Saturday and Sunday


No scheduled practices until Saturday. Enjoy the holiday, and please stay active on your own.

We’ll be on road bikes this weekend. If you need help with your bike before Saturday, please respond to this post so we can arrange a time. Otherwise, I’ll be showing up a little early on Saturday to help with minor problems.

Saturday – Road endurance ride, 2-3 hours. We’ll be leaving the clubhouse at 7:30am sharp. I’ll be there at 6:30 if you need extra time to prep for the ride.

Sunday – Lemmon endurance road ride, 3-4 hours. This ride is endurance paced. We should all be able to make it up to Windy Point. Please show up prepared for a long ride (food, water, sunblock, etc), leaving the clubhouse at 7:30am sharp.


Final Durango Prep

Thanks everyone for taking the time today to get the trailers packed up. It looks like we shouldn’t have any trouble leaving on time tomorrow.

Please show up early tomorrow so we can leave the clubhouse promptly at 7am. If you don’t already have your bike and/or luggage in a trailer, please show up no later than 6:30.

Take the time tonight to go over your packing list and make sure that you have everything you need for the week. Tents and sleeping bags are especially important for tomorrow night, so please be sure that you have those packed for yourself.

We will be eating lunch on the road tomorrow. Everyone is responsible for packing their own lunch and snacks.

See you tomorrow morning!



Friday AZT

Tomorrow morning, we’ll be driving out to the Gabe Zimmerman trail head of the Arizona Trail to ride mountain bikes. We will be leaving the clubhouse at 5:30 am sharp and arriving at the trail head around 6:00. Come prepared to ride 2-3 hours. We’ll be back at the clubhouse by 10:00 am. If you… Read more »

Practice Today

Everybody, I’m seeing a 40% chance of rain at 5pm today. Practice is ON, and I expect everyone to be at the clubhouse, especially if you’re coming to Durango. We’ll make the call whether or not to ride up to the short track at 5pm, but please come prepared to ride. If conditions do not… Read more »