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It’s Alive

Yes that’s right this new blog is alive, up, and running, and ready for you to read and follow.

We are in a super busy time of year right now with El Tour only 16 days away. So we have a few things to do to get ready. Listed in order:

Sunday Nov. 7th- GABA Silver Bell Centruy

We have been invited to attend and ride this El Tour tune- up event for the second year in a row. We are offered such a treat because of the work that we do for GABA and the fact that they like and support us. More info about the event can be found at their web site www.bikegaba.org. It starts at 7am at the intersection of Craycroft and River. The different teams will be doing different  distances. You will all be properly informed. Some of you can easily get to the start at 6:45 am, others of you might want to ride bikes with me to the start. I will post more info about the particulars tomorrow. However meeting time is 6:45am. Tricky part is the ride ends there and I do not know when each group will finish, or how to get all home.

Thurs. Nov. 11th El Tour Work Trade

This will be happening at the PBAA office at Broadway and Tucson BLVD. This is the organization that puts on the event. We have been working with them the past couple of years doing work trade so that we can “pay” for our entry. Many of you did 3 hours at the Running event in Sept. now we have to do the rest of our needed 10 hours. So the folks at the office have set up 7 hours worth of work for us on this Thursday the 11th. El Grupo will be providing food and snacks and I will be bringing music.

Sat. Nov. 13th GABA Bike  Swap meet

If you have never been then you need to because 4th Ave. closes down and the street fills with bike dorks and parts galore. This is a huge opportunity every year for El Grupo to raise funds, sell bikes, sell baked good, we do bike valet parking and will need a lot of help, we buy parts for the team, and the kids buy stuff for themselves. Just a great bike geek day. We will need quite a bit of help.

Friday Nov. 19th Team Dinner

This is an absolutely mandatory event. Every year we have brought the team together for a huge team dinner the night before the big ride. I give out jerseys to new team members, eat a ton, and get pumped. This year like last we will be at Stone Curves and we will make sure to start early.

Please mark these events on your calenders. They are very important and the team will need all hands on deck for help. Thank you everyone for your support. I know this team takes a lot of time and commitment. I just hope that we all feel like the time we put in comes back with the same energy. Also before each event I will post more info about the particulars of each one.



2008 109 El Tour team

Hello world!

This is the start of our new blog/website . You can find all past information and posts on our old blog, including a recap and photos from the Headless Hunt Bicycle Scavenger Hunt last weekend. Plan on finding out all you need to know about El Grupo right here from now on!

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