Saturday Morning Rides – Cancelled – NEW RIDE

Well, it’s raining pretty good at my house. I’m gonna cancel our rides for the morning.

If you’re old enough to do the shootout and your parents are comfortable with you not being supervised, feel free to try and brave the weather. I am not interested in getting cold and wet.

I am going to do a ride later today. Meeting 9:30am, leaving 10:00am. Hard Endurance ride. Come if you can. 

Ride coming up

Hey all. There is no practice tomorrow, on Friday, December 26.

Next up is Saturday. There are 3 rides:

Old Man Shootout: Kaileen, Izzie, Nathaniel, Caleb, Elliot, Eve, Axel, Reece, Kaiden Kiracofe, Caden James, Estevan, Thomas, Thorsten, Zeke. We’re all going to stop at the sprint hill and regroup WITH THE BIG BOY. Do not go beyond the sprint hill. Meet 7:00am, leave 7:15am, back 12:00pm-1:00pm

Big Boy Shootout: Sam, Max, Izaac, Oliver, Ben, Ethan, Jesus, Quinn. We’re all going to stop at the sprint hill and regroup with the OLD MAN. Do not go beyond the sprint hill. Meet 7:15am, leave 7:30am, back 12:00pm-1:00pm

B-Ride: Everyone else. You’re doing the shootout ride to the top of the sprint hill. Then, turn around and come back down Mission. If you have time, do a few A-Mtns. Meet 7:30am, leave 8:00am, back by 12:00pm

Sundays ride: Patagonia – Gravel/MTB

Meet at clubhouse at 6:45am, leave by 7:00am (driving). Back by 1 pm for shorter riders (40miles) and 2-3pm for longer riders (80miles). 80 miles isn’t an easy ride, so only those are super fit should do this.

 If you have bike problems with you MTB, Road, or Gravel bike, YOU NEED TO COMMENT NOW. I will absolutely not fix them in the morning. Tell me now on the blog.


Hey all! Thanks for a first great long weekend of riding. Was great to see the turnout we had this week. Shootout to Thomas for a stellar ride yesterday, I love seeing you all so stoked on riding that you just keep pushing. It was rad to see.

SO! A quick announcement: Thursdays MTB ride is cancelled. It’s going to rain today and tomorrow, so it won’t be nice of us as trail stewards to ride on gnarly wet trails. 

That being said, we will ride road bike! I have a surprise in store for you all, and I hope you like my ride idea. Regardless, come out! Ride meets at CH at 6:30am, leaves at 7:00am. Back by 9:00am. Road bikes. See you then.



Outside of that, I’m very excited to announce the first two mechanics classes for you all. They will be this Thursday and Friday from 10:00am-2:00pm. THIS is important: I cannot manage more than 4 people per session. Because it’s such an in-depth class, I’m not willing to sacrifice quality for quantity. 

SO! The first 8 people to sign up for sessions on Thursday and Friday (10:00am-2:00pm) get to go to the first classes! Sign up in the link below!

For those of you who cannot sign up or miss the boat, don’t worry. I plan on having many more of these.

What you need for the class: Your road bike, 4 hours, and a positive attitude. I’m not here to entertain people, I’m here to teach you some really cool skills. If you sign up, expect to come in, not GOOF off, and give me and your bike your undivided attention. I’m a very skilled mechanic and can teach you just about anything you’re interested in knowing. I look forward to seeing you there!

As for the rides this weekend, I’ll make a post in the next couple days about details. We’re doing the shootout/b-ride on Saturday and a Patagonia 40/80mile ride on Sunday.

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