Saturday Start times

7 am start for the Big Boy Shoot out.


6:45 for the Old Man


8 am start for those MTBing. We should be done by 10:30 – 11am.


Afterwards remember we are all going to spend half hour cleaning up for the FONDO.



Wednesday News

Practice tomorrow.


4:30 only start.


Same idea as we were to supposed to have on Tuesday.


Also and more important—– HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAYDEN

We are too fast to have to worry about one practice

I have to cancel practice today.


I waited as long as I could to see if things would clear up.


No chance.


However if you like, I need a ton of help to prepare for the swap meet and the FONDO. So if you want to come to the clubhouse and help organize and clean, then by all means stop by.


Wednesday we will have practice, MTB only and 3:45 and 4:30 options.

1 to Go and yet so much more to do

Thank you to all the volunteers, coaches and parents for your support and help this weekend. There is no way we as a team could not do it without all your beautiful help. This weekend was especially hard because we had to re create a kitchen area apart from camp. There was a lot of… Read more »

Weekend information

Good news. Richard has secured the use of a van with bike racks.   I very much appreciate all the parents that were willing to help and reached out. However because of this van we do not need any special help.   We will leave at 10 am and meet at 9:30 am.   Please… Read more »

McDowell and Race #4

We have 2 more races to go. This weekend we travel to North West Phoenix.   I do want to thank everyone for their flexibility this weekend. I very much appreciate your willingness to change your plans on Sunday.   This is going to be a classic prep week for the race. We in great… Read more »


Thank you to everyone for their patience. The weather has been amazing. Since we cannot battle mother nature or change her course we need to be nimble and just work around what she gives us.   There will be no ROC ride tomorrow. The road are going to be messy with debris and probably filled… Read more »

Sunday News and Notes

Crazy how the weather works. The kids who road the shoot out stayed dry for 2. 5 hours today. We did not get rained on until our return from Green Valley.   I apologize to the kids and families who did not get to ride today because of the weather for the mountain bike ride…. Read more »

Weekend Update

Beautiful rain, thank you for quenching the thirst of the desert. Now can you stop so we can ride bikes, and then start again as soon as we are done.   I will be posting tomorrow morning about what I think our plans should be. Yes I really want to ride, but weather dictates safety… Read more »


I apologize if this causes anyone heart ache. I am not trying to make things harder than they are.   4:30 start Per usual.   After hearing from volunteers and riders this is the best course of action to get the most people involved.   4:30 start.  BRING YOUR LIGHTS