Week of Feb 10

Final week before 24HOP and VOS. This is the tune up week after the rest last week. All week you’ll be on the bike you’re riding this weekend (so MTB all week for 24 and Road all week for Valley).

If you need to prioritize homework over practice in order to be at your event this weekend, we 100% support you in that decision. Thursday is designed for you to make sure you have all your things in order, that’s why it’s off for 24hoppers. Focus on all the little things this week- eating, sleeping, and staying healthy.

Tuesday: 4:30PM. Endurance/flow ride. Shake out the legs.

Wednesday: 4:30PM only. Openers.

Thursday: VOS only. 24 is OFF. 4:30PM. Openers.

Stay tuned for departure/logistics info for the weekend.

Parents! If you have not yet signed up for a volunteer shift at the 24, please please please check your email and sign up! It takes a (large) village.


Hey y’all, low interest in the crit tomorrow, so we are not going. Not the end of the world if you did want to go b/c this gives you an opportunity to get some rest and chill before next weekend, which is not going to be chill.

So, the plan for tomorrow.

24HOPpers- Meet 7:30AM, leave 8AM. MTB ride. Back by 11.

Valley- Meet 7:30AM, leave 8AM. Back by 11. Road ride, Mt. Lemmon.

Week of Feb 3

Hey y’all! Here’s the post for this week’s practice schedule. This week is the 4th week of our 1st block of the year. Weeks 1&2 were VO2 intervals, week 3 was LT intervals, and week 4 is…. rest :). This week we will slow it down a little, focus on skills and recovery. Just because you aren’t doing a bunch of intervals and stuff does NOT mean you get to treat your body poorly and go to sleep late and try to PR your mile in running or whatever. The rest week is the time when your body is able to soak in all the hard work you’ve done in the last couple weeks and build itself into a stronger you. If you commute to school, leave a few minutes early! Give yourself a chill ride. No need to TT to first period this week. Respect the rest!

Tuesday: 4:30-6:30PM. MTB or CX (thats cyclocrosssss) bikes for everybody

Wednesday: 4:30-6:30PM. Road bikes

Thursday: 4:30-6:30PM. MTB for 24HOPers, and road bikes for valley racers

Weekend: As usual, there will be an email from Ben to respond to. The only race we are going to this weekend is the Sun Devil crit in Tempe.

Saturday: Shootout/BC team rides. Road bike. A normal Saturday, for once

Old man: Meet 6:45am – Leave 7:15am

Big boy: Leave 7:30am

B/C Ride: Meet 7:30am, Leave 8:00am ride for B-team riders. If haven’t done the shootout before or you’ve been dropped on the old man shootout at all in 2020, you are on this ride. Be there.

Sunday: Sun Devil Crit and MTB ride options.

Sun Devil Criterium: Riders and parents must respond before Wednesday at 8:00pm to confirm attendance. Otherwise I will not be bringing you, regardless if you show up in the morning. Meet 4:30am, Leave 5:00am. Back late in the day. 

MTB Ride meet 7:30am, leave 8:00am, Back by 11:00am.

Stories from today!

I’ve got two stories I wanna highlight today. First one is Thomas. Cat 5 crit. Man, I saw some sweet racing out there. Thomas absolutely sent it though. 5 laps to go he put in a massive attack and held about a 8 second gap until 1 lap to go. Then, heartbreak, bike racing, got caught with about 400 meters to the line. So exciting to watch. Kudos, Thomas.

Second one is Eve. I mean, damn. This was one of the most legendary races I’ve seen. Eve got dropped like 3 times in the 3/4 Women’s crit, but every single time she clawed her way back to the field. It’s easy to sit up/give up, call it a day when you’ve been dropped. It takes something special to keep going though and will yourself back to the group. About 3 laps to go, Eve was maybe 5 seconds off the back of the group. Kaileen, being an amazing teammate, hit the front and slowed it down. Eve got back on with about 2 laps to go. Coming out of turn 2 on the final lap, Eve put in a massive attack. Nobody saw it coming. Complete come from behind, over the top. Held it to the line. Won the race. Chills. Unreal. Bravo, Eve.

Time Change MTB Saturday!

Hey guys, Saturday (tomorrow) if you want to go to 24 hour town with Grupito, it is meet at 7AM, leave at 7:30AM. It’s an optional practice if you’re looking for more time shredding the course out there. That is all.

Week of Jan 27

Team, hope y’all are stoked on the new kits! Those suckers are earned, and you all have certainly put in the work. Wear them with pride. #checkmate This week is the 3rd week of our training block. It’s the last week of our training block. It’s the hardest week of our training block. This week’s… Read more »

Thursday Cancelled. Weekend Details

Coupla things here folks. Thursday practice is CANCELLED for everybody EXCEPT for the Valley racers. It was going to be an MTB endurance ride for 24Hour racers, but there’s a high likelihood of rain this afternoon. So no mountain biking. VOS racers still have practice, we’ll be spending some time on the rollers. If you’re… Read more »

Power Test Jan 14

Times for the test from Silverbell to the top of Trails End via Sweetwater, today. This distance was about 6 miles. I want to give a special kudos to both Thomas and Kaileen who I saw put in massive efforts today. I also heard from Ben that Leo Ramos rode quite hard. Nice work guys!… Read more »

Week of Jan 13

Winter block is over, spring racing and adventures are upon us. This week intervals begin. If you made it to practice for the power test today, excellent work! Your times are at the bottom of this post. If you did not make it, you still get to do one this week. Lucky you 🙂 Lights!… Read more »

Opening Weekend

Folks, here we go. Winter training camp. 2 weeks of brutality that will lay the foundation for the spring season. The best thing any of you can do for yourselves is STAY HEALTHY. Eat real food to replenish your bodies after the rides. Stay hydrated. Most importantly, get sleep. The harder you train, the harder… Read more »