ACA #4 McDowell Park this weekend

I hope this finds everyone well and having enjoyed a restful fall break.


This Saturday we have the 4th round of the ACA races up in McDowell park which is in Fountain Hills, so north east of Phoenix.


All information for the race can be found here:


Along with information about how to volunteer at the race with the ACA league.


Since we are racing on Saturday that means we will need to leave on Friday.


Departure will be at Noon on Friday.


We will then return on Saturday at approx. 7pm.


Please use the link provided to volunteer and help at Grupo camp during the event:


We are camping at a campground for this race which means that we do not have to worry about water and there are also flush toilets. Another bonus is that there are showers at this venue, so please pack accordingly.




My thoughts for the plan this week are based off of the realization that many of you have not been on your bikes for a week. With that in mind I want to get you moving first and then get you some intensity.


Tuesday– Endurance MTB ride. If you were out of town then this will just get you up and rolling and putting the pieces together. For those of you that were around this gives you a chill start to the week.


Wednesday– NO RIDE. Get your things packed and prepared to leave early on Friday.


Thursday– Himmel Park efforts and hole shots. I want to give us a chance to do just enough work that we have to use our emotional control skills.


Friday– Leaving at Noon.


Saturday– Returning at approx. 7pm.


Sunday– Funday

That’s right.


Sunday — Funday is back, well at least just for this weekend.


I hope this finds everyone having enjoyed their Fall Break as they hoped.


I want to get everyone excited and ready for another race weekend so lets get together tomorrow and go play in the dirt.


8am Depart from the clubhouse


11:30 am back at the clubhouse


Pack good snacks and smile.

Fall Break

What an amazing race and time in Prescott.


I want to thank everyone who helped at camp make this yet another special weekend for the kids.


Of course winning the team overall is super cool, but the time hanging out in camp and being together in the tents are the real memories that will last with you forever.


Thank you for making this a special team and season. And that THANK YOU is to everyone who enjoyed camp and made those days special.


This week is fall break and we have people all over the place.


Many of the coaches are out of town with their families and many of you riders are out of town as well.


I want to respect that we all need a break and time to relax.


However if relaxing means riding your bike with friends and family that sounds GREAT.




Unfortunately I do not have enough volunteer coaches to run practice this week.


However if you want to ride with friends I think that is awesome and I would encourage you to do so. No structure just enjoy riding.



8am meet at the clubhouse and we can drive to a location.

Likely return will be 11am.

Pack enough snacks for the ride.

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