This Weekend

Hey All!

Apologies for the late post, I was in transit to Utah.

In regards to this weekends riding schedule:

Because Max and I are out of town for the next week, we’re gonna have a weird schedule. Please keep an eye on the blog to stay updated.

Saturday 06/22 – No Ride. If you frequent the shootout often, feel free to do it. I do not want any of the middle schoolers to do it though. Take the day off, recover from bike camp, etc…

Sunday 06/23 – There should be a MTB ride, but I would like to make sure we have enough volunteer coaches. I will post tomorrow whether it is happening or not. If it does: Starr Pass – Meeting 6:00am, leaving 6:30am – Back by 9:30am

Thanks for your patience and flexibility. We are working on being more organized in our ride schedules. Hopefully we reach that point soon.


June 17 – June 23


Bike camp is in it’s final week. Here is the practice schedule for the week:

Tuesday: Cross Training 6:00am-7:00am

Wednesday: Short track – 5:30pm meet – 6:00pm leave – 8:00pm return

Thursday: Cross Training 6:00am-7:00am

Friday: Cross Training 6:00am-7:00am

Weekend ride schedule will be up later this week. Likely a road ride Saturday and MTB on Sunday. Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 16

HEY! It’s been brought to my attention that tomorrow is Fathers day. If you want to spend time with your family, please do.

For this reason, I’m gonna just do a skills ride on MTB’s tomorrow.

 Meet: 6:00

Leave: 6:30

Back by: 8:30

See some of you in the AM.


June 11th – June 16th

Hey! Firstly: I’d like to welcome all the kids who are now joining us on El Grupo! For those on the team now, please take care to welcome them to the ‘family’ and get to know them. Secondly: El Grupo is one heck of a privilege. If you don’t want to be on this team,… Read more »

This Saturday Ride – Cancelled

Hey! Post first week of bike camp, we’re gonna cancel the organized rides on Saturday. Enjoy your Saturday and go on a ride with your friends or family.  If you would like to do the shootout on Saturday (and normally do), feel free, but there will be no organized coaches out, so we don’t encourage… Read more »

Monday June 3 – Sunday June 9

Hey! TO CLARIFY: LEMMON RIDE (JUNE 2) TOMORROW MEETS AT 6:00AM, LEAVES AT 6:30 We’re stoked to get Bike Camp going this week! Thanks to all who are helping out. If you weren’t at the clubhouse cleanup/expectations meeting, expect an email with the details of the job. Please read it! For the weekdays in June,… Read more »

Summer Bike Camp Weeks

Hey all, Based on your responses for working Summer Bike Camp, here is what I have each rider working which camps this summer: Week 1: Ben. Brayden Caden, Daniel, Elliot, Estevan, Izaac, Izzie, Jack, Jesus, Kaileen, Leo, Maddy Mitchell, Max, Myles, Reece, Sam Week 2: Axel, Brayden, Caden, Elliot, Estevan, Eve, Jesus, Kaileen, Leo, Maddy… Read more »

This Week Practice

Hey All! Below is the schedule for practice this week. From Thursday through Sunday, Max and I are running team tryouts for El Grupo. Because of this, and it being the weekend before summer bike camp starts, we have no ride on Saturday. PLEASE come to the clubhouse house cleanup and expectation meeting at 10:30am… Read more »

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th

Hey! Congrats to those who have finished school. I hope to see you out this weekend, as this cool weather won’t last forever!   Here are the plans for the weekend. Saturday: Road Ride Meet 6:00am – Leave 6:30am Back at 9:00am Sunday: Mt Lemmon Meet 6:00am – Leave 6:30am Back at 9:00am latest.  

Practice Resumes!

Hope you all enjoyed your 2 weeks off. Practice starts again this week! I understand some of you may have finals this week- if so, those take precedent over riding bikes. It’s ok. This week we’re going to focus on learning really good form for our cross training exercises, as well as forming better habits… Read more »