Week of October 8th

I want to thank everyone for their time, commitment, and attitude this past weekend in Sierra Vista. I really appreciate how much everyone supports and helps the team in all facets. From the kitchen, to the coaching to the wrenching—–THank you.


Also I want to thank everyone for how they handled the disappointment about not being able to race. I really liked that everyone was upset and was really wanting to race. I really like that attitude. But more importantly I appreciate how you all understood that it was an uncontrollable and we had no power to change the situation. The league had made a decision as best they could and no matter, that was the decision. All we could do was support it, even if we were upset. So thank you all for being eager but balanced enough to not get too upset.


For the race series they are talking through what they are going to do. The options are to just race the next two and call it a four race series or to add another race. I am highly in favor of making it a four race series. For El Grupo in particular each race cost approx. $3,000. $ 2,000 just in registration, then food, gas, and some coach pay. So we have not budgeted this year to have another race. I should  know by tomorrow night after a conference call.


Training Plan 


We know we have two races left. We know we want to be at our best for them. Many of us also have extra time this week, so I am going to try and take advantage of that time and do fun stuff with you all.


There are a lot of moving parts to this post so please read carefully and ask questions if you need.


We are going to be looking for a fitness bump this week. We were going to look for one anyways, but since we did not have the race, I am going to make this week even harder.


Tuesday— If you ride the Old Man shoot out or the Big Kid then I want you to ride the Tuesday Morning Ride. 6:30 am start. After the ride, we are going to ride extra, and some in the dirt. So be ready for a three hour ride. The Morning ride is very race specific and intense and should take care of our intervals.


If you don’t ride the shoot outs and want to ride in the morning or don’t want to ride the morning ride then there will be a coach to ride with you all at 6:30 am. You then will find some dirt to ride in, do your intervals, and ride for approx. 2-3 hours. This is road bikes.


If you are in school or just want to ride in the afternoon at the regular time, then practice will be at 4:30 starting. We will do under–over intervals on our Mountain bikes.


Wednesday— Those of you not in school. There is going to be an adventure ride out at Redington Pass. You will leave the clubhouse at 8:30am. Be on bikes by 9:30. Ride till 12:30. Be back at the car by 12:30 and home by 1:30pm. This is such a beautiful ride and so worth it. I want to put good hard volume into the legs, so please if you can, do this one.


Afternoon Trail ride– 4:30 only. Mountain bike.


Jack and Unai Ron Alvarez is available to ride with you guys. Please email him.


Thursday— Sorry no morning practice on this day. Coaches have a meeting.

3pm.  afternoon start. Over— under interals. Road bikes.

Volunteers on Thursday. I am going to start early to get kids home earlier. I hope this is ok.



The weekend weather is looking interesting. We will make some decisions later in the week as we see what is going to happen.


Saturday— Old Man 6:15

Big Kid– 6:30

B and C ride start at 7 am


Sunday— Sweetwater meeting at 8:30 returning by 12:30 1 pm.




3 more races in the next 35 days

This is now the real meat of the season. In the next 5 weeks, or 35 days,  we have 3 races.


I sure hope everyone is excited. We are most certainly where we need to be training wise, now we just need the mental and emotional commitment to follow through.


I can’t stress the little things enough this time of year. Parents help us get everyone to bed on time, feed them as well as you always do, and make sure they are hydrated. Those are really the most important little things that you can help out with.


This next race is in Sierra Vista, which means it should be easier for more of you to come watch. The race also needs volunteers and we are considered a home team for this race. So if anyone of you have the time and energy to volunteer at the race, that would be a great way to support the league. All information can be found here: http://www.arizonamtb.org/wp-content/uploads/2018-Race-3-Flier.pdf


In fact all information for the race can be found there.


Also with in that link is the pass that you need to get on to the military base. You must print out the pass to get on the base.


I, Ignacio, will again be driving and arriving to the race course early. Camping is again first come, first served, so I will work hard to get us a good spot.




This will have us arriving at the course at roughly the same time as in races past. So please youth bring you lunch or have eaten well before you arrive.


 Training Plan


I feel confident that we have the fitness. We need now to be prepared for the race, and we need to be ready to shred. So just like for the last two races, we put in the work on the off race week and now we rest and hone our skills for the race to come. I am hopeful that the rain will subside by late tomorrow, but I will be sure to post if we are not going to ride. So the assumption is we are going to ride, until further notice.


Tuesday— MTB low level endurance ride on trail– be mindful of the work load


Wednesday— MTB low level endurance ride — be mindful of the work load


Thursday— Classic Pre race hole shots and openers


Saturday— Leaving at 11:30 am so arrive at clubhouse at 11 am.


Sunday— We should be back by 4:30- 6 pm.




Sunday News Update

Meet at clubhouse at 7am.


Two groups.


1 group– Will load vans and go to Mt Lemmon. Prison Camp run. At least 3 times. Some can do 4. Please only go on this ride if you have gone before. No new folks on this ride.

This group will be back by 11 am ish. They should ride from 8- 10 am ish.


2 group– Will ride to Starr Pass. We will ride everything, as this mimics the race really well in Sierra Vista. We should be back close to 10:30 ish.

Ride times and pick up

Parents thank you for you patience with this. Riders thank you with your patience.   I know and appreciate that everyone’s time is very valuable. You want to see you kids after school and practice. You want to have dinner and they need to do home work. You might even want time to just enjoy… Read more »

More to come than we have done

Bravo everyone on another amazing weekend of racing.   I really want to take the time to thank all of the parents and volunteers that came to the race to help. We most certainly cannot do it without you and I want to make certain to fully thank you for the support and help.  … Read more »

Weekend Information

Prescott: Here we come.   Arrive at clubhouse at 8:30 am.   Leaving on Saturday morning at 9am. Remember to eat a good breakfast.   Bring a quality lunch with you for in the car. This will be similar to last race, when we ate in the car and were able to quickly change and… Read more »

Academic Check-Ins & Goal setting

Hello all! Ignacio, Max, Ben, and I have talked over the best way to help everyone get there check-ins done this semester, given how busy you are. Here’s what we have worked out: Yep, everyone is required to come in at least 2 times each semester. The first one is a check-in where we get… Read more »

NICA Race #2 in Prescott

  I hope you watched the short video first.   It is just a reminder that what ever you dream is possible. It might take more work then you ever thought possible, but hard work always wins. Yes, she is a whole different level, but we can all learn something from her. Heck she graduated… Read more »

Weekend Update

This week was a maintenance week. This was not a week to find extra fitness. Our fitness is great. Our speed is on form. We needed this week to stay on point. We needed this week to keep us topped off. I say this because I know a few rides were flat filled. Not to… Read more »