Lizzy, Donovan, Nathan & Logan at the first day of the Development Camp

Kathleen drove Logan and Donovan to Flagstaff for the Southwest Regional Junior Development Camp where we met up with Lizzy and Nathan. This album captures the first couple hours of from getting settled in their assigned rooms, to preparing their bikes and taking off on the first group ride. I asked Logan today when we talked on the phone to rank the camp so far on a scale of 1 to 10. Without hesitation he said “10.” I hope our El Grupo 4 and all of the attendees have a great week with the other riders and the incredible opportunity to be coached by Junior national coach, Barney King and his staff.
To view the album, click HERE!

Training Calender up

First a great big thanks to all who helped with the summer bike camps. It was a huge success and we have all of you to thank for helping us pull it off. THANK YOU!!!

I will talk more about the details of the week to come at practice on Sunday. The A team is going to be out of town this week  in Flagstaff at the USA Cycling Regional development camp so B team and the rest this is certainly a time for you to step up and enjoy your new leadership roles.

Aquathlon pics

To see some images from the event, click HERE. Great job everybody! That was fun to watch!

Aquathon & more

Thanks to all those who helped out with Summer Bike Camp today. The first day was a success and much of that is thanks to your help and enthusiasm. And sorry for the confusion on bike skills and ultimate Frisbee practice – that will be TUESDAY. Here is a reminder about afternoon practice/cross training: Tuesday:… Read more »

Bike Camp

Meet at BICAS at 8am sharp. Bring a snack or two and be ready to have fun and teach the next generation. Remember we then are going to have a plain clothes skills practice in the afternoon at 4:30pm.

Coming weekend and Next Week

Friday– Off Saturday– Old Man Shoot Out 5:45am start try if you like. Sunday– New Rider and C ride 6:30am start. Monday–Friday Summer Bike Camps. 8-1pm .  For those that did the safety course the other day you are all welcome to come and work the camp and get paid. On Tuesday after camp though… Read more »