Logistics for the weekend.

I really do apologize to the wonderful parents of this team. The start times are crazy early for the races, and it dictates when we have to leave. I really do thank you all for supporting your kids in the ways that you do.


Also a huge bravo to all the kids who doubled up last weekend. It showed me who you are and your desire to be the best you. I would love to see the same determination this weekend. With Whiskey coming up you are going to need all the good climbing you can get. Also that is your last race for many months. So lets really go out with a bang.



Saturday —State Mountain bike championships


Please have your USA Cycling license ready to show, also please remember to have a signed waiver. I will have plenty at the clubhouse.


First wave– Oliver, Estevan, Camilla,. Ignacio will be driving you all up.


4 am at the clubhouse

4:15 leave the clubhouse

6:15 arrive at the venue

7:35 Races Start


I know this is stupid early. I apologize for the early starts. Also please bring a good snack/ lunch for after the race. I am also going to ask you guys to be in the feed zone for the later racers, so please be prepared with a change of clothes and a good hat.



Second wave: Damiano, Mogan, Daniel, Axel, Reece, Caden, Thorstan, Elliot, Susie, Brayden, Mitchell


5am arrive at the clubhouse

5:30 leave

7:30 arrive at the venue

9 am races start.



We should be home by 2 ish.



Sunday— We ride the Mt Lemmon again.

8 am leave the clubhouse

11:30 arrive back at the clubhouse




Week of March the 25th

Many of you will notice that many of your teammates are gone this week. Many kids are in Southern California in San Dimas. They are there because they are preparing for one of the biggest races for juniors in the country. It is a 3 day stage race, just like TBC, but all the best juniors in the country are there. They all want to make an impression on the team USA coaches and hopefully land a spot on a European trip. This race is where Tyler and Ethan obtained there opportunities to ride in Europe. Ben and Max are leading the team there and we wish them the best.


While our teammates try to impress the team USA coaches, those of us here are going to try and win some State Championships!! The race is in Phoenix and information can be found here:



Tuesday– Mountain Bike


Wednesday– No road ride. Sorry Ron. All the kids will be gone at San Dimas racing.

4:30 only MTB ride


Thursday– Special ride with the DC Bank Pro Team. Everyone please have your New team kit for this day. We are going to show them a nice road ride.


Saturday– AZ State Championship MTB race. This is Phoenix. We are going to have two different leave times. I will post more on Wednesday about what is going on.

Just to make sure we are on the same page

Saturday– We are leaving at 8:45 so please arrive at 8:30 or sooner to help pack up the trailer


Also this weekend is the first big European Bike Race of the Year. Milan to San Remo.


Here is an interview with last years winner


This coming Weekend of fun

While many of our teammates are heading back to California to compete against the best, those of you in town have another great opportunity.   This Saturday there is a MBAA mountain bike race in Phoenix. Thank you to all of you who communicated as I hoped.   Here is who I have: Caden, Elliot,… Read more »

Temecula Details

Riders doing Temecula MTB Race, This is the finalized roster for those traveling to Temecula: Ben Colombi, Dillon, Brayden, Max, Sam, Eve, Caleb, Izzie, Izaac, Jesus, Nathaniel, Kaileen, Ethan Overson*, and Rogan* (*indicates not racing, but with).   We leave tomorrow (03/21/2019)! VAN #1 – Leaving at 10:00am – Meet at 9:30am to pack –… Read more »

March is crazy and there is more to come

We have groups moving in all directions this week. Please be patient with us as we try to ensure that all your kids get what they need.   Group 1– Temecula Riders and San Dimas Riders If you are road bike only, then you have been given your instructions for this week. Please ask me… Read more »

Thursday and Weekend Logistics

Many teammates leave today to head to California. Wish us all luck and speed.   Keenan is going to be in charge at the clubhouse and for practice the next few days.   Thursday– Most of you will be heading down to the crit course to practice for the race this weekend.   Saturday— Tolero… Read more »

March is a crazy month

There is going to be a lot of information on this post and a lot of different groups moving in different directions so please take time to find your group   COMMUTER LIGHTS— ALL LIGTHS NEED TO BE HANDED IN TOMORROW. PLEASE. BAGS AND CABLES!!     I do want to start thought by thanking:… Read more »

Notes for Cactus cup

Friday– Remember to bring a lunch. Also in the van please have your kit ready to go in a bag. That way we do not have to fight through all the bags to find your race clothes. So have helmet, shoes and such at the ready. Also remember that we are going to be building… Read more »