One To Go

We have one more NICA race to go.


I hope this puts wind in your sails and inspires you all to finish strong.


Thank you for another great weekend outside full of bikes, laughs, and maybe a bit too much sun.


Certainly want to take time to thank all of the coaches, volunteers and parents who came out to help. It takes the whole village.


I also want to take this time to thank Coach Gord for all his work and guidance over this last year a half. It has been a pleasure to work with him and of course educational. I am certainly happy to have had the opportunity to work along side him and wish him massive success at the next level.


Practices this week will solid for the High School racers.

Tuesday–MTB Endurance

Wednesday– OLD School Crit course races and intervals.

Thursday– MTB endurance

Saturday– Shoot Outs or the Phoenix Crit

‘Sunday– MTB — place TBD



For the middle school riders who have completed their seasons, they will be transitioning this week and really working on skills and the fundamentals.

Tuesday–MTB Skills. In the real dirt though, so come ready to dress out

Wednesday– Crit course fundamentals

Thursday– MTB Skills

Saturday– Road ride with Valentin and Crew

Sunday– Mtb– Place TBD



Manzo this week

Tuesday– Damiano, Mia, De La Huerta

Thursday– Lucy B and Tomas Salazar



I will write a post about this weekend and the NICA season later. I just wanted to ensure that we had the necessary information for everyone to enjoy the week.

We had a wonderful weekend of amazing Tucson traditional rides.  First of course on Saturday was the famous shootout ride.  Our team members benefit greatly from this weekly ride and integrating with the Tucson cycling community.

Sunday we were able to hold our annual Fall Fondo after a year’s absence.  I was really impressed how team members were gracious hosts and accompanied so many great friends out on our suggested routes of 70, 50 and 35 miles.   Thank you to all the businesses that donated time, resources to make it a special event and thank you so much for all participants in what is our biggest one day fundraising event!  We are in the process of buying the clubhouse building so the proceeds will go directly into the acquisition.

NICA #4 this week moves to Phoenix and Southern Conference hosted event.  That means we race Saturday and not Sunday.  We need to leave no later then 12:30pm on Friday so please arrive at the clubhouse at noon.  Shannon has put together the latest SignUp Genius for our all important and appreciated team for the kitchen.  Thanks in advance for your hard work!

We’ve had a couple of colder evenings last week so it’s important that all riders have an extra layer of clothing available to put on during the ride for that temperature drop.  A wind vest is best.  Please see us if you don’t own this garment and we can help pick one for you.  Also we remind all that we require you to have working (fully charged) lights and of course a spare inner tube to be able to practice with us.

Here is the practice schedule for the next two weeks;


Just wanting to ensure that everyone is ready and on time tomorrow for the Fondo.


Please remember to come in your newest clean team kit and to have appropriate clothes for after the ride.


It is not a race. It is an event to get to know the wonderful people who support you, so please be ready to converse and to get to know folks.


Arrive at 6:30 am sharp or sooner. We need your help at 6:30 am.


Riders will depart between 7:30 and 9 am depending on the distance you end up riding.


You will be free to leave after 2pm.


We will need help to clean up the grounds and put things away.


Lunch will  be provided to all riders, so please be prepared for a fun day.


Nathanial and Ben have been on the team together for over 6 years. They have grown up together on the team.   This is their last year getting to race with each other and I want to thank them for stepping up and being true leaders.   However this is a story about team work,… Read more »

Prescott NICA and Fall Break schedule

We had another tremendous weekend in Prescott in the third round of the NICA series.  Numerous wins and podiums ensued but what was most telling was the number of breakthrough performances had by our team members.  Another highlight was the attendance of many new faces integrating with the team.  It was apparent that all were… Read more »


It sure was strange to see the ‘Queen of the Classics’ taking part in October and not in the usual April time frame.  Amazing races were held both in the men’s race but in the long overdue inaugural women’s edition of Paris Roubaix.  Check out the highlights; Can you believe we are on the… Read more »

Race Week– NICA #3

Race Number 3– Prescott, Arizona.   After two races in Flagstaff we are headed to Prescott this time.   We are having an incredible season so far, with many of you in positions to win your categories and become state champions, and we have a team that it is in the hunt for a podium… Read more »

Toughness is a choice

This was the mantra that I had with the team all weekend.   To be tough, you do not have to be strong.   To be tough, you do not have to be skilled.   To be tough, you do not need to be fast.   To be tough, you just have to respect yourself,… Read more »

NICA #2 Here we come

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NICA 1- Resounding Success!!

After a year’s absence due to Covid, it was with great anticipation that the team traveled to Flagstaff for the first NICA event of the season.  The team has practiced really well the past month and we were excited to test our race fitness.  Tomas (pictured) would be in the first race of the day… Read more »