Bike Club!!

Practices last week were some of the best attended yet!  It’s amazing the energy and support each member brings; especially to the numerous new recruits that have just started with us.  Here is our practice schedule for this week;


Bike Club coordinator Colter Thomas is thrilled to announce that the Manzo Bike Club is ready to roll into 2021. Participation interest is high with an initial sign up of 8 kids.   It’s with pride that Team El Grupo members play a vital role in this incredibly important program.  It’s our chance to give back to a community that does so much for us.   It’s part of our curriculum for each team member to volunteer a minimum of three times this semester.  We’d prefer for the more experienced team members to sign up for more recent slots, as to give our new team members time to gain experience.

So what does this entail?  You’ll be teaching bike skills to very young, impressionable and motivated kids.   By giving back and applying lessons you learned here with the team makes the journey of El Grupo come full circle.  It will stress the role of responsibility and help develop skills that come in handy later in life.

Bike Club practices are non-conflicting with Team El Grupo practices and are throughout the spring on Mondays and Fridays.  All Bike Club days are on mountain bike and regular comfy civilian clothes are appropriate.  Practices all start at Menlo Park (325 N Grande Ave.) and run from 4-6pm.  Please be 15 minutes early.

Any questions contact Colter at;

Here is the sign up Genius for Bike Club Volunteers.

MBAA races, FlapJacks, New Jersey (not the state) and no practice Jan 26

Firstly, looking at the forecast for tomorrow looks pretty certain for inclement weather so we won’t have practice for Tuesday Jan 26th.  We will resume on Wednesday with an endurance road ride.  Check the practice schedule linked at the bottom of this post.

Mountain bike racing resumed this past weekend up in Phoenix at the Estrella Park.  Good to see a couple new team members participate.  Ignacio will give a rundown on the results and more information on the upcoming race at White Tanks slated for February 6th.

Another event that will go ahead is the FlapJack time trial at Picacho Peak on Sunday, February 7th.   Both Sean and I will be attending resplendent in various eras of vintage time trial gear. You can find event flier information here;

Those competing at FlapJack will hustle back to the clubhouse as we will be unveiling our new Voler kit to the public on the 7th at 1pm.  We will need all team members to attend this very popular event.   Ignacio and Voler have come up with surely one of the best jersey designs I’ve seen for the organization and it will be with great pride to invite everyone to see first hand how we’ll look for 2021.  Don’t miss it!  More info to follow…

This week we will be welcoming 8 new team members to practice and we can’t wait to get started.  From tryouts last week, we will also have 4 heading to our other senior program BikePacking which will recommence on the 1st.   Welcome on board all new riders and families.

Lastly, it’s a great initiative from USACycling to encourage junior age riders with free license fees.  I’d encourage all families to sign their child up to get a racing license.  If you already have a license from last year and need your number to renew it, please feel free to email me for that number.  Simply click the link to join an ‘adult’ and once the junior age is submitted then the fee will disappear.  Here’s the link for USACycling;

Here’s the practice schedule for the next 2 weeks;




Thursday Jan 21 Practice cancelled

Due to rain, we will cancel tonight’s practice.  Good luck to all racing this weekend at the MBAA and hopefully see the rest of you Saturday for Cara’s Ride,  Allison leading the Old Man Shootout group and Gord for the Big Boy Shootout.


We had great participation in our latest Team and BikePacking tryouts this past weekend with 14 motivated athletes attending.  There’s always a wide range of experience and ability levels but with all coaches on deck, we managed things very well.  Friday night was our meet and greet along with PowerPoint overview of both programs. Many… Read more »

Upcoming Events

A New Year, A New Year!!! Of course the flipping of a calander page does not change the world we live in, but it is progress and movement towards better times. With that flipping of the page comes new opportunities and I want to take this time to look ahead at some of them. Calendar… Read more »

MBAA action!

Reports from the Phoenix MBAA this past weekend were very positive, with great, safe racing and encouraging signs that more races are scheduled to take place.  This comes as great news as another recent casualty of the covid crisis is the beloved 24 Hours of Old Pueblo.  Results include both Taryn and Damiano winning their… Read more »

Hindsight is 2020

Happy New Year everyone!  Like my household, most of you are back at school so this week’s practice schedule is lighter to allow all of you to get back in the swing of scholastic endeavours.  I’m hoping this new year will bring with it new challenges and we hope that you incorporate as much practice… Read more »


I apologize for this late notice.   I do not have access to my car tomorrow, so I am unable to get out there.   If you already planned on heading out there, I very much encourage you to do so. It is a great network of trails. They are fast and flowy and lack… Read more »

Holiday practices

I trust that everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  We will continue with morning programming this week and have some different options available so check with the signup Genius for the new schedule at the bottom of this post. Firstly, another reminder that the weather is wide varying in winter so being prepared with adequate… Read more »

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays. I hope this finds everyone enjoying time with their family while staying healthy and safe.   I want to thank everyone for my present of being able to do what I love with the group of young people that I admire so much. It has been a joy to be able to come… Read more »