MayDay TT sign up and practice news

MayDay TT sign up now open!


The coaches and I have really enjoyed the interval practice sessions so far.  Riders are keen to work hard and to see their teammates, even through our masks!  I know the sessions are all booked up online, but there’s always a last second cancellation or two.  If you’re interested in coming out, please do so.  We have plenty of space.


Here are the remaining practice interval sessions;


The MayDay TT is approaching.  This is a fun event to give you another opportunity to practice a race day scenario.  I know there’s a wide range of fitness levels right now.  That is OK!  The goal is not necessarily to win or set new power numbers, but to have fun, see your teammates and get that time trial practice.  Here is the sign up.  Notice we also have volunteer sign ups as well for parents or coaches out there!  If there are non team members who’d like to do the tt, there’s a few spots for you too.  First come first served.  Choose your own start time too!  We will start at 7am from Robins K-8 school.  Here is the course;


Here is the Time Trial and volunteer sign up!


Look forward to seeing everyone out there!



Cycling; Still the Greatest

My one to one rides are coming to a close and I want to wish everyone that signed up a big thank you.  It was a pleasure riding and getting to know each of you better.  We are halfway through May and are getting closer to the MayDay! TT at the end of the month.  Workouts are starting tonight and I hope those that haven’t done so already will find a session to sign up for.


Here’s a short cycling documentary that my father took me to see at Carleton University in Ottawa when I was 12 years old.  It greatly inspired me to become a competitive cyclist.  There are wonderful stories captured here and the overwhelming theme is passion and preparation.  Enjoy!

MayDay! TT

MayDay TT (May 31st)



It’s been awesome to get to ride with most of you the past couple of weeks.  You’re all clearly still in decent shape despite the lack of team practices so I say, great job.  We want to have some fun this month and put together a practice time trial on the 31st.


Time trialing is a special discipline which takes numerous times to master.  A proper warm-up, effective pacing strategy and the mental strength to challenge you all come into play.  The results of time trials are often the determining factor of stage race results and bigger teams evaluate results of these races to gauge who is coming up through the ranks.


Our time trial will be on the West side of town using Sweetwater, Camino De Oeste and finishing atop Trail’s End.  The course has a little bit of everything with some false flats, rollers and a stinging finish.  Here is the course;


Again this is an opportunity to practice this tt without pressure of a real race.  We will of course continue to observe proper safe distancing measures, mask wearing and with start times widely spaced at 2 minute intervals.


To prepare all of you we will conduct some limited practice interval sessions on various climbs close to the clubhouse.  Gates, Trails End and A Mountain will be used and I’m sure you’re all familiar with those climbs.  Here’s how the next few weeks should look like in your training.


MayDay TT training plan


Sun May 10- 2.5 hours endurance

Mon May 11- 2.5 hours with 3×12 minute zone 2 (8 minute rest between reps)

Tues May 12- 2.5 hours with 3×10 minute zone 2 (10 minute rest between reps)

Wed May 13- 1.5 hours with 5×1:30 minute zone 5 (5 minute rest between reps)

Thurs May 14- Rest

Fri May 15- 2.5 hours with 4×8 minute zone 3 (12 minute rest between reps) Gates

Sat May 16-2 hours with 4×6 minute zone 3 (10 minute rest between reps)

Sun May 17- Rest

Mon May 18-2 hours with 4×10 minute zone 3 (10 minute rest between reps) Gates?

Tues May 19- 2.5 hours with 4×8 minute zone 3 (12 minute rest between reps)TrailE

Wed May 20-2 hours with 5×2 minute zone 5 (5 minute rest between reps)

Thu May 21- Rest

Fri May 22- 2 hours with 2×15 minute zone 4 (15 minute rest between reps) course

Sat May 23- 2 hours with 3×10 minute zone 4 (10 minute rest between reps)

Sun May 24- Rest

Mon May 25- 2.5 hours 2x TT course recon (30 minutes rest between reps) course

Tues May 26- 2 hours with 5×3 minute zone 5 (5 minutes rest between reps) A mtn

Wed May 27-2 hours easy

Thu May 28- Rest

Fri May 29-2 hours with 3x one minute openers

Sat  May 30- 1 hour easy




I hope some structure will be welcome for all of you after a lengthy time away from practices.  Sign up for both training sessions and the TT in the Genius!


Let’s get back into some structured training with a fun goal by months end.  As I mentioned, time trialing is an animal that is tough to tame, but with practice can be an effective weapon in many applications when you race.

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