Week of Sept 30

This week is a classic pre NICA week. Last week was… hard. It was meant to be. If you felt tired by Sunday, that’s good! You did it right. This week, the work soaks in. NICA is a long, long season, and you’ve got to be on form for 2.5 months. What that means is that even though you all crushed it at the last race, we had to keep pushing hard so that come race 4, you have the gas to go again. The work is not over, but courage, mes amies, you’ll make it.

Practice Schedule:

Tuesday: MTB, Recovery ride, 4:30PM

Wednesday: Road Bikes, Endurance ride, 3:45 and 4:30PM

Thursday: MTB, Holeshots, 4:30PM

NICA Weekend: Read closely, times have changed 🙂

Friday: MS Racers will meet at the clubhouse at 4PM, leave at 4:30PM. Pack a snack. Dinner should be around 6:30. ETA for getting back to Tucson is Saturday ~7:30

Saturday: HS Racers will meet at the clubhouse at 10AM, leave at 10:30AM. Pack a lunch. ETA for return is Sunday ~6PM.



Hey Parents, the next NICA race is in Sierra Vista. It is considered a home race for us, so we’re expected to help out with some aspects of the race. If you are interested in volunteering for the race organization, here is a link to all the volunteer positions/slots they are working to fill in SV.


It’d be a huge help to them (plus really good for our relationship with the league and other teams) for us to have some Grupo representation in the volunteer ranks. If you can swing it, that’d be awesome! Thanks!!


Hey Team, practice this week remains the same. Practice this weekend is altered slightly.

Saturday: same same same, as Ben stated in the last post.

Sunday: ROAD BIKES. Meet 6:45AM. Leave 7:15AM. Back by 11AM. Group ride with Ride On Cycling. It’s important that you make it. It will be fun, challenging, and an opportunity to meet some really cool people who LOVE el Grupo. This ride will still be hard, and there will be different speed/ability groups rolling out together.

Week of September 16

Alrighty folks, we’re hurtling right along towards NICA #2 this weekend up in Prescott. Ben and I were super impressed with all of you at the Flagstaff race. Everybody was really cool and helpful around camp, there was no fuss around bedtime/racing/camping/eating/etc. It was great. Let’s keep it that way in Prescott so that you… Read more »

Weekend and Shirts

1st of all…. SHIRTS ARE IN! They are sick. You may not have a shirt until you have paid for one. They are $10 each. I’ll have a bunch with me at practice today. You can bring cash, Venmo, whatever. 2ndly. This weekend. NICA Packing List (Everyone) we have these at the clubhouse. Please ask… Read more »

Week of September 2

Hey All, bit of a late post here. Just got cell service again so I’m throwing this up from my phone on the drive home. This is our tune up week for the first NICA race. Y’all have loads of fitness, and this week we’re going to get you dialed in to feel great on… Read more »

Week of August 26th

Team, last week was excellent. I hope you all had as much fun as Ben and I did at our various practices. We want to continue to blend hard work, skills, and  fun, with new and varying practices throughout the season. Ben and I put in a tremendous amount of work every day to keep… Read more »

Week of August 19th

Team, thanks for collaborating with Ben and me on our new rules, code of conduct, etc. If you have not yet, please bring your signed copy back to us at the next practice you attend. Please remember that we’re getting serious about follow through on our policies, as well. Y’all know what you’re supposed to… Read more »


Hey all, as promised at today’s meeting… Oliver’s WINNING T SHIRT DESIGN!! More details coming soon on how YOU can get your hands on one of these hogs…

Weekend! Aug 17&18

Hey Team, if you were at practice today (Thursday), thanks for participating in the discussion. If you were not here, you will find out about what we discussed at the Rider and Parent Meeting on Sunday. Saturday: Road Bikes! Clubhouse will open at 5:30AM. Old man shootout leaves at 5:45AM. If you typically do this… Read more »