Sunday Funday May 27th

Thank you to Richard and Nick King.


There will be a Mountain bike ride tomorrow.


6 am start.


2 Groups– Please make good game time decisions as to the groups


Group 1– Starr Pass to Explorer to Robles. 3 hour ride. Led by Richard.


Group 2– Start Pass to short track cross over to Robles. Connect with group 1 at top of Irvington place. The road. Led by Nick King.

This Weekend and Summer Bike Camp

At the start of today I gave an overview of why we are doing what we are doing for training. I will want to do this again over the next few days, as I believe if you know the why you can do the what much better.


This Weekend (Read below for bike camp info!) 


Saturday– C Team ride. Led by Luke Murray, Grupito coach and Grupo Alumnus. Arrive at 5:15am! Leaving the clubhouse at 5:38 VERY SHARP


Old Man– 5:45 am start


Big Boy– 6 am start


Sunday– I will be out of town with Daniela and Damiano for his birthday. Coaches, anyone around to help? If not riders who are older, I encourage you to make plans with friends and to ride for 2 hours in the dirt if you can.


Monday– ENJOY the day with your family


Next week we will begin morning workouts – starting Tuesday at 7am – 8am with cross training with Daniela! Be there!

Wednesday is also cross training at 9am and First Aid/CPR to follow. Plan on 9am – 2pm on Wednesday, May 30th! You received that info in hand and spoken at the team meeting. Be there, please!


The schedule for the rest of next week will be dependent upon coaches’ availability and will be posted Monday night, if all goes well.



SUMMER BIKE CAMP – Who is volunteering or getting paid each week? PLEASE let Daniela know if this does not work for you!!! 

Week 1: June 4 -8

Paid: Lily Vitt, Jeremia, Quinn, Unai, Susie

Volunteering: Madison, Kaileen, Lily McGrath, Camilla, Kieran, Myles, Maddy M, Eve, Mostyn, Estevan, Sam B


Week 2: June 11-15

Paid: Brayden, Kieran, Mostyn, Maddy M, Eve, Sam B, Ethan S

Volunteering: Caden, Jesus, Thorsten, Caleb, Michael, Max, Leonardo, Oliver, Jordan, Estevan, Izzie, Ana


Week 3: June 18-22

Paid: Myles, Oliver, Izzie, Ana, Brayden, Caleb, Michael, Max

Volunteering: Jesus, Caden, Ethan S, Sheela, Madison, Leonardo, Jeremia, Unai, Izaac


Nutrition Camp 

Week 1 – Susie, Unai, Jeremia, Eve, Maddy M

Week 2 – Caleb, Ethan O, Susie, Maddy, Eve

Week 3 – Sam, Max, Ethan S, Izzie, Kajeme

Finals week and then its finally over

I know this is finals week. I hope you are all prepared and ready to go. Freaking out now and trying to cram probably wont help, so I hope you all did the work already.


Thank you everyone for coming to the team party and graduation. It really is a pleasure to enjoy a meal with all of you. It is a special experience to have you all together.


We have a long beautiful summer ahead of us and really hope to take advantage of it.


I understand if folks cannot come this week, but of course I always hope for perfect attendance.


Training plan


Tuesday– Cross Training

Wednesday– Cross Training

Thursday– OFF

Friday– 7:30 am Mountain bike ride.


Saturday– Shoot out if you like. Colin C team ride?


Sunday– MTB ride. 6 am meet up at clubhouse

Have You Visited Twice?!

Happy Friday everyone! I deliver a brief reminder: this upcoming week, 21 May – 25 May, is the LAST WEEK in which you can complete your minimum of 2 visits to Academic Hours for the semester! Monday: 4:30 – 6:30PM Wednesday: 1:00 – 4:30PM Not sure if you’ve been in twice or not? Ask me!… Read more »

Sunday Mountain bike ride

6am arrive at clubhouse.   Sweetwater.   6:30am at trail head.   Ride until 8:30 am.   Depart by 9am.   Back at clubhouse 9:30.   Then I hope to see everyone at the team party.

Reset Over– Time to Begin anew

Reset over. I really needed it as well. Having these last two weeks to decompress and take some time off was super helpful.  I hope everyone enjoyed the time as well and was able to get all of their school business in good order so that you can all finish strong.   I am well… Read more »

Presentation on Alumni Research – Thursday

OPTIONAL EVENT: Please feel welcome and consider attending a presentation given by the College of Public Health graduate students working with El Grupo this semester. Assessment, Program Plan, and Evaluation of El Grupo Thursday, May 10th at 6pm El Grupo Clubhouse Light refreshments provided They will be giving an overview on the assessment, program plan,… Read more »

Team Party on the 20th

I do very much hope that everyone can attend. This is a time to celebrate all the amazing accomplishments of the year and to send off our Seniors and friends who are moving away.   I do hope for perfect attendance.   Also to enter the part you must have two things:   Your High… Read more »

Rest, Back to School, Raffle and Optional Pilates

We hope you all enjoyed a week off of practices at El Grupo (and for many – no school, either!). This week will be the 2nd and final week of NO SET PRACTICES as we give you all time to rest, recover, and focus on finishing the semester strong! Academic Support is available TODAY (Monday)… Read more »

Thank you!! Successful resume workshop

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, and is looking forward to the end of the semester. We had a great turn out for the high school resume workshop and I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who attended. We hope it was helpful has given you some good practice. We welcome any… Read more »