is some energy to get out there. Here is what would need to happen though to make this work:

Leave the clubhouse at 4:15pm. It takes about on hour in traffic to get out there. Plus we have to pack the bikes up on the tailor and cars then unload.

Get to the course at 5:15pm. This gives us time to sign up and warm up.

Race all juniors at 6pm for 20 minutes.

Then wait until 7pm for the next race.

Race for half hour.

Pack up cars bikes and the like we leave at after 8pm.

Get back to clubhouse at 8:45pm.

Riders return home after 9pm.

Does this sound about right?

Is this totally worth it to you riders—please respond?

Or do we get just as good a work out with our 1 and half hour ride/ race?– this question again proposed to the riders?

You guys tell me.

The race course

Race results from last week can be found here:

The Race season is On

Great weekend again everyone. I want to say one more time how proud I am of this team. You all make my efforts with you come back 100%.

This coming week: Another building week in our training. Our next big team goal is the Tucson Bicycle Classic stage race held on the 18th of March to the 20th. It is a three stage race with a time trial on day 1 Friday, a Road race on day 2 Saturday , and a circuit race on day 3 Sunday. This is the 25 annual event and more info can be found at . I really want us as a team to show up big at this race and really show any out of towners that we here in town have a fast group of Juniors. I have a long term goal of one year winning every Junior division possible.

So to get ready for this:

Tuesday: Recovery Ride. We are all tired from this weekend and need to get our legs moving again for a hard week.

Wednesday: Points Race. No joke beat up on your friends fun time racing.

Thursday: 36th Repeats. 1 minute long efforts.

Saturday: Shoot Out– just to the Mission. A good group ride opener for the racing team of this weekend.

Sunday: Team group ride McCains loop twice.

Some of you ie Logan, Lizzy, Donovan, Nathan, Tyler, D-Son, Newgan, and David will be racing on Sunday at the Tumacacori road race. The hardest one day race in Arizona. More info to come on this. However all and any race info can be found at

See you soon!

Day 1 Time Trial start

One of my favorite pics of all time. Max and Logan winning the Circuit race of the TBC off the front


But first we race the hills of Tumacacori

The Universe was right

I am so proud of our whole team. For everything. I could not be a prouder coach. Thank you so much all parents, riders, and supports. I am a very fortunate man.

I wish I could take you all up the mountain tomorrow but again we must listen to the “universe”.

No ride tomorrow.  Enjoy your Sunday and let’s be ready to continue to work hard at practice next week.

Nationals, we will be ready

What an unbelievable weekend. I am immensely proud of the team and their accomplishments.  This was the biggest, baddest, fastest race that El Grupo has ever participated in and we are leaving with our heads high knowing that we can hang with the best of the best. We raced against National Champions, Cat2’s, and state… Read more »

February 12th and 13th

For all who are staying in town and focusing on getting ready for the 24 Hour race. I apologize that I was unable to get things together for night riding this weekend. Something about not being in town makes it all way harder. However I hope that Newgan and D-son have a great time on… Read more »

Valley of the sun Info

OK racers. Here is the web site with info about the race. As far as packing goes, you are all very experienced at going to races, so I am going to leave this one up to you. If you need a duffel bag and sleeping mat, please ask. You may only bring a duffel… Read more »

Big Next Two Weeks

This weekend the A team will be heading north to Phoenix to participate in the biggest stage race that El Grupo  has ever raced in. Please encourage them as you see them this week and let them all know that we believe in them, and we have great confidence that they are going to have… Read more »

I’ll be back

Hey Team, I am off to Florida tomorrow morning. I have only known about this for the last two days, but I have not said anything. I am going to take care of my mother as she goes through an operation for her breast cancer. As far as we know the doctors have caught it… Read more »

Hardest Week Ever in History

This past week was one of the hardest weeks of training that I have ever asked the riders to go through before. I want to say that I am quite proud of the work put in by all the riders. We had two days of VO2 max efforts, a points race, the shoot out, then… Read more »