Saturday August 20th and Sunday August 21st

All I am very aware that the weather seems threatening and potentially very wet.


However I always hold out hope that we can ride.


In the past I would make the call at 5am.


But I recognize this makes it difficult on families.


So I am going to hold on to the idea that I will ride in the morning, but I am going to cancel the ride for the B Team ride.


I will be available on Sunday to take some riders to Mt Lemmon if there is interest. I will drive a van to the base and we can ride from there.


We will leave the clubhouse at 6am sharp and return by 11am ish.


Please let me know if you are interested in the Sunday ride.



Steamboat Spring Gravel Race

This was the third edition of this race and it has quickly become one of the premier gravel races in the United States.


They have created an amazing event and have put a lot of energy into the inclusivity of the race and getting more juniors involved.


We were invited to participate in this event and we were especially excited to bring our amazing Gravel Girls squad to the race.


This was the first large scale gravel race for every rider that attended this year and I truly believe it was transformational for everyone.


For our young ladies they all finished super excited and eager to look ahead at the next goal. This event gave them courage and inspiration for the future. Even more impressive is that all this excitement was generated after riding 60 miles on a very tough course. A huge thank you to coach Chuck Barclay and Co-Founder Daniela Diamente for mentoring these young ladies over the last few months and truly preparing them for the task. This is youth development. Identify a challenging goal, work hard to prepare, then ensure that support is available so the goal can be met.


The young men who attended have been curious about the gravel racing scene and this just confirmed to them how fun it is. They all challenged themselves with the 100 mile course that was extremely challenging. I want to thank Coach Lynn Hudson’s support of this crew and all of his volunteering and mentoring over the years.


I am super proud of everyone who took on this challenge and thank the whole community for the support.


The youth also brought home some hard ware while riding on their antique rim braking cross bikes.


Mia 3rd Place Junior Women 60 mile race


Thomas 1st place Junior Men 100 mile race


Axel 2nd Place Junior Men 100 mile race






Week 2

We are moving into week 2 of our build towards the ACA races and consistency is still the most important attribute at this time. So as any coach would I want to see everyone as much as possible. It’s through consistency that we are going to make the gains in this endurance block.
Consistency should be a life goal at this point in everything you do.
Be consistent with your school work and get your work done on time.
Consistency with how you sleep, get to bed on time.
Consistency with how you treat and love your family.
Week 2 Training Plan
Tuesday— mtb endurance ride
Wednesday— 2:30 road ride with Ron. This is for the riders who have been noted for this ride.
4:30. Road endurance ride.
Thursday— mtb endurance
Saturday—5:45 Old man
All other rides start at 6am.
Thank you everyone for your support and kindness.

Welcome Back

Welcome back everyone. I am certainly excited for the new school year and the season to come.   I want to thank everyone for making the summer so special, from Bike Camp to Nationals to Durango. We had riders all over the United States and I am super thankful for everyone’s support and help.  … Read more »

Week of August 1st

Holy Smokes Durango was fun.   I want to thank everyone, riders and coaches, for making the trip so memorable and wonderful. We certainly learned and experienced a lot together and really became a team. Its trips like these and the shared experiences that really bring us together and I thank everyone who joined.  … Read more »

2 Weeks Until Durango

That’s right two weeks until Durango Mountain Bike Camp.   I hope that bring everyone joy and excitement and a bit of trepidation.   When we are wonderfully scared about something it can help us rise up. It can help us be aware of all the details and it can help be our best selves…. Read more »

Weekend Update

I hope this finds everyone healthy and excited that we delivered another amazing week of Summer Bike Camp.   This will be the last structured team ride until July 12th, so if you are healthy and able to ride, I sure hope you join us.   5:45 am– Old Man Shoot Out   6am– Big… Read more »

Week 3 Summer Bike Camp

1 to go, 1 to go, 1 to go!!!   Bravo everyone you have made a real difference this summer and I am so impressed with the dedication and energy you have all poured into the campers.   This is the most beautiful time of year for me as a coach because I get to… Read more »

Further information for Saturday

Mark Miller is available and excited to lead another MTB ride this weekend for our newest teammates.   I hope that he is joined by Jenelle, Ryan, G and Sterling. If you are in town I sure hope you all  join him again, as I heard from all of you that you really enjoyed the… Read more »

Summer Bike Camp Week 2 and Training Plan

THANK YOU for an absolutely wonderful first week of bike camp. If we can pull together another 2 weeks with the same energy and enthusiasm then we are going to have the best Summer Bike Camps ever. So this is a BRAVO and THANK YOU email first. WEEK 2 THINGS TO REMEMBER   Work starts at… Read more »