Great Start

What a great start to the weekend.

I was lucky enough to ride the big boy shoot out today with Donovan, Nathan, Logan, Richard, and Alex. It was huge 200 deep. People from all over the country. All brushing off the rust from the winter and getting into racing shape. It was crazy pro’s, cat 1’s and 2’s all over and amazing women. We all rode spectacular Nathan and Logan even riding the whole way with the main group. Alex and I found the 2nd group and Donovan not far back at all with Richard. Of course this was not enough for us though. We have Gila on our mind and so we did an extra loop with some dirt road riding in Green Valley. The total  86 miles. Average speed 20.7 miles an hour. Crazy good fast ride. Thanks Boys.

Note: Logan has figured it out, and this is the warning to the world. SUGAR!!!!!

Also a huge shout out to Daniel-Son and Lizzy. They rode the ride mostly by themselves working together the whole time. Daniel- Son made it to the bridge and Lizzy just about. She mentioned this was one of the first times that she on her own was really able to give it a real go without a coach around. A big step.

Then to finish it off Daniela was able to attend the O2 spin class with a big crew. Tyler, Mark, Jim, Emily, Allen, and Sam. She came back spent and said the kids worked hard.

A great start.

When I was faster than Logan

TBC Circuit Race

This Weekend


For all those not riding the Shootout: We will all go the Spin Class @ O2 Modern Fitness downtown at 4pm. This is mandatory practice, but you also must bring $5 for the class. You are expected to be here, so if you have questions, please comment or better yet call Daniela 304-9682

Shootout folks: you know who you are. “Old Man” starts at 6:45am, “Big Boy” starts at 7am. Bring enough food! These will be long rides with high intensity, so plan accordingly, but breakfast back at our house awaits you later.


Sunday: Leaving clubhouse at 7am for ride for those who did the Shootout. We will be riding Picture Rocks over to McCain’s loop for TT practice. Richard, Ignacio and Daniela (on tandem) will lead out this group.

For those who went to Spin class, leaving clubhouse at 7:30am. We will be riding the same as last Sunday, up and over Gates Pass out to McCain’s loop for TT practice. Hoping that Nippy, Colin, and/or Christian will be able to lead out this group. Please let us know.


We should all meet up out there at some point. Should be a good time and some great practice for TBC!

TBC Volunteer Support

Our hometown big-deal 3 day stage race, the Tucson Bicycle Classic (TBC) is coming up the weekend of March 18-20th. Last year the TBC gave back to El Grupo proceeds from the race, totally a very generous sum. They are hoping to do the same this year.

In return, they have asked that we help volunteer for things that need to happen to make the event possible. For example, they would like help with set-up and break-down on both Saturday and Sunday stages. They need help with “wheel support” for all junior divisions on Saturday (Wave 1) and Sunday (Wave 2).  I have Mark Franklin and Jim Stites in mind for doing this, but others can volunteer (and they are not stuck, either). You get to ride behind the juniors with wheels to provide neutral support to any junior that might get a flat or have mechanical issues. You need some mechanical know-how, but not much. Finally, they need help with “corner marshalls” during the Saturday race, which would mean standing at locations along the route that have driveways or corners to ensure everyone’s safety.

Please see the TBC website for more info here. And please comment to what extent you might be available to volunteer. This is not open to riders, as you will all be racing, but rather for parents, guardians, friends of El Grupo, etc.

Tumacacori Race Success

I call this the hardest one day race in Arizona. It is a 6 mile loop that has you climbing a climb similar to the back side of Gates Pass. The cat 4’s Alex, Nathan, Logan and Donovan each had to do this 7 times. Lizzy 5 times, D-Son and Newgan 3, Sam and David… Read more »

Sunday Ride 8am

For all El Grupo members that aren’t racing this sunday we will have road bike practice at 8am! We will go on a longer group ride so come prepared.

RoadID’s available at discount!

For those of you who want one (and this really should be all of you), we have been granted a 20% discount on getting a RoadID bracelet for your personal use. This is a personalized identification bracelet with 7 lines of pertinent info: who you are, emergency contact info, any allergies, etc. Donovan, Lizzy, Tyler… Read more »

Days 1-7 Portland, Oregon

Well, touring is quite the easy life… especially when you’re going anywhere but I’m heading out the door as soon as I finish this post.  I just wanted to update you guys on how I’ve been for the week up here in Portland. My dad and I flew in about 2:00 pm on Thursday after… Read more »

Pics from Wed Night Crit

I posted a small sampling of images from Wednesday night’s crit on the El Grupo Facebook page. Nathan came in 2nd in his age category; Logan was the only one racing in his age category so he won(!) and Donovan unfortunately had a minor crash that took him out of the Junior crit. Logan and… Read more »

Coach’s Desicion

This week: Wednesday: The B and C teams will be staying in town and doing the point race. By doing this we get an hour and half of hard, lactate threshold, training in. While still getting home at a normal time. The A team, Logan, Donovan and Nathan will be the only ones going to… Read more »