Volunteer Appreciation Event on 12/8/19

Hello All:

This is Pam Patterson.  There will be a volunteer appreciation event at the clubhouse on 12/8 (Sunday), from 10:30am to 12:30pm.  I sent out 155 invitations to the event, via EVITE.  All Grupo PARENTS and VOLUNTEER COACHES please let me know if you did not receive the invitation.  If you have received the EVITE, please RSVP.  As of this writing, 72 people have responded indicating they will be present for the event.

A separate email, via Sign-Up Genius, will go out to all PARENTS asking for food, beverages, set-up and clean-up assistance.

This program wide event is intended to celebrate the volunteer coaches who give much of their time and energy to all of our youth.

You may reach me at pam@elgrupocycling.org

Thank you for your attention to this matter.  I look forward to celebrating all of our volunteers.



Hi All:
Below is the updated holiday ride schedule for 12/21/18 to 1/6/19.  PLEASE check the blog for updates regarding the holiday ride schedule.  Morgan and Lynn will participate in rides as their schedule permits.  For those who did not respond but routinely ride on Saturday, please continue as your schedule permits.
Thank you!
12/22 – Road ride – Shootout with Box Canyon, 110-mile ride.  Depart from the clubhouse at 7:30am and back by 2pm.  Box Canyon is only for kids who do the Big Boy shootout.
OMSO with Gates Pass.  Depart clubhouse at 7:15am
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, David, Ron, Michelle H. and Chuck H.
12/22 – Road ride – B and C groups – depart clubhouse at 8am and back by noon.
Coaches: Keenan, Jane, Pam, Ali, Steve, Natalie
12/23 – MTB/Gravel ride – Patagonia.  ALL riders depart the clubhouse in vans at 8am and arriving in Patagonia at 9:30am.
Two distances: 50 miles and 80 miles – all riders depart at 10 am.
50 milers back to van by 2pm and clubhouse by 4pm.
Coaches: Steve, Ali, Richard
80 milers back to van by 4pm and back to clubhouse by 5:30pm.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Lynn
Van drivers: Ignacio, Richard, Lynn, Steve, Ali
12/24 and 12/25 – NO RIDES.
12/26 – MTB ride – Hopkins; 2 start locations:
1.  Leave clubhouse on bikes at 8:30am – ride to Hopkins up and down back to vans at base by 1pm.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Ignacio, Lynn?
2.  Leave clubhouse in vans at 9:30am and drive to base of Hopkins.  Butts on bike by 10:30am, back to vans at base by 1pm.
Coaches: Daniela, David, Nick, Steve?
Van drivers: Daniela, David, Steve?
12/27 – MTB ride – AZT starting near Gabe Zimmerman trail.
Leave clubhouse in vans at 8am.  Butts on bikes by 9am and finish by 2pm.  Back to clubhouse by 3pm.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Richard, Sarah J., Jake, Nick, James?
Van drivers: Ignacio, Richard, Ben
            Road ride – Route TBD
Coaches: Keenan,
12/28 – Road ride – Leave clubhouse at 8:30am and return by 11:30am.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Jane, Nick, Ron?
12/29 – Road ride – Standard OMSO, B and C rides with extra miles.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, David, Ron, Michelle and Chuck H.
            B and C ride
Coaches: Ali, Pam, Natalie, Jane?
12/30 – MTB/Gravel ride – Ruby Road.  
Leave clubhouse in vans at 8am.  Arrive to Pena Blanca Lake by 9:30am and butts on bikes by 10am.  Ride time is 5 hours.Out and back so riders in back will turn around if needed so ALL riders arrive back to vans around the same time.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Daniela, Nick, David?
Van drivers (4): Ignacio, Daniela
12/31 – NO RIDES.
1/1/2019 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!
1/1 – Road ride – Kitt Peak; 2 start locations:
1.  Leave clubhouse on bikes at 8:30am and back to vans at 2pm in Three Points, 6-hour ride.  Back to clubhouse by 3pm.
Coaches: Keenan, Ron, David, Nick
2.  Leave clubhouse in vans at 8:30am and drive to Three Points.  Butts on bikes by 9:30am and back to vans in Three Points, 50-mile ride.  Back to clubhouse by 3pm.
Coaches: Ali, Daniela, Ben, Jane, Ignacio
Van drivers: Ali, Daniela, Ben, Ignacio
1/2 and 1/3 – MTB ride – 24 HOP Campout.
Leave clubhouse in vans at 9am on 1/2.  Depart 24 HOP at 2pm and back to clubhouse by 4pm on 1/3.
Morgan will be riding with the road bike kids on these days.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Colin, Pam, Lynn, Daniela, Richard
Van drivers: Ignacio, Pam, Daniela, Richard
1/4 – NO RIDES
1/5 – Road ride – OMSO, B and C rides.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Colin, Michelle and Chuck H.
1/6 – Road ride – Parker Canyon Lake.
Leave clubhouse in vans at 8am.  Arrive in Sonoita at 9am and butts on bikes by 10am.
This is a 60-mile ride with plenty of elevation.  Most riders will complete in 4 hours – back to vans by 2pm and to clubhouse by 3:30pm.
One van may stay longer if needed.
Coaches: Ignacio, Ben, Keenan, Jane, Ron, Daniela, Nick, Michelle and Chuck H., Steve?
Van drivers: Ignacio, Ben, Daniela

Endurance Block 7/8 to 7/15

Hi All: First day of Tour de France!  GO (your favorite rider/team). Below is the known schedule for the final endurance block week starting tomorrow.  Please let me know if changes need to be made. 7/8 – MTB – 5:45am to 10am:  Lynn (LEAD COACH), Jesus, Donovan, Michael T., Ali, Chuck, Deidra, Luke 7/10 –… Read more »


HELLO EL GRUPO!  Below is the schedule with for the Endurance Block starting on 7/1 and ending on 7/15.  PLEASE READ. MTB RIDES – Sunday and Thursday ROAD RIDES – Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday (Mt. Lemmon ride with Ralph) 7/1 – MTB – 5:45am to 10am:  Lynn (LEAD COACH), Kelly, Nick, Ali, Chuck, Deidra 7/3… Read more »

Saturday Shootout on 6/30

Hi All:  this is Pam Patterson.  If you are interested in riding the Shootout tomorrow, Lynn, Morgan, and David will be at the clubhouse tomorrow at 5:30am to ride the Old Man shootout.  Per Ignacio’s previous post, this is a rest week so riding the Shootout tomorrow is not required.  July 1 starts the endurance… Read more »