No more Oldest Man Shoot Out

We have been kindly asked to not participate with this ride anymore.


At this time I think we should respectfully adhere to the desires of some on that ride.


Moving forward please have a conversation with the coaches who are in town about this weekend.


I think many of you are ready to try the Oldest Man, and if you are not, here is my proposition.


Lets start yet another ride on that same route. 7 minutes before the Old Man. We could have coaches, parents and supporters join us that maybe also get dropped on the Old Man, but that want a good ride. If this group starts with this advantage I think they would not catch the Oldest Man, but then they could get to the bridge before the Old Man, and then maybe try and jump in with the Old Man.


That is my attempt at a compromise. All please comment about what you think might be best, acknowledging that the Oldest Man is off the table.

Week of April 16th and looking ahead to Whiskey

This is it. The end of the season is before us. All the work you have put in will now be put on show. All the mornings you woke up early, all the nights you cut short, all the little sacrifices you made through out the season will now come back to grant you the strength and ability to participate in the hardest races of the year.


Gila Riders– An email has been sent to all of you by Daniela, please read it carefully and be ready for a great trip.


Training Plan 


Tuesday– Gila riders– pre race spin with one A mtn to keep you loose.

Whiskey riders– Endurance MTB

Gila Cat 3 boys– we are driving out


Wednesday– Gila riders– you all are in the van driving

Whiskey– 4:30 only. MTB endurance


Thursday– Only Whiskey riders left in town. Endurance road ride.


Saturday– C team ride. 6:30am start

Shoot out– NO MORE OLDEST MAN SHOOT OUT. Your choices are Big Boy at 6:30 or Early/Old Man at 6:15 ONLY. Or you do Colin’s C team ride. No exceptions!


Sunday– Are any coaches around who can lead a good mtb ride? Please respond. I would love to get them out for a solid big ride. They then will have the week easy, next week.


Good luck to everyone racing this week and in the upcoming weeks! Tonight I just want to reiterate a few things…

  1. REQUIRED high school rider resume workshop – May 2nd 4:30 – 6:00PM. Erika will lead, it will be awesome, AND it counts as one of your 2 Academic Hours visits for the semester.
  2. The semester is almost over and people still need to get their 2 visits in! Mondays 4:30 – 6:30PM, Wednesdays 1:00 – 4:30PM and Fridays by appointment. Call/text/email any time to arrange or discuss other options!
  3. AH space does not mean you can only do homework in it, we are happy to help with planning, putting together schedules, studying for big tests, college prep, practice problems, second opinions on writing, etc etc etc. Sky is the limit here.

I’ll see you all around! Fun fact: the morbid and irrational fear of the number 13 is called “triskaidekaphobia”.

Sunday SWAP meet & Raffle tickets

Sunday – NO Rides!  ALL!! Sign up to help out at the SWAP MEET please!!! We need a few riders and parents per each hour shift – and if everyone pitches in, it is a good time and easy for all – SIGN UP!  Thanks!   BAKED GOODS! We are now known for your awesome… Read more »

Free College Fair!!

I would like to pass along some information from Erika. The Gregory School is hosting a college fair that is FREE and open to EVERYONE. Friday April 27th 5:30 – 6:30PM is a Q&A forum about the college admission process – this would be a great way to get some insight from an insider on… Read more »

High School Rider Resume Workshop Wednesday May 2nd

Greetings! I deliver updates and hope this will be the first of many workshops Erika and I can put together for you. Wednesday May 2nd is a required activity for high school riders, which Ignacio and Daniela have both approved. The quick version: Who: current high school riders What: workshop to help you get a… Read more »

Week of April 9th

Thank you everyone who came out to the Scavenger Hunt. I really hope everyone had a good time.   Training Plan   I have noticed quite a few tired faces the last couple of days and I want to be very careful to not cook you all before such big events. I truly want you… Read more »

Sunday April 8th and Ride Times

Cyclovia and Rides.   Two rides– Road ride with Max heading to Mt Lemmon. Shorter day. We are going to start to taper after this to Gila. This is only if you are going to Gila   MTB ride– Shorter day. Starr Pass.  2 ish hours.   8:30 am start times for the two.  … Read more »

Week of April 2nd

It sure was nice to be home for a weekend. I really appreciated my bed, the shoot out, and just getting to ride. I hope you all feel the same way and are excited for the last few races of the season.   There a kids going to many different races coming up so please… Read more »