Supporter Presentation Event

Folks, it’s crunch time. This is a homework assignment. Please have written answers to the following two questions when you arrive at the clubhouse on Saturday morning. At the event on Sunday afternoon, we will have sponsors reading your answers to these questions. Below are the two questions. Please answer each of them with a statement that will take 20-30 seconds to read.

Question 1: What does being on El Grupo mean to you? How is it significant?

Question 2 for everybody but seniors: Looking forward, what is a goal you wish to accomplish during your time on the team?

Question 2 for seniors: Looking back, what’s one of the best experiences you’ve had as a part of this program?

Things to keep in mind. One answer to each question will be read per group of riders. Rider groups are based mostly on your age. You can find your group below. As you answer these questions, think broadly about friendship, community, and life skills- NOT bike racing!


4th, 6th-7th Grade- Damiano, Axel, Daniel, Elliot, Maddie Mogan, Reece, Thomas

8th Grade- Jesus, Caden J., Estevan, Kaiden K., Leonardo, Thorsten, Camilla

Lads 1- Ben, Oliver, Zeke, Jack, Caleb, Nathaniel

Ladies 1- Brayden, Maddy Mitchell, Eve, Sarah

Lads 2- Izaac, Ethan S., Sam, Max, Myles, Quinn

Ladies 2- Kaileen, Izzie, Susie

Seniors- Dillon, Rogan, Ana, Madison, Ethan O., Mostyn

You may work together in your group. We will be meeting in your groups to review/refine your answers on Saturday before you leave the clubhouse, so don’t leave right away. We will also explain in greater detail to you how the event will unfold. If you come prepared with the questions already answered, this will go very quickly.

In the words of Ru Paul… Good luck. And don’t mess it up.

-From Max on Ben’s account.

Weekend info and update


Old Man Shoot out with Gates and A MTN— 7:15 am leaving the clubhouse

Big Kid Shoot out with Madera– 7:30 am leaving the clubhouse

B Team ride with A MTN– 8:30 am leaving the clubhouse


Estrella Mountain Bike Race MBAA#2

Middle school kids and a few others


Two vans this time with different leaving times. I need 6 kids to ride up with an early van. Please post.


First van leaving very prompt at 8:30 am.

Second van leaving very prompt at 9 am.


Again we should be back to the clubhouse at approx. 6 pm.


Please bring a change of clothes for before and after the race. The team will provide lunch, however bring snacks that you want to have. Team T shirt is mandatory.



Sunday– Team Presentation All should really attend and Parents its really fun to watch your kid get called out as part of the team


Team Presentation we ask that all riders are at the clubhouse at 1:30 pm and we will be done by 3:30 pm.


There are also bike rides.


9 am leaving the clubhouse.


8:30 am meet


I was hoping to take kids out the AZ trail. It really is that good.


Road riders we will have a quality ride that is not the Lemmon so arrive at the clubhouse.


So if we leave at 9 we are on bikes by 10 am.


We then ride for 2 hours and are back at the clubhouse by 1 pm.


So I propose that kids do this ride and bring a change of clothes for the team presentation.


We can have extra food at the clubhouse so that kids can eat well after the ride.




TEAM PRESENTATION ON SUNDAY — And More fun and Hard work this week–

There is a lot for me to be thank full for. Thank you all for your patience and ability to be flexible this past weekend. I am very happy that we all were able to make it work so that many of you could go to the Womens March.


I have often said to the youth that coaching is a process of realizing what you have not done yet or done wrong and then learning how to improve and get everyone what they need. Thank you all for letting me make those mistakes so that I can learn from them and get better. I am certainly not perfect but I do promise to do my best to learn from all of you and my mistakes.


This week is another week of hard work that will end with all of you getting your new team kits.


This Sunday is the TEAM PRESENTATION. So we really hope that all family and riders can attend. This is when in front of our sponsors all the youth get to walk out with their teammates and present the new kits to the sponsors and community.


Training Plan


Tuesday— Everyone on Road Bikes. VO2 work to be done.


Wednesday— 3:45 Road and Mountain ride.

Road ride is going to be VO2 work

Mountain ride is going to be a longer tempo trail ride

4:30 MTB only and also a trail ride


Thursday— Road only kids will be on TT bikes or the bike they will ride at Valley. Sub LT work

High School riders– Road Bikes and VO2 work

Middle School riders– Mountain bikes and Hole shots


Saturday— 7:15 Old Man with Gates and A mtn

7:30 Big Kid with Madera

8:30 B Ride with A MTN for sure

Middle school riders– MBAA #2


Sunday— MTB racers– AZT

All with Gravel Bikes— What do think about a good dirt road race?


Team Presentation on Sunday Starts at 2pm – 3:30 pm. 


We really hope that everyone can attend. 

Woman’s March time change and more for Sunday

There is a Womens March tomorrow in Tucson.   It starts at 11 am from the Library Downtown.   I encourage everyone to go, not just Women. Its important that we all support the rights of Women in this country and abroad.   More information can be found here:   So there will be some… Read more »

More training information

Bravo on the great work outs today. I was very much impressed with the work and dedication shown today and I really want to thank the coaches and volunteers who came out and supported all the kids today.   Please all riders take a second to read the information below. I think it will really… Read more »

Building Block Week 1

Congratulations to everyone who rode on Sunday. I heard nothing but the most positive feed back from all the coaches. They were quite impressed with you passion and efforts.   I will say the same congratulations to all the kids that I took to the mountain bike race. Every youth that raced three laps all… Read more »

Wednesday Practice and weekend info

Wednesday — All start times are 4:30 today. So the power talk and the ride for the MTB kids all start at 4:30 today.   Saturday– B+C Team ride starts at 8:30. No extra we want you ready for the power test on Sunday   Old Man and Big Kid Shoot Out no extra. 7:15… Read more »

Bravo, Thank you , and let’s let it soak in

Bravo to all the riders, coaches, volunteers and parents for all the time and effort you put in over this Winter Break. It is a special time of year that allows us to put such a huge block together and I commend all of you who saw it through and really put in the time…. Read more »

Sunday Ride Change

Hey all! Though I didn’t ride today, I heard everyone had a great Saturday ride. Special bravo to those who did the shootout + extra today, it sounds like you all were completely cracked and successfully completed a century! Rad. Tomorrow is our last ride of the winter break riding block. While it looks like… Read more »

Friday and This Weekend

As logistically annoying as it may be, this last week has shown that we cannot control the weather. Again, thanks to everyone for bearing with us and remaining flexible. Can’t thanks parents enough. Because of our ride being cut short yesterday and today, Ignacio and I would love to go on a ride with you… Read more »