February 12th and 13th

For all who are staying in town and focusing on getting ready for the 24 Hour race. I apologize that I was unable to get things together for night riding this weekend. Something about not being in town makes it all way harder.

However I hope that Newgan and D-son have a great time on the Old Man Shoot Out with Colin on Saturday morning. I hope that you guys make it all the way around and enjoy the day. You two are the two that have reached the bridge in the fastest time of any other riders I have coached.

Then D-son bug Mark to take you Mountain biking if you can and then invite Newgan.

Sabina call Mose and get out on a ride with him and Mike and then see if you can get Skywalker to go. He needs to put cables and housing on his MTB and get a new rear wheel. Skywalker go to BICAS on saturday and ask Colin to help you go to the clubhouse and then get that done please.

Sam call David and try and get on a MTB ride. Maybe try and meet up with Mike and the gang. You will have to get with  Colin on Saturday to get your bikes.

Ben and Keenan go out on a ride and do as you did on wednesday. If you guys can keep up that intensity and have some good attendance you are guys are going to fly.

Jade get to a spin class if you can.

Tyler you have plans.

What’s the point of all this? I wish I was here in town for the last weekend before the big MTB race and I just want to make sure you guys get one last good ride in. I will be posting updates. So stay tuned and have a great weekend.

Valley of the sun Info

OK racers. Here is the web site with info about the race.


As far as packing goes, you are all very experienced at going to races, so I am going to leave this one up to you. If you need a duffel bag and sleeping mat, please ask. You may only bring a duffel bag worth of stuff.

Please notice the start times for the events as some are early and I want you to be mentally ready for these things.

Lets make sure that everyone we are racing is well aware of who we are by the end of the weekend.

Here is a fun video. If not for the loud guy in the green shirt an otherwise great video of an Arizona junior bike race

Big Next Two Weeks

This weekend the A team will be heading north to Phoenix to participate in the biggest stage race that El Grupo  has ever raced in. Please encourage them as you see them this week and let them all know that we believe in them, and we have great confidence that they are going to have a great time. Lizzy, Donovan, Marcos, Nathan, Logan, Alex and Richard will all be racing and Daniela, myself, Kathleen and Damiano will be there for support.

I have heard that potentially Tyler and Dad, Jim, might head up to Phoenix on Sunday to watch the Crit race.  If some of you are interested in going maybe some one should ask them if you can go.

For those of you staying in town. You all have your first every 24 hour MTB race to be getting excited about. I really hope that our next two weeks of practice are great and that attendance is exceptional. Right now we need time on our bikes to get very comfortable on them. And we need camaraderie so we are a team and well oiled machine when we get to race  day. This is my favorite event of the year and I want you all to enjoy it as much as I do!

Yes there will be MTB practice this weekend and I hope you are all there.

Ignacio, we’ve got your back!

 Thanks to Mark Yarnish for this great photo from Synder Hill in El Tour de Tucson 2010. We miss you Ignacio and send our support and love to you and your mom. Everyone else: dress WARMLY for practice today. Break out the gloves, arm warmers, knee warmers, jackets, etc etc. We have plenty of… Read more »

I’ll be back

Hey Team, I am off to Florida tomorrow morning. I have only known about this for the last two days, but I have not said anything. I am going to take care of my mother as she goes through an operation for her breast cancer. As far as we know the doctors have caught it… Read more »

Hardest Week Ever in History

This past week was one of the hardest weeks of training that I have ever asked the riders to go through before. I want to say that I am quite proud of the work put in by all the riders. We had two days of VO2 max efforts, a points race, the shoot out, then… Read more »

Spin Saturday!!

Don’t forget. Spin class for all this Saturday (today?!) at 4pm at O2 Modern Fitness downtown. Please just meet 10-15 minutes beforehand there to set up your bike. Don’t forget a towel and water bottle. Wear appropriate shoes for their pedals. We will plan on riding the spin bikes, unless you ride your bike there… Read more »

Thanks and let’s get pumped

Thank you to all parents and riders for attending tonight’s meeting. I enjoyed meeting many of you for the first time. I am very excited about this season before us and hope to have you all along for the ride. To get us stoked for the 24 Hour race check out last years video created… Read more »

Mandatory Rider & Parent Mtg!!

Next Thursday, January 27th, at 6:15pm we will have a MANDATORY rider & parent/guardian meeting at the clubhouse following practice. We have an awesome list of events coming up this spring that we need to review, plan for and get excited about. We will also have LOTS of paperwork that will need filled out (bring… Read more »

Jan. 22nd Weekend

Saturday–  Old Man ride 7:15am start. So we must be ready to rock and roll at 7:15am. Come a bit earlier if you want sugar water and GU’s. So I will see you all early. You know if you should come. Sunday– Mountain biking. Fantasy Island it is. For sure. If we can pull out… Read more »