Mandatory Rider & Parent Mtg!!

Next Thursday, January 27th, at 6:15pm we will have a MANDATORY rider & parent/guardian meeting at the clubhouse following practice.

We have an awesome list of events coming up this spring that we need to review, plan for and get excited about. We will also have LOTS of paperwork that will need filled out (bring a pen!) so that we can get our 2011 season rolling. This is why it will be very important for all riders AND parents to be present, if possible, to get this all accomplished at once.

El Grupo continues to grow each day, and get more exciting. We are re-instating these regular, monthly team meetings so we can communicate clearly and move forward together. We EXPECT and look forward to your attendance.

Please call Daniela with questions 777-8629. Thanks!

Jan. 22nd Weekend

Saturday–  Old Man ride 7:15am start. So we must be ready to rock and roll at 7:15am. Come a bit earlier if you want sugar water and GU’s. So I will see you all early. You know if you should come.

Sunday– Mountain biking. Fantasy Island it is. For sure. If we can pull out of the clubhouse at 8am that would be great. Fantasy is a great place close to home that feels most like the 24 hour course. We can get really cruisin’ out there.

Below is aclip from a movie that I am a big fan of. I was going to write something witty and smart about the clip but come up with your own idea.

Practice On Monday

Hey all we have road bike practice tomorrow at 8am! We expect you all to be there and be ready to ride by 8am. I am still sick so sadly I won’t make it but I hope you all ride safe and have a ton of fun.


New York News

Well if you want to know, please check out My favorite local Tucson cycling news vebsite/ blog. Ashley and Donovan have posted stories about their first two days in the city along with some pictures. Also I want you all to know about this web site because it is a very important informational tool… Read more »

MLK Weekend

Friday– Donovan, Ashley and myself are leaving to New York City. We have been sent by BICAS to present at the Youth Bike Summit taking place in Brooklyn. We will be presenting on how Donovan and Ashley came to be youth bike advocates here in our dear city. We will be posting everyday to tell… Read more »

Report Cards and Passports

The Hermosillo trip is quickly approaching and I would like for all of you to have the option to come. This trip happens over Rodeo break. This year it is the 24th-27th of February. We go down to Hermosillo and stay at the Olympic training center. We stay at the center, sleep their in the… Read more »

Great Weekend

Thanks team for a great weekend. If my wife, best friend, and son are not going to be in town then this is a great way to spend it. On my bike with my friends. Recap: Saturday Morning Shoot Out D-Son and Lizzy made it to the bridge for the first  time ever. They made… Read more »

Great Press!!

Tailwinds the newspaper publication put out by the PBAA, the EL Tour folks,  most recent issue has come out with a full page story on us. It reads great and you all send it everyone you know. This is well earned. Also check out the great pictures by Kathleen. Oh and Thank you to Lisa… Read more »

Sunday Play Time

This Sunday we are going up to the 24 hour course for the first time this season. Some of you are of course very familiar with the course while others of you have never been out there. I have confidence that everyone on this team can go out there on Sunday and ride a lap… Read more »

Happy B’Day

Happy Birthday Lizzy!!! You are growing up into quite a fine young lady and I feel very fortunate to have you as part of this team. You have set some ambitious goals for this year and I am thrilled at the chance to try and help you reach them. Your birthday was yesterday, I posted… Read more »