Mid week resumes.

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving week.  Although I’m sure many family plans had to be altered from more traditional celebrating and visiting, the theme remains for being thankful to all we have.  Family, friends and health certainly come to mind first but I’m also thankful to what the bicycle has brought to my life.

The bike has given me plenty to be thankful for.  It’s allowed me to see the world from a unique perspective.  There’s a scope of landscape not viewable from the window of a fast moving car and there’s a range of views not available from my very limited pedestrian capabilities.   It’s seemingly somewhere in the vast compromise of the two that the bike offers that unique vantage point.

So, let’s get back to it!  We’ve had some good fall weather so a reminder to bring with you the mandatory outer jacket/vest layer to all practices.  Since we return to the clubhouse often after dark, the sudden temperature drops mean necessary clothing options.  We have plenty of extra clothes so, please ask a coach to help you search the bins for that perfect fitting item.

Speaking of night riding, we also have been reminding all of you the importance of effective lights on your bike.  You must remember to ensure that the lights are fully charged for each practice.  Think of it similar to your phones.  Keep organized and on top of this so that we are safe and visible on the trails and roads.

This is the last week to get your clothing order submitted with Voler.  We still have all the Voler samples to try on at the clubhouse so if you haven’t already I suggest you get an idea of the item and size you’d like. All parents should have received via email a credit that goes towards the purchase.  Any questions on that contact Sean.  Here is the link;


We’ve had some interest and suggestions to take a Saturday to climb up Mount Lemmon, so it you haven’t had a chance to add this to your bucket list, here’s a great opportunity on Dec 12.  Here is the new practice schedule;


Lastly, we are looking forward to seeing everyone on December 13th for the El Grupo Swap Meet.  If you know any vendors who may want to unload some merchandize then please encourage them to reserve their tent.  Can’t wait to see everyone at practice!!




Thanksgiving week

It’s Thanksgiving week and with many traveling to visit love ones, we decided on skipping practices for both this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday.   We will keep tomorrow’s Tuesday night practice and Saturday’s shootout route and Cara ride.  Note that we have a later start time this Saturday to 7:15am.


Here’s the practice schedule;





This is a reminder that our Voler kit order will be due no later then December 7.  We have an extensive sample kit sizes at the clubhouse. If you want to make sure of your sizing then feel free to use the change rooms to verify before ordering online direct from Voler.   Be on the lookout for a future email from Voler detailing ordering instructions.

Goals, perseverance and a Swap!

Last week we talked about perseverance and goal setting. Ignacio, Allison and I are greatly looking forward to hearing what goals you have planned for 2021.   Goals can differ greatly among all of us.  It could range from something like dedication to school, attending practices more regularly, taking some strava segments or as minute as increasing your threshold power by 10 watts.  The important thing is to have some goals to aspire to so we can test our perseverance.


Here’s a practice schedule this week.   A reminder that tomorrow we will listen to goals in our pre ride hippie circle.  After the goals talk, we will try on the sample kits from Voler and get updated sizes for everyone for the next clothing order.




Next week is holiday week and aligns well with our next rest week.  We will only hold practice on Tuesday the 24th, with no practice on that Wednesday or Thursday.


Since there will be no GABA swap meet this year, El Grupo has decided to host our own swap meet on December 13th.   We will open up the clubhouse grounds to vendors upon a small donation to El Grupo.  There’s only limited space for up to 25 vendors so please reserve your tent space ASAP if you have or know anyone or shop that needs to unload unwanted cycling items.




See you tomorrow Team!



Nacho’s Notes

Race Team members thank you for the hippie circle on Thursday.   We took time as a team to understand and discuss the value of Perseverance. We talked about how it is a virtue that is not given, or asked for, but earned. It is earned when we meet a difficult moment in life and… Read more »

Goals for 2021

I’ve really enjoyed having our new recruits join the team and have been very pleased how welcoming everybody has been.  Thursday in particular is a fantastic environment where the whole team practices together and that support is so evident.   Last week’s election results certainly will usher in some changes in 2021.  Surely, policy and… Read more »

Eyes forward

I’m looking forward to this week’s practice.   It’s been a tough 2020 and sometimes looking ahead can help motivate.  I’m also looking forward to freezing nights,  cold weather ride clothing choices, driving with the windows down and the AC off,  cold water from the tap,  no mosquitoes, shelving my insulated water bottles,  planning holiday travel… Read more »

Nacho’s Notes week of October 26th

I want to thank everyone first for your understanding and patience last week.   Thank you for your flexibility with the current situation. We are certainly trying our best to provide safe and healthy programming and your support makes it so much easier to make the tough calls.   Expectations for Riders moving forward during… Read more »

Nacho’s Notes

I imagine that I feel like the rest of you right now in that I sure am missing being around the clubhouse and all the wonderful energy, but yet totally understand that the right decisions were made.   These are crazy times, and like I used to say, Life is like a river, we have… Read more »

Fall Fondo postponement.

Due to a positive Covid-19 test within a team member’s immediate family, we have decided to postpone today’s Fall Fondo indefinitely. We will update all team members as more information comes in, but in the meantime we will suspend practices for the coming week of October 18-25.  We will give daily updates on the situation… Read more »

Fall Bike Camp

Our Fall Bike Camp has started well with 24 young cyclists registered for a week of bikes, fun and friendships.  We’ve divided into 3 groups of 8 athletes and enjoyed perfect weather for day 1.   Great job to Colter Thomas and Luke Murray for their excellent organization and thanks also to our Team El… Read more »