24 Hour News and Notes

Please be prepared for it to be a muddy mess. Bring appropriate clothes and attitude.


So far here is what I have for when kids are leaving:


8:30am– Ali, Daniela, Ignacio, Damiano, Ana, Myles, Caden, Brayden, Susie, Kaileen, Eve, Camilla, Oliver, Leonardo.


4pm– Madison, Nathaniel, Jeremia, Thorstan, Lily Vitt, Jesus, Estevan. There are only 11 seats in this van after Chuck Barclay gets in to drive. These kids listed get first dibs on seats. If you have not posted, then I cannot account for you. Also this van please be prepared that it will take you three hours to get to camp. Please pack a snack. It will take an hour and half to get to the dirt and for sure an extra hour and a half once you get to the dirt. Good Luck it will be crazy

More Planning News

There is so much that goes into an event like this. It is hard to have all the information at one time, so I appreciate everyone’s patience and willingness to help.


Chuck Barclay will now be driving the 4pm van. We will only have 11 seats for kids in this van. So far that means we should be ok. I do encourage all to go up in the morning as things get crazy out there and settling into it all makes like easier.


Also to all parents driving out, the road is going to be a muddy mess. Please make sure that your car is ready for it. It will be a total mess, muddy and very difficult to drive in.




I am not feeling confident about the amount of water that we have out there at the moment. Please bring water.



We are going to need everyones help at the end of the event. We all want to get home after the long weekend, so everyone please plan on helping. Please do not try and leave early. We are all tired and have things to do and work the next day, however please plan on hanging around helping pack.


I know there has been a lot of information sent out, so please take the time to read through it all, and don’t forget to bring water.

Gear List

Daniela is going to email to everyone.


However a huge reminder:






Everything you bring needs to fit in a normal bag and be prepared to keep it there. This should help keep tents clean and happy

Big Weekend Ahead

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24 hour info

Please read this entire post even if you cannot go to the race—we need your help in other ways. We can only give our riders the support they need with your help.   Included in the post: -Details for Sunday, Feb. 11th pre-ride/set-up · Volunteers jobs · Items we need from you · When to… Read more »

Thank You & On to Final Round!

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24HOP handlers needed & Kit re-order

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UPDATES to Academic Hours and Check-Ins!

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REST WEEK Not a throw away week

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Do you believe in Angels?!

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