Hey guys, week 2 of no organized practice. I know it’s a major bummer because we’re all so used to exercising together and doing skills together and chilling on our (honestly disgusting, germ paradise) couches. We’re gonna make it through this though, and get back to the regular program. I/we don’t know yet when that’s going to be, but we’ll let you know when we do.

If you need to get your bike(s) from the clubhouse, let me know and I’ll set up a time for you to meet me and get your stuff. If you want to borrow rollers or a trainer, let me know and I’ll set you up.

In terms of training on the bike, if you’re motivated to ride just ride. Treat this time like base season. Get out there, enjoy the beautiful weather, go KOM hunting, get lost, get found, ride to Amado and back… There’s no need to do any specific intervals because there are no races to prep for. But the races will be back, and practice will be back, and you want to be fit enough to handle that stuff when we do get back to it. I personally am doing some running, some mountain biking, and spending lots of time trying to get better at my wheelies.

This Thursday, March 26, 4:30PM, we have a virtual Resume Workshop courtesy of Erika Gallo. This year in order to work Summer Bike Camp, you will need to submit a resume. It’s a professional development thing. During our regular practice time, we will have a zoom meeting with Erika to work on your resumes.

Here is the link to upload a copy of your resume. Please give it a name that makes sense (Max Cronyn Summer Bike Camp 2020 Resume)

Below is information for how to join the Zoom meeting:

Erika Gallo is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: El Grupo Resume Workshop on Zoom – hosted by Erika Gallo
Time: Mar 26, 2020 04:30 PM Arizona
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 483 381 3028

HIT (High Intensity Training) Workout:

For fitness, here’s a video of me juggling and demonstrating some exercises. Use the video so you know how to do the exercise, but here’s the workout:

15 minute warm up run. Easy pace.

2x through:

  • Elbow to Hand plank x5
  • Matrix lunges (front, side, back, curtsy) x5
  • Mountain climbers x20
  • Side plank w leg lift x10
  • Hand release push ups into toe touch x8
  • Squat jumps x15
  • Bird dogs, 60 seconds on each side, every 10″ touch your elbow to your knee
  • Leg raises x15
  • Hip bridge x12

Take 5 minutes of rest in between the 2 sets. But when you’re in the set, try to do it as fast as you can while maintaining good form. The point of a HIT workout is to overload your muscles really quickly. Your heart rate should be pretty high, breathing pretty hard. It’s like an interval. Forces your body to adapt in the same ways, too. Try to do this workout 3 times this week (every other day). There will be a new one next week.


No Practice through March 27

The title says it all. We’ll keep you updated as we know more, but this is step 1. The optimist in me hopes that we’ll get right back to our regular program in 2 weeks, but who knows what we’re looking at here. The virus is quite serious, and we don’t want to be a part of the spread.

The el Grupo clubhouse will be open tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 8AM to 4PM so you can get your bikes, homework, or that extra set of handlebars stashed in your cubby. If those times do not work for you, just email me and I’m happy to open the building up for you at another time.

Things to keep you busy!

  1. Ben and I will be updating the blog with cycling related content that we think is entertaining, funny, informative, etc, so you can continue to learn more about bikes.
  2. We will be posting cross training workouts that you can do on your own, from home, along with (maybe) home made videos of how to do said workouts
  3. If you get your bike from the clubhouse and go for a bike ride, please take pictures and send them to me! I’ll post em up here or on Instagram, and we can all be like “oh wow! Eve found for sure the bumpiest road in Tucson”

In the mean time, Ben, me, and the rest of EG staff are planning on doing a bunch of stuff that’s been on the back burner for a while now. The space might look a little different when you get back!

Stay safe, stay healthy, let me know if you have any questions.


This Week

More info to come about the rest of the month, RIGHT AFTER THIS!

Tuesday: Road Ride

Wednesday: Road Ride – Weather is gonna be dicey, so we may not ride. But we will do something fun.

Thursday: Definitely gonna rain: Mechanics time and ART PROJECT led by ME!

Friday-Sunday: Parker Canyon Lake trip: Everyone should come! We’re mixing up the food this time!If you haven’t responded to the email, no worries. Come! Meeting 4:00PM, Leaving 4:30PM. Back by 3:00pm on Sunday

Below is the training plan for March!

2020 Training Plans – MARCH

This Weekend:

Road Bikes all weekend. Saturday:  Meet 6:45, leave 7:15AM. Back by 11AM. Old Man Shootout- if you have done it before and made it at least to the bridge, and you are up for a challenge. I have a feeling it’s going to be a hard one. Meet 7, leave 7:30AM, Back by 11AM. Big… Read more »

Week of March 1

Hey team, sorry for the late post here. Practice schedule first, note from Kate second, link to dope video 3rd. Practice Schedule:  Tomorrow (Tuesday): NO PRACTICE. Ben and I are engaged all day tomorrow. Thought we’d be out in time for practice, but we will not be. The clubhouse will be open, so I do… Read more »

Thursdays practice

This Thursday’s practice will no longer be a MTB ride, but a presentation by the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation.  Here is a summary of the presentation from the SAAF website: LGBTQ 101 Workshop The LGBTQ 101 will provide introductory level information about identities and provide best practice and competency suggestions for those working in various… Read more »

Week of Feb 24

Hey y’all. Hope you had a good weekend. Ben and I are working through your feedback and cooking up some trips. We’ll have more info soon. As always, the doors are open to chat with us about the team, practice, dynamics, or just to tell us a good ol’ fart joke. We’re here for you… Read more »

Practice Feb 19 (tomorrow)

Team, thanks for the meeting today. If ANYBODY has feedback they would like to share with Ben and me privately, anonymously, in a smaller group, etc, please either leave us a note in a cubby, or talk/email us. You are the team, and we want to hear from you. Practice tomorrow is ON. Sorry for… Read more »