This Week –

Hey all,

Mad thanks to everyone for the help this week at the clubhouse cleanup! We got a whole lot done and the place looks pretty rad. Also thanks to the parents and riders who went to the 20Twenty ride on Saturday. They were extremely excited and had only great things to say about you all. I’m very excited to continue our collaboration with them!


Tuesday: 4:30pm – MTB Skills ride – Two weeks ago we had a big group and things got crazy. Here’s what I want to ask. I love doing skills rides, you all love doing skills rides, but our number one goal during every practice is to not get hit by a car or become injured in another way. Please. Ride aware, don’t act stupid in traffic, and remember that you all are what the public sees as el Grupo, so it’s your responsibility to act and ride respectfully. I NEED you all to act respectfully so that I don’t have to be the the one who stops us from doing skills rides. Thanks you.

Wednesday: 3:45pm and 4:30pm – Endurance ride on road bikes.

Thursday: 4:30pm – Holeshot practice. MTB.

HSMTB Schedule for the weekend:

Middle schoolers: Meet at 4:00pm, leave at 4:30pm on Friday – You will return on Saturday at 8:00pm-8:30pm – JUST A HEADS UP, MS RACES START A 1/2 HOUR EARLIER THIS WEEKEND.

High Schoolers: Meet at 9:30am, leave at 10:00am – You will return on Saturday at 6:30pm-7:00pm.

Week of Oct 7

Hey Team, another great race in the books out at Ft. Huachuca this weekend! I want to give a big shoutout to our Frosh Boys who absolutely crushed it- some of the best racing I’ve seen out of em yet.

This week we’re gonna keep the good times rolling with some harder efforts during the week as well as some fun flow on the MTB to prep for the McDowell race.

Tuesday: 4:30PM MTB Endurance Ride

Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30. Road bikes. Come ready to work. If you don’t have school this week, come to the 3:45 practice.

Thursday: 4:30PM MTB. Short track races.

Saturday: Shootout/B/C Team rides. DO NOT do the old man unless Ben/myself explicitly tell you to!! The clubhouse will open at 5:45AM. Old Man at 6:15, Big Boy at 6:30, B/C team ride at 7AM.

NON-MALES ON THE TEAM – There is an alternative ride/event for you on Saturday. PLEASE attend. We will meet at the clubhouse at 7:00am, leave by 7:30am. Non-difficult road bike ride (we will drive to the event). It’s an all day event (return by 3:00pm) so bring some normal clothes too. Super cool little camp provided by the director of the women’s professional team 20Twenty! Apologies for the short notice (she only just reached out to us). I will write another blog post with more details. 

Sunday: Endurance MTB ride. Meet at 6:30AM, leave at 7AM. Back by 9:00AM for the clubhouse cleanup.

Week of Sept 30

This week is a classic pre NICA week. Last week was… hard. It was meant to be. If you felt tired by Sunday, that’s good! You did it right. This week, the work soaks in. NICA is a long, long season, and you’ve got to be on form for 2.5 months. What that means is that even though you all crushed it at the last race, we had to keep pushing hard so that come race 4, you have the gas to go again. The work is not over, but courage, mes amies, you’ll make it.

Practice Schedule:

Tuesday: MTB, Recovery ride, 4:30PM

Wednesday: Road Bikes, Endurance ride, 3:45 and 4:30PM

Thursday: MTB, Holeshots, 4:30PM

NICA Weekend: Read closely, times have changed 🙂

Friday: MS Racers will meet at the clubhouse at 4PM, leave at 4:30PM. Pack a snack. Dinner should be around 6:30. ETA for getting back to Tucson is Saturday ~7:30

Saturday: HS Racers will meet at the clubhouse at 10AM, leave at 10:30AM. Pack a lunch. ETA for return is Sunday ~6PM.



Hey Parents, the next NICA race is in Sierra Vista. It is considered a home race for us, so we’re expected to help out with some aspects of the race. If you are interested in volunteering for the race organization, here is a link to all the volunteer positions/slots they are working to fill in… Read more »


Hey Team, practice this week remains the same. Practice this weekend is altered slightly. Saturday: same same same, as Ben stated in the last post. Sunday: ROAD BIKES. Meet 6:45AM. Leave 7:15AM. Back by 11AM. Group ride with Ride On Cycling. It’s important that you make it. It will be fun, challenging, and an opportunity… Read more »

Week of September 23

Hey! Smashing job this weekend at NICA to all those who raced. Lets keep the fitness and riding we’ve been doing going! This week is a work week. We’re gonna be focused on MTBing. Here’s the schedule: Tuesday 09/24 – MTB ride – If it rains, we’ll do a workout and work on our bikes… Read more »

Week of September 16

Alrighty folks, we’re hurtling right along towards NICA #2 this weekend up in Prescott. Ben and I were super impressed with all of you at the Flagstaff race. Everybody was really cool and helpful around camp, there was no fuss around bedtime/racing/camping/eating/etc. It was great. Let’s keep it that way in Prescott so that you… Read more »

Post NICA First race

Hey! Great Job to everyone this weekend. Thanks to all the parents and kids who showed up and helped us out. It went incredibly smoothly. Here is this weeks riding schedule: Tuesday 4:30pm MTB – KOM Hunting on trail Wednesday 3:45pm road – Endurance 4:30pm road – Endurance Thursday 4:30pm MTB – Short track races… Read more »


All riders not on the El Grupo Composite team (you are on this team unless you go to Tucson High School or Catalina Foothils): YOU can wear el Grupo team shorts. You do not need to wear black logo-less shorts. ALL OTHERS: Tucson High and Catalina Foothills riders – you must wear all black logo-less… Read more »

NICA Packing List.

NICA Packing list Riding Gear:  2 bibs or shorts 2 Jerseys (one HAS to be the team specific NICA jersey) 1 pair of gloves  1 pair of arm warmers  1 vest  1 pair of sunglasses  2 water bottles  2 spare tubes  1 multitool  1 inflation device  Helmet  Riding shoes Normal Clothes 3 socks 1 team… Read more »