The first summer mechanics course will be Monday June 1st

Fix your Bike

Our first course will be Monday June 1st from 4-7pm.  Ian and I will be giving an overview of the tools involved in working on most bicycles, and how to use them.  We will likely have time to cover some other topics like brake and shifting adjustment as well.  Please if you plan on attending the other mechanics sessions this summer, I would really like for you to be at this session.  While most folks think they know how to use tools, you’d be surprised by the subtle and sometimes counter intuitive nature of proper tool use.  What I’m trying to say is don’t be cocky, come learn something 🙂

Now the Mechanics Mayhem begins!!!

Bicycle diagram

Now that school is out it’s time to have some fun! Who’s interested in doing mechanics classes on Mondays from 4-7pm?  If Mondays don’t work let me know what days and times do work.  Also let me know what classes you would like to take.  Comment away!

Friday the 14th Brake workshop canceled.

Since no one expressed interest in the Friday the 14th workshop I’m cancelling it.  I’m hoping more people will express interest in the Friday the 21st workshop so that I don’t have to cancel it too. Currently only Jeremy has said he would like to do it. If you don’t want to do brakes then… Read more »

Mechanics workshop: Brakes

This will be a two session workshop.  There are many kinds of brakes, and understanding and adjusting them takes practice.  It is also very important that if you are working on your brakes you really understand what you’re doing. Mistakes can make your bike very unsafe.  So we will work on brakes two weeks in… Read more »

Want to learn how to adjust your shifting?

Well then you’re in luck.  I, Colin, will be hosting mechanics workshops on a semi regular to regular basis on Fridays starting at 4pm.  The regularity of these workshops will depend on interest and attendance.  I was hoping to do a two part series starting next Friday the 24th at 4pm with a workshop on… Read more »