Important Updates – this week

Thursday: No Mr. Bahati, but we will meet at the clubhouse and go get El Tour packets as originally planned.

We are waiting to hear back if Mr. Bahati will be available to meet with us on Friday, before dinner. His plans changed and he will not be in town yet on Thursday. If all goes well, we will meet with him on Friday at 4pm  at the clubhouse and then need some help with parents to shuttle us all to the dinner at Stone Curves at 5pm. We will let you know more when we know more. Sorry.

Friday Dinner: El Grupo will take care of grilled chicken and pesto pasta as the main dish for all. We do need folks to contribute with other food, though. Please comment with what you will be bringing. We are anticipating that there will be somewhere around 60 people at our dinner! Please consider bringing some food to share and/or contributing $5-10 to help cover costs.

Specifically, we could use 4-5 salads or veggie dishes; 3-4 healthy appetizers; lots of garlic bread, and some desserts. Cathy Franklin will be bringing lemonade. Please let me know what you will be bringing so we can count on you. Thanks!

Each team will meet after dinner to discuss specific plans for the morning and we will call  it an early night because Saturday is a big day for us all!

Week of November 15th

Tuesday— We will be going to Bens Bells today to complete our work trade. Civilian clothes and smiles.

Wednesday— Long, recovery pace ride. Bring lights and vests for the cold. All are expected to come prepared.

Thursday– Packet pick up and special guest speaker. I will try and post a video of whom it is. Please all watch and do some home work on the man. This is a big deal and I want you all to be knowledgeable about him, so as to create -a dynamic discussion.

Friday- Team dinner! As mandatory as I can make it.  5pm meet at Stone Curves. 6pm food hits the table.

Saturday– El Tour

109 milers– Start line at 5am

67 milers– Start line at 9am

40 milers– Start line 11:30am

We’ll figure out car pooling at dinner.



Swap Meet and CTS

Bicycle Swap Meet Saturday November, 13th This is a very fun event that is often one of the biggest fundraisers for the team. Annually we have a few bikes to sell, some t-shirts, jerseys, and BAKED GOODS. The event starts at 8am officially, however I will be out at 5am to set up. I will… Read more »

Thank You

Most important— THANK YOU— to all the riders that came to the PBAA today and worked hard and diligently to get their work trade done. Also to Cathy and Cherish for coming, helping, singing, and getting breakfast for us. And a HUGE THANK YOU to NIPPY. Man you are so awesome to this team. Always… Read more »

El Tour Work Trade

November 11th Thursday we all have a chance to finish our El Tour work trade. Years ago we set up a program so that El Grupo riders could work their way into the event. This is still true today, but we all need to do 10 hours before the event to get in. So this… Read more »

A GPS map of the A team’s ride yesterday

Mike McKisson of Tucson velo was kind enough to send me a map of the A teams ride yesterday that he made using his fancy bike computer. I want to reiterate what Nacho said, everyone’s effort level and attitude was awesome yesterday! I am so impressed by everyone riding on El Grupo and I want… Read more »

Silverbell recap

Most important is to say Thank you to everybody for coming out. We had perfect attendance by riders and coaches, wonderful weather, and from what I have heard great riding. I had a great time with my team and the times I got to see the B team they looked happy and in good form…. Read more »

Silverbell Century Final Post

Some will and can ride up there if they like. Richard and Carrie will be leading the ride to the start leaving the clubhouse at 6am. I will be at the clubhouse at 6am ready to take any one that needs a ride. C team riders should get a ride with me, B team riders… Read more »