Weekend information

Good news. Richard has secured the use of a van with bike racks.


I very much appreciate all the parents that were willing to help and reached out. However because of this van we do not need any special help.


We will leave at 10 am and meet at 9:30 am.


Please riders be prepared for it to be wet and cold. Pack well. Really on any trip you should have rain and cold gear.

McDowell and Race #4

We have 2 more races to go. This weekend we travel to North West Phoenix.


I do want to thank everyone for their flexibility this weekend. I very much appreciate your willingness to change your plans on Sunday.


This is going to be a classic prep week for the race. We in great shape right now, we have put in the work and ready to let it soak in. We want to focus on shredding this week and getting very comfortable playing in the dirt. We hit the pavement last week to get a fitness bump, now we are going to spend the week in the dirt getting our shred back.


Riders— Please by the end of Tuesday practice have your old Bins cleaned out. David Cross and Lynn built really cool cubicles for everyone and Eve and Maddy Mitchell labeled them. There is a cubicle for everyone. So please use it and clean out your bin. The bins are going to get cleaned out on Wednesday and anything left will be in the lost and found.


Parents please read below about the help we need on Saturday.


Training plan– 


Tuesday– Endurance MTB


Wednesday– Endurance MTB 3:45 and 4:30 starts


Thursday– Hole Shot Openers


Saturday– Meet at 9:30. Leave the clubhouse at 10 am.



Grupito is going to be using a van and trailer this weekend. The Adams however will be driving up in their Sprinter and will have some extra seats available.


We need the ability to carry 12 bikes on parents cars and seats for 10 kids. Please post and tell everyone what you might be able to carry.


Thank you everyone for your flexibility and help.



Thank you to everyone for their patience. The weather has been amazing. Since we cannot battle mother nature or change her course we need to be nimble and just work around what she gives us.


There will be no ROC ride tomorrow. The road are going to be messy with debris and probably filled with puddles.


Everyone is encouraged to ride MTB’s tomorrow at Sweetwater.


2 pm start tomorrow. So leaving at 2 meeting at 1:30


This is window of after lunch and get you home before dinner


We will be back at the clubhouse at approx. 5 pm.


This should give us a good 2 hour ride at Sweetwater.


This should also allow the trails a good morning to dry up, so we do not do any damage


Sunday News and Notes

Crazy how the weather works. The kids who road the shoot out stayed dry for 2. 5 hours today. We did not get rained on until our return from Green Valley.   I apologize to the kids and families who did not get to ride today because of the weather for the mountain bike ride…. Read more »

Weekend Update

Beautiful rain, thank you for quenching the thirst of the desert. Now can you stop so we can ride bikes, and then start again as soon as we are done.   I will be posting tomorrow morning about what I think our plans should be. Yes I really want to ride, but weather dictates safety… Read more »


I apologize if this causes anyone heart ache. I am not trying to make things harder than they are.   4:30 start Per usual.   After hearing from volunteers and riders this is the best course of action to get the most people involved.   4:30 start.  BRING YOUR LIGHTS

Week of October 8th

I want to thank everyone for their time, commitment, and attitude this past weekend in Sierra Vista. I really appreciate how much everyone supports and helps the team in all facets. From the kitchen, to the coaching to the wrenching—–THank you.   Also I want to thank everyone for how they handled the disappointment about… Read more »

3 more races in the next 35 days

This is now the real meat of the season. In the next 5 weeks, or 35 days,  we have 3 races.   I sure hope everyone is excited. We are most certainly where we need to be training wise, now we just need the mental and emotional commitment to follow through.   I can’t stress… Read more »

Sunday News Update

Meet at clubhouse at 7am.   Two groups.   1 group– Will load vans and go to Mt Lemmon. Prison Camp run. At least 3 times. Some can do 4. Please only go on this ride if you have gone before. No new folks on this ride. This group will be back by 11 am… Read more »

Ride times and pick up

Parents thank you for you patience with this. Riders thank you with your patience.   I know and appreciate that everyone’s time is very valuable. You want to see you kids after school and practice. You want to have dinner and they need to do home work. You might even want time to just enjoy… Read more »