Thursdays practice

This Thursday’s practice will no longer be a MTB ride, but a presentation by the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation. 
Here is a summary of the presentation from the SAAF website:

LGBTQ 101 Workshop

The LGBTQ 101 will provide introductory level information about identities and provide best practice and competency suggestions for those working in various settings. The presentation will identify the distinctions between sex, gender, and sexuality, recognize ways assumptions can be made based on gender expression, define the identities indicated by “LGBTQ+”, and describe practical cultural awareness tools for being inclusive and respectful.

This practice is optional as it is ultimately each family’s decision if their rider will participate, but I urge everyone to attend as it sets the tone for some of our core values and teaches language and concepts that we hold as standards in interacting with each other. As the organization grows I think it is vitally important that we educate ourselves on subjects that may pertain to yourself or the people you interact with on a daily basis.
Please let me know if you cannot attend.

Week of Feb 24

Hey y’all. Hope you had a good weekend. Ben and I are working through your feedback and cooking up some trips. We’ll have more info soon. As always, the doors are open to chat with us about the team, practice, dynamics, or just to tell us a good ol’ fart joke. We’re here for you all.

Practice resumes on our normal schedule this week.

It’s shoulder season, but keep bringing lights. You need em at practice, and definitely need em to ride home.

Tuesday, 4:30-6:30PM, no bikes practice. Probably capture the flag. No spandies. Bring shoes you’re comfortable running in.

Wednesday, 4:30-630PM, Crit practice. No 3:45PM ride

Thursday, MTB ride. Short, high intensity efforts. Possibly short tracks, possibly trail ride, definitely fun. There are also academic hours before practice on Thursday. See below the note from Kate.

Saturday: State Crit Championships, Musselman Honda Circuit. Ben will send an email tomorrow with details, please respond to that email by Wednesday 9PM if you’re IN or OUT!

Sunday: Meet 7:30, leave 8AM, MTB ride focused on flow and endurance

Note from Kate: 

“Cara O’Neil, El Grupo Alumni, is our new Academic Advisor and is establishing Academic Hours starting this Thursday, Feb 27th from 2:45 – 4:00 in the Academic Space in the small Clubhouse.   Cara is a junior at the University of Arizona in Computer Science and graduated top of her class from Tucson High with a 4.0  GPA.   Bring your homework challenges or study questions to discuss with Cara or just bring your books and utilize the hour before practice to get your homework done!  If you are at the clubhouse come on over.”


Practice Feb 19 (tomorrow)

Team, thanks for the meeting today. If ANYBODY has feedback they would like to share with Ben and me privately, anonymously, in a smaller group, etc, please either leave us a note in a cubby, or talk/email us. You are the team, and we want to hear from you.

Practice tomorrow is ON. Sorry for the confusion. It will be a skills ride on mountain bikes.

Ben: Weeks post 24HOP + VOS

This is Ben. Here is the schedule for the week Tuesday: team meeting- no parents no volunteer coaches. Just talking Wednesday: skills ride – MTB ride – 4:30-6:30 Thursday- Sunday: off. I have funeral this weekend and y’all need to recover.

24HOP Riders

Hey! The time has arrived. 24HOP is here. Leaving times are listed below: Friday AM: 2 vans leaving. 9:00am meet, 9:30am leaving. Friday After School: 1 van leaving. 4:00pm meet, 4:30pm leaving. you will not get a course preride in before the race. If you have any questions at all, comment below. I will get… Read more »

Week of Feb 10

Final week before 24HOP and VOS. This is the tune up week after the rest last week. All week you’ll be on the bike you’re riding this weekend (so MTB all week for 24 and Road all week for Valley). If you need to prioritize homework over practice in order to be at your event… Read more »


Hey y’all, low interest in the crit tomorrow, so we are not going. Not the end of the world if you did want to go b/c this gives you an opportunity to get some rest and chill before next weekend, which is not going to be chill. So, the plan for tomorrow. 24HOPpers- Meet 7:30AM,… Read more »

Week of Feb 3

Hey y’all! Here’s the post for this week’s practice schedule. This week is the 4th week of our 1st block of the year. Weeks 1&2 were VO2 intervals, week 3 was LT intervals, and week 4 is…. rest :). This week we will slow it down a little, focus on skills and recovery. Just because… Read more »

Time Change MTB Saturday!

Hey guys, Saturday (tomorrow) if you want to go to 24 hour town with Grupito, it is meet at 7AM, leave at 7:30AM. It’s an optional practice if you’re looking for more time shredding the course out there. That is all.