This Week

More info to come about the rest of the month, RIGHT AFTER THIS!

Tuesday: Road Ride

Wednesday: Road Ride – Weather is gonna be dicey, so we may not ride. But we will do something fun.

Thursday: Definitely gonna rain: Mechanics time and ART PROJECT led by ME!

Friday-Sunday: Parker Canyon Lake trip: Everyone should come! We’re mixing up the food this time!If you haven’t responded to the email, no worries. Come! Meeting 4:00PM, Leaving 4:30PM. Back by 3:00pm on Sunday

Below is the training plan for March!

2020 Training Plans – MARCH

This Weekend:

Road Bikes all weekend.


Meet 6:45, leave 7:15AM. Back by 11AM. Old Man Shootout- if you have done it before and made it at least to the bridge, and you are up for a challenge. I have a feeling it’s going to be a hard one.

Meet 7, leave 7:30AM, Back by 11AM. Big Boy Shootout. Izaac, Quinn, Sam maybe. It’s gonna be a really hard one. I can almost guarantee it. Be prepared for me to tell you that you are going on the B team ride if I deem you not ready for the old man Shootout in the morning.

Meet 7:30, leave 8AM, back by 11AM. B Team ride! If you’re remotely on the fence about the old man shootout, go on the B team ride. I know many of you have been off the bike for a little bit. This is a good time to get back on the bike and push yourself without shootout stress.

After the rides, there will be some clubhouse clean up action. Please stick around if you have time!


Meet 7AM, leave 7:30AM. We are riding Mt. Lemmon. Full team. We will turn around when we are 2 hours up the mountain. Plan on riding AT LEAST to Windy Point (milepost 14). If you want to ride to the top, that will be an option. Dress warmly for the descent. We should be back around Noon.


Week of March 1

Hey team, sorry for the late post here. Practice schedule first, note from Kate second, link to dope video 3rd. Practice Schedule:  Tomorrow (Tuesday): NO PRACTICE. Ben and I are engaged all day tomorrow. Thought we’d be out in time for practice, but we will not be. The clubhouse will be open, so I do… Read more »

Thursdays practice

This Thursday’s practice will no longer be a MTB ride, but a presentation by the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation.  Here is a summary of the presentation from the SAAF website: LGBTQ 101 Workshop The LGBTQ 101 will provide introductory level information about identities and provide best practice and competency suggestions for those working in various… Read more »

Week of Feb 24

Hey y’all. Hope you had a good weekend. Ben and I are working through your feedback and cooking up some trips. We’ll have more info soon. As always, the doors are open to chat with us about the team, practice, dynamics, or just to tell us a good ol’ fart joke. We’re here for you… Read more »

Practice Feb 19 (tomorrow)

Team, thanks for the meeting today. If ANYBODY has feedback they would like to share with Ben and me privately, anonymously, in a smaller group, etc, please either leave us a note in a cubby, or talk/email us. You are the team, and we want to hear from you. Practice tomorrow is ON. Sorry for… Read more »

Ben: Weeks post 24HOP + VOS

This is Ben. Here is the schedule for the week Tuesday: team meeting- no parents no volunteer coaches. Just talking Wednesday: skills ride – MTB ride – 4:30-6:30 Thursday- Sunday: off. I have funeral this weekend and y’all need to recover.

24HOP Riders

Hey! The time has arrived. 24HOP is here. Leaving times are listed below: Friday AM: 2 vans leaving. 9:00am meet, 9:30am leaving. Friday After School: 1 van leaving. 4:00pm meet, 4:30pm leaving. you will not get a course preride in before the race. If you have any questions at all, comment below. I will get… Read more »