NICA name plates deadline today!

I hope and trust everyone is enjoying getting back to school.  Afternoon practices have been well attended and we continue to encourage increased attendance and most importantly consistency as we look forward to NICA which is fast approaching 6 weeks away!

We’ve been seeing issues in dealing with the heat of the afternoon so please ensure you show up well hydrated.  I’m sure public water fountains at school may be capped off so plan ahead with personal water bottles throughout the day.

At the last coach’s meeting, coaches expressed frustration with the lack of preparation of some riders; specifically in regards to having spare tubes. So from now on, to exit the door to participate in a ride, we are asking that all riders present their spare tube before they are allowed to leave. Please be ready for this. You must show your spare tube, to leave the door.

Spare tubes can be bought at the clubhouse.

$3 for a road tube

$5 for a MTB tube.

Patching is FREE.

As stated above, we understand that school just started and many of you are still finding the rhythm of it all. We totally understand. That is why we are not going to do any intervals this week. We just want you all to be able to go on solid bike rides where you can just focus on being happy and out on the bike.

NICA is however, right around the corner.  We are up to 21 entrants in the NICA Pitzone registration page so if you haven’t done so, please complete it ASAP.  Personalized name plates can be had if you sign up by today.  Don’t miss out on all the fun, camaraderie and competition of NICA!

Here’s our practice schedule this week;




Back to school and afternoon practices start back this week.

This is the first week of school. For some of us we need the time to settle in and get back into rhythm while others can commence right away and get things going.  With that in mind, practice this week will be optional, however there still will be practices happening.

There will be two options on each day as to help all of you get what you need.

On Tuesday and Thursday in the afternoon we will have two separate groups on the mountain bike.  For folks who have not been around much lately we will have skills based rides; just to get back on the bike and moving.  Those that have been riding regularly will go on endurance rides.

Wednesday we will have road rides. These will also be group appropriate.  More chilled rides for those returning from a busy summer while the others will have a solid endurance ride.  It’s our intention to introduce some aerobic intervals next week.

After each practice, no matter which group you are in, there will be a cross training session to attend.


NICA is now 6 weeks away.

Let’s get everyone back together and excited to try and be their best.


Re-invites have been sent a few times to parents over the past month.  If you haven’t received this invite please let us know.  This is the critical week to make it happen. We will begin to kindly hunt you down if you have not signed up by Wednesday. Please consult with us to make this happen on time.

Here is the practice schedule for the coming weeks;




Cancelled viewing of Race

I am going to cancel the viewing of the race for today.


So many of you have been working hard and showing up in the heat and humid conditions and I wanted to honor the work with a fun viewing of the race.


However its still too hot.


I know many of you are tired so I really encourage you to enjoy the chill before the storm that is school.

Wednesday 28th of July

6:30 am we will depart from the clubhouse tomorrow.   Please be prepared for a three hour ride.   There will be no cross training afterwards.   Be prepared with enough food.   Also I will make everyone present a tube before they get to go on the ride. No more leaving without a tube…. Read more »

7 more weeks Until NICA #1

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July 24th Practice Cancelled

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Week of July 19th

8 Weeks till the first NICA race in Flagstaff.   I hope that is exciting news for everyone.   I know that Gord has sent you all emails in regards to signing up. Please follow the steps and get yourselves signed up in the Pit Zone web site.   As well please feel encouraged to… Read more »

Monsoon madness

It sure has been wonderful to see the desert get some much needed precipitation.  It has complicated some of last week’s practices but we’ve been able to co-exist with rain quite well. I’m excited to finally be able to attempt to cross the Canadian border on Monday.   It’s been too long since I’ve visited my… Read more »

Damiano National Champ!

Coach Ignacio led a strong 9 rider contingent to the mountain bike National Championships last week held in Winter Park, Colorado.  Highlights include Damiano winning the National Champion’s jersey in the cross country, Jorah with a 5th place in her xcountry event and Axel jumping over one hundred places from a back starting position in… Read more »

MTB Nats!

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