Summer Bike Camp Weeks

Hey all,

Based on your responses for working Summer Bike Camp, here is what I have each rider working which camps this summer:

Week 1: Ben. Brayden Caden, Daniel, Elliot, Estevan, Izaac, Izzie, Jack, Jesus, Kaileen, Leo, Maddy Mitchell, Max, Myles, Reece, Sam

Week 2: Axel, Brayden, Caden, Elliot, Estevan, Eve, Jesus, Kaileen, Leo, Maddy Mitchell, Max, Nathaniel, Oliver, Sam Thorsten

Week 3: Daniel, Eve, Izzac, Izzie, Jack, Kaileen, Max, Myles, Nathaniel, Oliver, Reece, Sam, Thomas, Zeke, Sara, Luka

If there is a week that you’re unable to work, that you previously said you could, let me know. Remember though, that we are relying on specific people for specific weeks, and that in order to travel to Durango with the team you have to volunteer for 1 week. 


This Week Practice

Hey All!

Below is the schedule for practice this week. From Thursday through Sunday, Max and I are running team tryouts for El Grupo. Because of this, and it being the weekend before summer bike camp starts, we have no ride on Saturday. PLEASE come to the clubhouse house cleanup and expectation meeting at 10:30am if you are working/volunteering at bike camp.

If any riders would like to help out with tryouts, please tell me! We need about 5 people per day. Comment below if you’re available!

Tryout Schedule:

Friday – 5:00pm-7:00pm

Saturday – 9:00am-10:30am

Sunday – 9:00am-10:30am

Schedule for everyone except Ethan, Izaac, Myles, and Quinn:

Monday – Off

Tuesday – Cross Training – 4:30pm-6:30pm

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Cross Training – 5:30pm-6:30pm

Friday – Cross Training – 7:30am-9:00am

Saturday – No ride – 10:30am – Pre-bike camp cleanup, expectations meeting FOR ALL YOUTH COUNSELORS 

Sunday – Road ride – Mt. Lemmon 6:00 am meet, return by 10:00am

Schedule for Ethan, Izaac, Myles, and Quinn:

Tuesday – TMR

Wednesday – Wednesday Worlds

Thursday/Friday – off

Saturday – Shootout + McGee ranch climb

Sunday – Mt. Lemmon intervals

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th

Hey! Congrats to those who have finished school. I hope to see you out this weekend, as this cool weather won’t last forever!


Here are the plans for the weekend.

Saturday: Road Ride

Meet 6:00am – Leave 6:30am

Back at 9:00am

Sunday: Mt Lemmon

Meet 6:00am – Leave 6:30am

Back at 9:00am latest.


Practice Resumes!

Hope you all enjoyed your 2 weeks off. Practice starts again this week! I understand some of you may have finals this week- if so, those take precedent over riding bikes. It’s ok. This week we’re going to focus on learning really good form for our cross training exercises, as well as forming better habits… Read more »

Ride of Silence

Hey Grupo- late notice here but tonight is the national Ride of Silence. It’s a memorial ride for all those who have been injured or killed by cars while riding their bicycles. If you can make it, ROS is a powerful way to show the strength and support of the cycling community. When: 5 to… Read more »

Tuesday May 14th – Practice

Hey! Thanks for the great graduation ceremony last night. Good to say goodbye to our seniors and Ignacio and Daniela. Tuesday Practice – Optional! When: 4:30pm-6:00pm What: Capture the Flag Where: Oury Park What to bring: Bandana, running shoes, & shorts  

Optional Saturday Ride

Hey! Hope everyones final few weeks at school are going well. Hopefully the lack of practices is giving you that extra time to finish strong. That, and after the amount of work you all have done in the last few months, you not only deserve a break, but also need to get off the bike… Read more »

Graduation/End of the Year Party

Hey all, Just a reminder that this Sunday is the Graduation party for El Grupo Seniors leaving the team! For those of you who haven’t signed up for a dish to bring, please do so! We will have lots of people!   When: May 12th – 5:00pm-7:00pm Where: Catalina Terrace Pool – 2440 E. Hedrick Drive, Tucson,… Read more »

Practice Week of May 6

We done did it y’all. Post Gila, Post Whiskey, each and every one of you made it through an amazing season of racing. Some of you completed the hardest spring race schedule in Grupo history! Incredible. This week is OFF OFF OFF. And next week? Also OFF OFF OFF, with maybe an optional skills ride… Read more »

Schedule Change For this week!!

I am going to take time tomorrow to thank everyone who came up to Prescott and made the weekend so much fun. However for now I want to make sure to get this information out.   Hopeful plan Tuesday— All kids go on a road recovery ride. This will help the Gila kids prepare. They… Read more »