Toys for Tots – Saturday

We will be teaming up with GABA for their annual “Toys for Tots” ride to the Reid Park Zoo this Saturday, December 4th. El Grupo will be providing bike valet parking for all those who ride to the zoo with a toy to donate so that they too can enjoy the zoo.

Please meet at the clubhouse at 8am to ride to the zoo. We will be managing the bike parking, but also give everyone a chance to go inside the zoo to play, too. After 11am, folks can leave when they need to, but we will need help until all the bikes are gone and then the rest of us can ride back to the clubhouse together.

Since we will all be meeting at the clubhouse and riding to the zoo to set up the bike valet, I figure why not bring along a new toy, unwrapped, if you can.

This is one of the great opportunities we have to give back to the community that supports us so much so I hope and expect that you can participate and have some fun doing it too. We will have some snacks to keep us occupied, and feel free to bring more. Also, please be sure to dress warmly – it is a short ride to the zoo so no need for cycling clothes. Please wear warm street clothes.

El Tour Video now up

Eric and Amy of Heithaus Productions created a video of the El Tour that has some El Grupo footage and lots of El Grupo photos.

Thank you, Heithaus Productions!

THIS SUNDAY: O2 Intro & Bike Fit

We are headed back to our friends at O2 Modern Fitness, but this time we are not in the studio, but on the bikes! That’s right. We are going to get an introduction to spin (some us us, uhum Jade) have tons of experience with this, but for most of us this will be a first.

We will be meeting at the clubhouse at 1:30pm on Sunday and riding to O2 for a special intro to spinning and bike fit session with Susan Frank and Kurt Rosenquist from Fitworks. We will be doing this on our own bicycles in trainers and then going on a short ride from there. There are two purposes to our visit/practice with them:

1. To become familiar with a spin class, setting up our bikes in trainers, and learning to work with intervals, etc. There are a few more weeks of these to come, so this is the beginning.

2. To learn more about proper bike fit/positioning. Kurt is a professional who will talk with us about what it should feel like to ride a bike (aka not hurt!) and we will go on a short ride from there to learn more about our positioning on our own bikes.

Parents are welcome to join us, if they so choose. This visit will be a freebie for you as parents, since you will be watching more than anything, and then we hope that you join us in our spin classes the following weekends and help out our sponsor O2 by paying the class fee.

So yes, we have been developing a great relationship with O2 Modern Fitness so that they are on board (and our jerseys to come) for 2011!

We should be done and back to the clubhouse around 4pm.

Learn more about O2 here.

El Tour 2010 recap

El Tour is always an emotional event for all involved. Coaches, parents, supporters, and the riders, of course. It is our home town event. The one all our classmates, friends, and family members know about. It is a culture institution in town that everyone knows about and gets excited about. No matter how you shake… Read more »

El Tour pics!

El Grupo Facebook Link: HERE Esens Photography Link: HERE Congratulations, El Grupo! So very proud of each one of you!

A Present For Your Rest Day

I hope you enjoy this video as you’re relaxing with your legs up and drinking a glass of water. 🙂 Its one of my favorite bike themed music videos. Everything is more fun when done in sync! The band is called Bat For Lashes, their website is here. I am very proud of each and… Read more »

El Tour Recap

On it’s way. Most important though is the huge thanks to everyone that made it such a special day. Kathleen thanks for the great sag stop. Cathy thanks for getting the bikes out there in the morning. Thanks to all the parents that rode with their kids, making a memorable experience for all. To all… Read more »

I want a trials bike!

Off topic but Hunter told me to watch this and fortunately I found it on Mike’s site I wish I could do stuff that is 1/50 as cool as this! Side note: KEEP DRINKING A LOT OF WATER!!!