It was fun hearing the preliminary war stories from the gravel grinder trip this weekend.  Sounds like fun and challenging times were had by all.  Thanks to the Cross, Diamente and Lewis family for all their hard work to help make it a success.  Congrats everyone.


Gravel bikes have evolved from the cyclo-cross world.  Cyclo-cross was a way for a lot of pros to compete in a discipline that lent itself well to the cold winter climates.   Here’s a look at this past weekend’s event.




A reminder we have a couple of practices starting at 9am this week.   Christmas Eve and day will be off but back at it on Boxing Day Saturday.


Here’s the schedule;


School Holidays Approaching!

Apologies for the late Monday night post.

We had a safe and successful Swap Meet on Sunday that raised the organization close to three thousand dollars.  Plans are afoot to possibly have another one in the spring if the traditional GABA event isn’t happening.

El Grupo wishes the team the best of luck with your remaining school obligations before the holiday break.  Practices will be at the normal times this week but shifting to mornings next week with longer mountain bike and road bike rides planned during the school hiatus.

This weekend, Coach Ignacio will spearhead an challenging 3 day bike tour with many gravel elements.  Thanks in advance to the Diamente, Lewis and Cross families for the volunteer work to make this possible.

Here are the practice times for riders and volunteers through Christmas.

Practice Cancelled today

Hi Team,

If you didn’t get the email yesterday, this is a heads up or reminder that due to the bad weather, and with some of you knuckling down on exams, we decided to cancel tonight’s practice.

We are still on for Saturday.  We will have a group heading to mount lemmon on Saturday as well.   Time either 7:15am at the clubhouse or if you prefer to meet us at LeBuzz cafe near the base, that time will be roughly 8am give or take a few minutes.  Reminder that especially after today’s rain, that there could be snowmelt on the road and Lemmon is notorious to be quite cold at the top so bringing adequate clothes, food, water and storestop money is needed for the ascension.


Kit order deadline

Today is the deadline for ordering your 2021 kit so please do so tonight if you have not done so yet. The Covid-19 case numbers are rising.  This is a reminder to all riders that masks are mandatory while inside the clubhouse.  We also need masks to be accessible during our practices and that when… Read more »

Mid week resumes.

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving week.  Although I’m sure many family plans had to be altered from more traditional celebrating and visiting, the theme remains for being thankful to all we have.  Family, friends and health certainly come to mind first but I’m also thankful to what the bicycle has brought… Read more »

Thanksgiving week

It’s Thanksgiving week and with many traveling to visit love ones, we decided on skipping practices for both this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday.   We will keep tomorrow’s Tuesday night practice and Saturday’s shootout route and Cara ride.  Note that we have a later start time this Saturday to 7:15am.   Here’s the practice schedule;  … Read more »

Goals, perseverance and a Swap!

Last week we talked about perseverance and goal setting. Ignacio, Allison and I are greatly looking forward to hearing what goals you have planned for 2021.   Goals can differ greatly among all of us.  It could range from something like dedication to school, attending practices more regularly, taking some strava segments or as minute as… Read more »

Nacho’s Notes

Race Team members thank you for the hippie circle on Thursday.   We took time as a team to understand and discuss the value of Perseverance. We talked about how it is a virtue that is not given, or asked for, but earned. It is earned when we meet a difficult moment in life and… Read more »

Goals for 2021

I’ve really enjoyed having our new recruits join the team and have been very pleased how welcoming everybody has been.  Thursday in particular is a fantastic environment where the whole team practices together and that support is so evident.   Last week’s election results certainly will usher in some changes in 2021.  Surely, policy and… Read more »

Eyes forward

I’m looking forward to this week’s practice.   It’s been a tough 2020 and sometimes looking ahead can help motivate.  I’m also looking forward to freezing nights,  cold weather ride clothing choices, driving with the windows down and the AC off,  cold water from the tap,  no mosquitoes, shelving my insulated water bottles,  planning holiday travel… Read more »