Practice Week of May 6

We done did it y’all. Post Gila, Post Whiskey, each and every one of you made it through an amazing season of racing. Some of you completed the hardest spring race schedule in Grupo history! Incredible.

This week is OFF OFF OFF. And next week? Also OFF OFF OFF, with maybe an optional skills ride tbd. 

Many of you have AP tests, finals are rapidly approaching, and you’ve been pushing for months. It’s time to take a couple weeks completely off the bike and recover, focus on school, and regroup for a great summer.


Ignacio will be posting later today with a recap of Gila. Spoiler: on the hardest day of racing, the queen stage, the GILA MONSTER, Grupo across the board rose to the challenge and delivered terrific efforts and finishes.

The next date to have on your calendar: MAY 12TH, Mother’s Day. Significant because your mothers are all amazing, and also because it’s the day of the Grupo end of season celebration. 5-7PM at Catalina Terrace Pool.

Video for the post is some VINTAGE Mash SF footage. Macaframa days. Wear a helmet.

Schedule Change For this week!!

I am going to take time tomorrow to thank everyone who came up to Prescott and made the weekend so much fun. However for now I want to make sure to get this information out.


Hopeful plan
Tuesday— All kids go on a road recovery ride. This will help the Gila kids prepare. They could even do a few openers to feel super ready. They should.
All Whiskey kids should just cruise.
If we had two coaches then those kids who did not race Whiskey could go on a good mtb ride with Chuck.
Wednesday— 4:30 only. This would be for kids who did not race Whiskey and would like to ride. Whiskey kids should stay home.
Thursday— All kids could go on an MTB ride. Probably two groups.
Weekend– I would ask that all the youth and coaches think of what they would like to do. This time of year is really a transition period so it is also a great time to just be home enjoying your family or going on hikes, or maybe you want to ride. I leave that all to discuss.

Tour of the Gila Logistics

Gila riders- sorry for the late post here.

Cat 3 Men and up (Izaac, Myles, Rogan, Sotelo, Quinn, Dillon, Overson):

Arrive at clubhouse at 2:30PM Tuesday afternoon, leave clubhouse at 3PM sharp. This gives us just enough time to spin the TT course return section on our way into town, and get in early enough for a good night of sleep before racing.

@Ethan Overson: we’ll pick you up from the Houghton exit on i-10 on our way out of town. Dillon, we can pick you up there too. Be ready by 3:15 so we can make this a super quick pick up.

All Women, and Cat 4 men (Izzie, Kaileen, Ana, Madison, Beviers, Ben, Oliver):

Arrive at clubhouse at 2:30PM Wednesday afternoon, leave clubhouse at 3PM sharp. Same deal as the Tuesday people.


I’m not going to spell out what to bring. You all know what you need. Make sure you have a warm jacket because nights and mornings can be cold in Silver City. Start lines can be quite cold, so you might want arm warmers or a vest. Worth bringing just to have the option. Also make sure you have BOTH your shoes (Oliver!!), your helmet, and your newest kit. You will wear your newest kit everyday of the stage race (Izzie!!). I don’t care how you do it- sink wash the chammy or just quintuple dip. I don’t really care. You will wear that beautiful yellow and blue everyday (except maybe the TT). As always, fit it all in ONE (1) BAG. Tidy and throw up free.

All Whiskey Returnees: Congrats on the weekend. You guys rocked it. Enjoy some rest and well deserved time off, there’s no organized practice this week for you .

Non Whiskey Weekend

My Gila racing compadres. We’ve got some riding to do this weekend to get ready to race. Saturday:  Shootout to sprint hill. Old man at 6:15, Big boy at 6:30. Ben and I will both be on the 6:30 start, so we’ll meet the old maners at the top of Sprint Hill and we can… Read more »

Whiskey Off Road Logistics

Hey! Tomorrow we leave for the Whiskey. Here are the logistics for the morning: Meeting: 7:30am sharp Leaving: 8:00am   KEY THINGS TO REMEMBER: Pack a lunch for the ride up Bring warm clothes – the lows are in the 50’s If you need camping gear, please remember to get some from the clubhouse in the… Read more »

Last Week of Prep!

This is it. All the “work” is done. The only thing left to do now is get ready to test yourselves and reap the rewards of the work you’ve put in. At this point, there’s no more fitness to gain. Where base season might be the “dreamers” phase of the season, this is the realists… Read more »

Whiskey Gear List

Whiskey  Gear List 2019 Riding Gear Camp gear Quantity Item Quantity item 2  Riding shorts 1 tent 1 Team jersey 1 sleeping bag 1 Long finger gloves 1 sleeping mat 1 short finger gloves 1 head lamp 0 race wheels zero Nothing electronic 2– 3 Spare tube Cards OK 1  helmet 1 Riding jacket Hygiene… Read more »


Hey all, Ben here! Hoping to see as many people as we can tomorrow for the Mount Lemmon ride. If you have Easter commitments, please honor those, but otherwise we’d love to see you on the mountain! Meeting at 6:00am Leaving at 6:30am Riding up to Bear Canyon – apx an hour We knownits early, we… Read more »

Almost there!

Alrighty. We’re getting so close. Whiskey is in 11 days, and Gila starts in 15 days. This point in the season it starts to feel like you’ve been training and racing forever. The riding wears on you. School wears on you. AZ merit testing wears on you. We know. Here’s the thing: you’ve all made… Read more »