Durango Information


Here’s the logistical information for Durango.

Leaving Sunday, July 28th at 8:00am. Please show up AT LEAST 30 minutes prior so that we can pack bikes, gear, etc. 

Below is the packing list. As reminder from Coach Max: Pack using the packing list. Don’t fall in the trap of “I’m hot while I’m packing in Tucson, I don’t need a sweater in Durango”. You do need a sweater. If you are new and don’t have some of the things on the list, just let me know and I’ll you set up.

Please check your email and make sure to bring the signed waiver that Max emailed out. We need these to ensure your participation in Durango.

Returning Saturday, August 3rd. Late in the evening. We’ll know more the day of, as return time will depend on actual departure times and traffic.
Finally: A reminder. phones will be taken at the beginning of the van ride. They will also be taken at any time that a coach sees fit.

Riding Gear:

3-4 bibs or shorts

3-4 Jerseys (el Grupo preferred)

1 pair of gloves

1 pair of arm warmers

1 baselyer

1 vest

1 pair of sunglasses

3 water bottles

2 spare tubes

1 multitool

1 inflation device (if you have it)

Normal clothing:

6 socks

1 team t-shirt

3-4 other shirts (long or short sleeve)

2-4 pants/shorts/legs coverers

1 bathing suit

1 warm jacket

1 rain jacket

1 pair of regular shoes

1 pair of sandals

Hygiene items:


tooth brush





any other applicable items

Camping gear:

1 sleeping bag

1 sleeping pad

1 pillow? If you need it

1 deck of card

0 phones or electronic devices at coaches discretion

Temperatures for Durango: Lows in the low 50’s, Highs in the 80’s. We’re at a high elevation, so it’s easy to get sunburn and become dehydrated. Please come prepared.

This week – And Durango

Hey all!

Here’s the practice schedule for the next week:

Tuesday: Meet 6:00am – Leave 6:30am – Back by 9:30am – MTBS

Wednesday: Short track – Meet 5:30pm – Leave 6:00pm – Back by 8:00pm

Thursday through Saturday is off: We’re trying to get a bit of rest in before Durango. If you’ve been at practices a lot, this is good for you.

We leave on Sunday in the morning. I will send out an email and post a separate blog post with details/logistics about the trip as well as a packing list

If you have any questions for me, please post them below or email me!


We’ve had a couple of really fun rides this week. The weekend will hold a little more “work”, but it’ll still be fun.

Saturday: Road bikes.

Shootout- Meet 5:30, leave 5:45/6. If you do the big boy shootout, do the big boy shootout. If you comfortably make the old man, do the old man.

B Team Ride- Meet 6, leave 6:30. If you are a new rider, or a middle schooler, or have been dropped recently on the old man shootout, you will go on the B team ride. We can definitely use volunteer help on Saturday on the B ride and on the old man shootout.

Sunday: MTB. Meet 6, leave 6:30, back by 10:30. Bring lots of water.

Practice Week of July 15

T minus two weeks till Durango. 8 weeks till the first NICA race. 12 days left to submit a T shirt design to me. Practice this week is about continuing to build base fitness as well as finding finesse on the MTB. Monday- OFF Tuesday- MTB. Meet 6AM, leave 6:30AM, back by 9AM. Wednesday- Short… Read more »

Clarification about Saturday ride

Hey! So. I’ve heard from volunteer coaches and parents alike, that the old-man shootout is harder than normal. That’s unfortunate because Here’s your chance for a good ride tomorrow. Show up at 6:00am, leave at 6:30am for the B-ride. The more people that show up, the faster the ride will be. If you’ve been getting… Read more »

Week of July 8

Hey! Hope everyone has had a good couple weeks, post bike camp. If you’re back from vacation, we’re stoked to have you. We’re essentially 3 weeks out from the majority of the team going to Durango, which means one thing: Show up. It sucks to get up there out of shape. Time to show up… Read more »

T Shirt Design Competition

We need new team t shirts. Shirts that you all care about and are proud to wear. I’m talkin about t shirts that’ll dolce your gabana. Shirts that make your hair looks like it’s blowing in a cool ocean breeze when it’s a humid 104 in Tucson. Shirts that say “I walk between a mama… Read more »

Week of July 1

Hey all, First off, many apologies for the lack of communication this last week. Max and I were in rural Utah and thought we’d have reception, but had none. Serious thanks to Morgan for helping organize practices while we were gone. Hopefully everyone had a relaxing last week post bike camp. This month we are… Read more »

Wednesday & Saturday ride info

Hey all! My apologies for getting this post out this close to the ride day. Ben and Max are on a much-deserved vacation, and I don’t work on this Blog sight often. We are on for the Wednesday short track races tomorrow. We will meet at 5:30 PM at the clubhouse and depart at 6:00… Read more »

Sunday, June 23

THE MTB RIDE IS ON FOR SUNDAY. Thanks to parents and volunteers for helping us out with this one. Starr Pass – Meeting 6:00am, leaving 6:30am – Back by 9:30am Morgan is the ride leader here. We will have Nick King, Sarah, Hannah, and Joel assisting with the ride as well! Coaches: go wherever in… Read more »