Last year's TBC Circuit Race!

You are ALL ROCK STARS! Everyone involved with the Tucson Bicycle Classic – race organizers, volunteers, participants, and of course El Grupo parents, friends, siblings and RIDERS! Thanks for a super fun weekend. You would get a recap tonight if Ignacio hadn’t fallen asleep before 8:30pm. I hope the rest of you are all resting up as well! Look for a fun recap tomorrow night, and know that we couldn’t be more PROUD of each and every one of you!

Sunday at the Races

Lizzy and Lauren— Meeting me at the clubhouse at 6am. Race time: 6:47am. All other Junior riders– Meet to leave the clubhouse at 7:30am. Race times: Jr 17-18 8:46 Jr 15-16 8:49 Jr 13-14 8:50 Great Job to all today. I will do a great recap post tomorrow. Riders bring a change of clothes, hat,… Read more »

TBC News & Notes

Great job and Congratulations to everyone. I was very happy to hear everyone say that they left 100% out on the course. None of us than should worry about our time. Just feel good about giving it a 100%. My favorite comment I heard from a rider was, ” I don’t care what my time… Read more »

TBC Info

Here we go. The biggest local race of the year. The most important in town bike race we have. I am very excited about our team’s chances this year to show up in a big way at the end of the race. I think we have a chance to put a rider on the podium… Read more »

Portland, OR – Arcata, CA

Blog time! Alright, it’s been a while but I finally have internet and a good chunk of time to get this post out. I guess I’ll start where I left off on the last post and just bring on back to where I am now. Portland, Day -1 So this was my last full day… Read more »

Most Important of All

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with Skywalker, Emily, Keenan, Duncan and Jade. They helped me out at the El Rio Health Fair. They were incredibly great ambassadors for riding, El Grupo, and Youth in general. I want to thank you all for your hard work. This sort of out reach is as… Read more »

Great Start

What a great start to the weekend. I was lucky enough to ride the big boy shoot out today with Donovan, Nathan, Logan, Richard, and Alex. It was huge 200 deep. People from all over the country. All brushing off the rust from the winter and getting into racing shape. It was crazy pro’s, cat… Read more »