Scavenger Hunt approaching!

It’s definitely starting to look like spring is winding down and summer just around the corner.  Temperatures are heating up and with it the need to start hydrating properly before coming to practice.  The days are getting longer so we feel that lights are no longer needed for mid week practices.  Of course, if you are riding home from practice and the commute pushes into darkness then keep them on your bike.  We want to reclaim lights issued to everyone, so if you have team lights please return them.

Coming up April 9-10 is the MBAA race in Prescott.  We will have a good contingent going.  Note that registration is on your own for this event.  Later, on April 18 is the ever fun and popular El Grupo Scavenger Hunt.  We want to see as many team and family members as possible for this event.  Details are here;

Last quarter of school, stay strong; be mindful and safe as you enter school again. Please know that your actions at school will directly contribute to the health and safety of your teammates and family.

Don’t forget that we still need volunteers to help Nathaniel and Colter at BikeClub on Mondays and Fridays.  Here is the sign up for this truly rewarding experience.  If you haven’t attended yet, please do so.

Here is the practice schedule this week.



Marching forward

We are at an interesting place these days.  Some team members have finished spring break and are ready to return to school- and some are even attending in-school classes for nearly a year!  Other members are just starting their break.  Wherever you may be, one thing that can bring everyone together is the practices!

We’ll continue our build to Prescott MBAA race on the second weekend of April.  The days are getting longer and warmer, but I don’t think we can abandon our use of lights or packing that all important wind vest or extra layer.  Continue to bring those items as well as the requisite spare tube and water/snack, especially if you’re riding home from the practice.

Road racing has been fun to watch in Europe.  The American based teams Trek-Segafredo dominated the two big rendezvous in Italy.  Check out the highlights here;

Here’s the practice schedule for the next few weeks.   Note that the Shootout rides are pushed earlier another 30 minutes for light/heat reasons.  6:15am for the Old Man version, and 6:30am for the BigBoy, while Cara’s Ride remains at 7am for the next few weeks.


Saturday Mar 20

Just a small tweak in tomorrow’s programming.  The Old Man Shootout will depart the clubhouse at 6:45 while Cara’s ride will be a touch later for 7am.  Look forward to another day in the 80’s!


Cactus Cup

The weather may have presented its challenges, but the Team fought through the elements and had a wonderful race weekend up in Phoenix for the Cactus Cup.  It was the first camp/race program for quite some time and all said, we came away with new experiences and friendships.  We had many first time racers and… Read more »

Tapering into race week

I hope everyone enjoyed an amazing weekend.  Blustery winds made the Saturday rides more challenging but the warm weather certainly made it enjoyable.  We had a small contingent competing in Lake Havasu with Taryn and Damiano placing 2nd in their respective categories.  Other places included Liam 4th, Tomas 6th, Alex 9th and Evan 10th.  Lessons… Read more »

Marching Ahead

This month we continue our racing focus; firstly Ignacio is taking a small crew on March 6th to the MBAA race in Lake Havasu and then on March 12-14, The Cactus Cup. We are excited that so many team members (25!!) have signed up for this classic Arizona mountain bike race.  We will continue to… Read more »

How we camp and Cactus Cup Information

I want to thank everyone who has approached the coaching staff with their insightful questions about the Cactus Cup Mountain bike race and about how we camp.     TRAVEL  When we travel to races, we do so together and we camp together. In normal times we would all travel in the vans together, with… Read more »


We had a wonderful camping trip to the magical Chiricahua Mountains last weekend.  I happily borrowed some gear from our BikePacking program to comfortably negotiate the sub freezing night temperatures. Saturday we rode gravel bikes out and back over Pinery Canyon road to the town of Portal, AZ.  The climbs were tough but the scenery… Read more »

New buildup

New kits that have been earned by the team members have been circulating in public last week to favourable reviews.  I think they really look sharp and there’s pride in wearing it. Practice attendance has been really stellar the past week, and the infusion of our newest members have given everyone a boost.  Here are… Read more »

Racing, New Jersey and some gravel

We had a busy weekend with athletes competing in a couple of events.  White Tanks Park in Phoenix saw more MBAA mountain bike action on Saturday, while closer to home the FlapJack Time Trial was held on Sunday at Picacho Peak.  It certainly was nice to have a small sense of normalcy with racing available…. Read more »