Week of Jan 27

Team, hope y’all are stoked on the new kits! Those suckers are earned, and you all have certainly put in the work. Wear them with pride. #checkmate

This week is the 3rd week of our training block. It’s the last week of our training block. It’s the hardest week of our training block. This week’s practices are the time to go all in on your efforts. Prepare yourself by sleeping, eating, recovering. Commit to the efforts and embrace the suffering. You will come out stronger than ever.

Handlebar Bags: If you’ve taken the bike mechanics class, you are now eligible for a handlebar bag. They are unfortunately not free, but discounted to $10/each. Limit 1 per rider. If you would rather just (or in addition) get a patch for your current handlebar bag, just let me know. I have extras.

24HOP Volunteer Sign ups: Remind your parents to sign up for a volunteer spot at the 24 hour race! Or sign up to bring something we need!

4:25PM: I want to be SITTING ON COUCHES at 4:25 – Izaac, Quinn, Axel… I’m talkin to you

Tuesday: Road bikes. LT efforts. 4:30 – 6:30. Volunteer Coaches- extra help would be hugely appreciated for this practice. Even just 1 more person makes a world of difference.

Wednesday: Road bikes. LT efforts. 4:30PM only. Done by 6:30

Thursday: MTB for 24HOP Racers, Road for Valley racers. Endurance ride. 4:30-6:30

Weekend: We have the Oracle Road Race on Saturday and the University of Arizona Criterium on Sunday. There will not be an organized practice either of those two days. If you want to race, please reply to Ben’s email by Wednesday 8PM. Sunday’s crits will be super fun to watch, racing around the UofA mall. More info to come on logistics for these races.


This week

Hey all,

Sorry for the late post. Never our intention to get this out late, but sometimes stuff just falls off the plate. Anywho.

Tuesday: road bikes for everyone

Wednesday: road bikes for everyone

Thursday: road bikes for VOS kids, MTB for everyone else

This weekend is another crazy one. First off, I’d like everyone to know that the team presentation on Sunday is absolutely mandatory! 1:00pm-2:30pm. It’s the only event of the year where we get to appreciate the people who give el Grupo boatloads of money and keep us running. Please be in attendance.

Saturday: If you do not see your name on the lists below for the MBAA race or the RAT Time Trial in San Manuel, please respond and tell me what you want to do before Wednesday at 8:00pm. 

– Meet at 4:15am, leave at 4:30am. Back by ~4:00pm
– Bring lunch, bring snacks, etc… We’ll have pb&j’s + ride fuel
– This is who I have as going so far: Sivvy, Sawyer, Maddy, Zeke, Leo Ramos, Caden, Reece, Emilia, etc
RAT Time Trial –
– Meet at 8:00am, leave at 8:30am, van riders back by ~2:00pm

– Valley kids ride back to Tucson from San Manuel. Everyone else gets in the van.

– Bring lunch, snack, etc. We will have race food.
– This is who I have as going so far: Myles, Izaac, Sam, Estevan, Leo Solis, Elliot, Jorah, Axle, Oliver, Quinn, Thorsten, Kaiden, 

Sunday: Meet 7:30am, leave 8:00am, Back by 11:00am.

Road ride for VOS kids.

MTB Endurance ride for everyone else.

Supporter Appreciation: 1:00pm-2:30pm. Mandatory. 

Thursday Cancelled. Weekend Details

Coupla things here folks.

Thursday practice is CANCELLED for everybody EXCEPT for the Valley racers. It was going to be an MTB endurance ride for 24Hour racers, but there’s a high likelihood of rain this afternoon. So no mountain biking. VOS racers still have practice, we’ll be spending some time on the rollers. If you’re a 24 racer and your bike needs some work (road or mtb) or you wanna patch some tubes or something, the clubhouse will be open during it’s regular hours.


There are a lot of rumors and guesses and theories floating around the team right now about training and the best way to train, etc. I love a lively discussion as much the next guy, but when it comes to training… trust me and Ben. We come up with the training plan so that you DON’T have to speculate about what to do. The training plan is designed with a rider who comes all 5 practices/week in mind. We only expect you to be at 3 as a younger rider on the team, but know that those 5 practices are what we design the week around. Skipping practices for rest is just skipping quality training time. You’re not outsmarting the training plan, you’re just doing detriment to yourself. There are exceptions to this, but those exceptions come with a conversation with Ben and me about chronic fatigue or burnout or sickness.

Highly related to that is this concept I’ve heard from a few riders about how riding back to back days is bad for you, or “tapering into the crit on Sunday” or whatever. One of the most impactful things you can do in your training is back to back days of training. It forces your body to adapt in the best ways and will make you stronger. Period. Full stop. Hands down. No joke. The race on Sunday is a TRAINING RACE. That means that we are NOT targeting it as a major goal. If you can’t be at practice on Saturday for family or school reasons, that’s fine, but I do not want to hear anybody talking about “tapering” or “resting”. Beyond that, even if we WERE preparing for a huge race on Sunday (for the sake of argument), there would STILL BE PRACTICE ON SATURDAY! Because your body performs better like that.

If you are EVER confused by the training plan, or hear conflicting information from different sources, come talk to me or Ben. We are more than happy to have a conversation about training, listen to your concerns, and explain our point of view. You might be surprised by what we say.


This weekend.


  1. 6:45  Meet, 7:15 Leave, Old Man Shootout. If you got dropped before the bridge last shootout, you’re back on the B ride. Otherwise, you’re on the old man. Back by 10:30AM
  2. 7Meet, 7:30 Leave, Big Boy Shootout. Sam, Izaac, Myles, Quinn, Sotelo. If you get dropped, you will ride alllllll the way around. After the shootout, we will do one A mountain effort for time. Back by 11AM
  3. Meet 7:30, Leave 8, B/C team ride. Back by 11AM


Crit Racers: Meet at 4AM, leave 4:30AM. Home around 7/7:30

We have racers in the first and last crits of the day. The first crit of the day is Juniors 9-12 and 13-14. That’s at 7:30AM. We need to be on site an hour early, at 6:30AM, and the drive is about 2 hours. So leaving the clubhouse at 4:30, meeting at 4. The last crit of the day is Men’s 3/4 which ends at 5PM. Two hour drive home, we should be back around 7/7:30.

Things to bring:

  • Positive, race ready attitude. No grumpies!
  • El Grupo Kit, helmet, shoes, road bike, gloves
  • Lunch and other snacks. We’ll have PB&J for you, but we’re gonna be gone for 15 hours sooo I’d bring other food
  • Homework. You will have plenty of downtime to work on your school stuff

Power Test Jan 14

Times for the test from Silverbell to the top of Trails End via Sweetwater, today. This distance was about 6 miles. I want to give a special kudos to both Thomas and Kaileen who I saw put in massive efforts today. I also heard from Ben that Leo Ramos rode quite hard. Nice work guys!… Read more »

Week of Jan 13

Winter block is over, spring racing and adventures are upon us. This week intervals begin. If you made it to practice for the power test today, excellent work! Your times are at the bottom of this post. If you did not make it, you still get to do one this week. Lucky you 🙂 Lights!… Read more »

This Weekend

Hey all, Here is the schedule for the weekend. Please pay attention to who is doing what on Saturday, as there are a lot of moving pieces. Saturday:  MBAA Racers –  Meet at 4:15am – Leave at 4:30am – Back by -4:00pm-5:00pm – Bring lunch, bring snacks, etc… We’ll have pb&j’s + ride fuel Everyone else:… Read more »

January Events

Hey all, Here are the upcoming races and events to keep your eye on in January. As a heads up, Max and I reserve the right to cancel our attendance at these events based on the number of people actually interested or for any other reason. We will be signing those interested up and asking for event fee… Read more »

January Updates

Hey all, It was a smashingly successful winter break. Thanks for all the attendance from riders and help from parents and volunteers coaches. It warms my heart seeing the commitment each and every one of you put into this team. Special shoutout to Izzie, Kaileen and Izaac for their attendance, y’all put the work in… Read more »

End of the Winter Break

Hey! Hope everyone had a great new year!! Here’s what’s on the lineup for the last weekend of the winter break: Thursday: Kitt Peak – Road ride Meet 8:00am – Leave 8:30am – Back by 2:00pm-3:00pm – Start at the clubhouse, ride to three points, ride to top of Kitt Peak, back to three points,… Read more »

Patagonia ride – Cancelled

Apologies for all the changes to the schedule lately! Looks like we have to change the ride tomorrow. As you may know, Max has been in Sonoita for the last week or so. He’s experienced some seriously wet weather and temps. So, because the road is going to be in such bad shape, we will… Read more »