The Universe was right

I am so proud of our whole team. For everything. I could not be a prouder coach. Thank you so much all parents, riders, and supports. I am a very fortunate man.

I wish I could take you all up the mountain tomorrow but again we must listen to the “universe”.

No ride tomorrow.  Enjoy your Sunday and let’s be ready to continue to work hard at practice next week.

UofA Crit – Here we come!

If you don’t know already, the “universe” decided it was not the right time for El Grupo to travel to Mexico.  A number of factors were involved in us being home for the rest of the weekend, one of the major ones being that what the immigration information on the worldwideweb says and what Mexican officials say are two different things. We made the best of a frustrating experience, getting a chance to eat real Mexican tacos and to ride the Tumacacori race course (coming up next weekend!).

And what we have gained: an AWESOME opportunity for EVERYONE to race in the U of A Crit THIS SATURDAY! This is a perfect race for those who have never tried a race, or even seen one, because it is right in our backyard and all about cheering each other on to do our personal best. We have already signed up the majority of you, and if you are not signed up yet, we can still do that tomorrow morning before the race.

Here are the details: Meet at the clubhouse at 8am sharp (leave at 8:15am) tomorrow, Saturday, February 26th. We will ride over to the race course, just north of the U of A mall at Cherry & 1st (roughly). Juniors aged 10-14 race at 9:20am for 20 minutes; juniors 15-18 race at 9:50am for 20 minutes. Men Cat 3/4 (in which Richard, Alex, Nathan, Logan and Donovan will all race) race at 12:10pm for 35 minutes.

This is as SPECTATOR FRIENDLY as it gets as you will get to see all riders lap around the figure 8 road course numerous times, all while cheering them on with others.

All are welcome to come back to our house for food and rest in between the juniors and Cat 3/4 race, and to enjoy each others’ company.

Here is the race website for more info.


If we learned anything from yesterday’s experience it is that we are above all else WE ARE A TEAM: we make sacrifices for one another and we stick together when the going gets tough. We are looking forward to seeing you all ride and have fun tomorrow.

Epic Rides Kona 24-Hour Race Photo Album is Now Posted!

A complete photo album is posted on my web site HERE. The album has many captions that tell the story of your weekend. If there are any corrections, please let me know. Later tonight, I will post a separate reduced album on Facebook so you can tag yourself. Congratulations to each and every one of… Read more »

Mexico trip – Thursday!

As if we hadn’t done enough already in February…We will be leaving this coming Thursday, Feb 24th for our annual trip to the Olympic Training Center in Hermosillo, Mexico. Below you will find when we meet, what to bring, and some answers for those questions that parents most likely have. Let’s start with that. You… Read more »


Ignacio always gives the play-by-play, but it is my turn. Why? Because for the first time I got to experience for myself what I have been “making” youth riders do for years. I rode in the 24 hours in Old Pueblo mountain bike event this past weekend as part of one of the four 5-person… Read more »

Directions to 24 hour event

Please visit the event website: for complete directions. Basically, you are taking Oracle Rd north almost to the town of Oracle. You are turning left onto Willow Springs road just before you get to Oracle. This is a DIRT ROAD which was in good condition the last time we drove, and should be unless… Read more »

Wood & Water for 24hrs & more

We are in countdown mode for the big 24 Hour Event this coming weekend. The one question that you may have can be answered here, so please read below. Also, we NEED you to comment if you still need something (sleeping bag, tent, etc). We have food under control, for the most part. If you… Read more »

Valley of The Sun Images Are Now Up

To see the images on Facebook and to tag yourself, click HERE. To see the images on Esens Photography, click HERE. On the Esens site, many of the images have captions that tell you a little bit more about story “behind” the image. You can also order prints there.

Nationals, we will be ready

What an unbelievable weekend. I am immensely proud of the team and their accomplishments.  This was the biggest, baddest, fastest race that El Grupo has ever participated in and we are leaving with our heads high knowing that we can hang with the best of the best. We raced against National Champions, Cat2’s, and state… Read more »