Practice Week of July 15

T minus two weeks till Durango. 8 weeks till the first NICA race. 12 days left to submit a T shirt design to me.

Practice this week is about continuing to build base fitness as well as finding finesse on the MTB.

Monday- OFF

Tuesday- MTB. Meet 6AM, leave 6:30AM, back by 9AM.

Wednesday- Short track. Meet 5:30PM, leave 6PM, back by 8.

Thursday- MTB. Meet 6AM, leave 6:30AM, back by 9AM.


Saturday/Sunday info coming soon.

Hope to see you all out riding with us!

T Shirt Design Competition

We need new team t shirts. Shirts that you all care about and are proud to wear. I’m talkin about t shirts that’ll dolce your gabana. Shirts that make your hair looks like it’s blowing in a cool ocean breeze when it’s a humid 104 in Tucson. Shirts that say “I walk between a mama bear and her cubs cause I’m on truck’n el grupo”. But not literally. And don’t do that, you all are good bike riders but you can’t outrun an angry mama bear.


This is a team wide T shirt design competition. It is open to all members of Team el Grupo. The winning design will be chosen by Ben and I and will be printed on our new T shirts. The winning designer will receive two free t shirts, as well as bragging rights for having created something really cool.

Originally, Ben and I were just gonna design a shirt. But that’s not what this team is. El Grupo is about you guys, and what you care about. We’ve got some amazing artists on the team, and I think “artist” or not every single one of you is capable of coming up with a shirt that’s more original and more creative than anything Ben and I could make for you.

I really hope that everybody gets into this challenge and submits a contribution.


1) Do not use more than four colors (more colors = more expensive)

2) Include the words “el Grupo” and “Tucson, AZ”

This is intentionally extremely open ended. Use any format/medium you like (paper&pen, ipad, word, you name it).

How to Enter:

1) Come up with a sweet design.

2) Get it to me by July 26th.


1) Ben and I will decide what we think was the best one. Don’t worry, I have a great eye. I’ve watched a ton of project runway.

2) the winning design will be selected, announced to the team, and made into shirts


The winner will receive TWO free shirts!!!

Deadline to submit is July 26th. That’s the Monday after we get back from Durango. It’s a month away.

I challenge you all to put me in the position of having too many amazing designs to choose from. Good luck. Git after it.

Practice Resumes!

Hope you all enjoyed your 2 weeks off. Practice starts again this week! I understand some of you may have finals this week- if so, those take precedent over riding bikes. It’s ok.

This week we’re going to focus on learning really good form for our cross training exercises, as well as forming better habits on the bike. You’ll learn a few new routes both on and off the bike that we’ll be using this summer.

Tuesday 4:30PM: MTB Skills/Endurance. 2 hours.

Wednesday 4:30PM: Cross Training. Running shoes.

Thursday 4:30PM: Cross Training. Running shoes.

Friday 6AM: MTB Starr Pass/Adventure. 2.5hr, celebrate the first day of summer! Back by 9.

Saturday: TBD. Leaving at 6, back around 9:30

Sunday: Lemmon, road bikes, leaving at 6 back around 9:30. Focus on climbing form & style.

**Myles, Izaac, Sotelo, Quinn – Road bikes every day. No ride Friday, Shootout Saturday.

Next week practices will shift to morning every day and we’ll dive hard into cross training.

The week after, Bike Camp begins.

Ride of Silence

Hey Grupo- late notice here but tonight is the national Ride of Silence. It’s a memorial ride for all those who have been injured or killed by cars while riding their bicycles. If you can make it, ROS is a powerful way to show the strength and support of the cycling community. When: 5 to… Read more »

Practice Week of May 6

We done did it y’all. Post Gila, Post Whiskey, each and every one of you made it through an amazing season of racing. Some of you completed the hardest spring race schedule in Grupo history! Incredible. This week is OFF OFF OFF. And next week? Also OFF OFF OFF, with maybe an optional skills ride… Read more »

Tour of the Gila Logistics

Gila riders- sorry for the late post here. Cat 3 Men and up (Izaac, Myles, Rogan, Sotelo, Quinn, Dillon, Overson): Arrive at clubhouse at 2:30PM Tuesday afternoon, leave clubhouse at 3PM sharp. This gives us just enough time to spin the TT course return section on our way into town, and get in early enough… Read more »

Non Whiskey Weekend

My Gila racing compadres. We’ve got some riding to do this weekend to get ready to race. Saturday:  Shootout to sprint hill. Old man at 6:15, Big boy at 6:30. Ben and I will both be on the 6:30 start, so we’ll meet the old maners at the top of Sprint Hill and we can… Read more »

Last Week of Prep!

This is it. All the “work” is done. The only thing left to do now is get ready to test yourselves and reap the rewards of the work you’ve put in. At this point, there’s no more fitness to gain. Where base season might be the “dreamers” phase of the season, this is the realists… Read more »

Almost there!

Alrighty. We’re getting so close. Whiskey is in 11 days, and Gila starts in 15 days. This point in the season it starts to feel like you’ve been training and racing forever. The riding wears on you. School wears on you. AZ merit testing wears on you. We know. Here’s the thing: you’ve all made… Read more »

TBC Logistics

TBC! This is our local stage race. Home field. It’s a super rad Tucson event that we take part in every year. Friday is the Time Trial. We practiced the course on Sunday, so get excited for your real run on Friday! Saturday is the Road Race down in Green Valley. And Sunday is the… Read more »