Spring Break

As most of you know I have the exciting opportunity to take a group of kids and coaches to Colombia to introduce them to what I hope becomes our sister club.


I also know that many of you will have the opportunity to travel with family and friends.


Enjoy the break and be safe.


Training Plan

We are 7 weeks away from our goal events in late April the Whiskey MTB race and the Tour of the Gila.


These races are all about climbing and have a huge engine. So we need to build it by climbing and getting on solid rides.


This week if you around I encourage you to go on big rides that make you fall in love with the bike again.


Tuesday– Coach Ken and Chuck will be available during regualr hours to take folks out.


Wednesday– I want to encourage riders to attend and to support and volutneer at Grupito again during regular hours.


Thursday – Sunday– Ride with your teammates, call them up, coordinate to meet and to get out on beautiful rides that fill your soul.


I challenge you to get on rides that are big enough to stretch your limits in a fun and safe way.


I will be posting pictures on social media.


Safe travels everyone this break.

Thank you and looking ahead

I want thank everyone for their support over the weekend.


I find it to be the greatest treasure and gift in this world to be able to play the part that I do, and I have all of you to thank for it.


Thank you.


I could  not be prouder of how the team challenged themselves this weekend.


I too am exhausted and writing this quite late. I apologize for that, and will tell more stories tomorrow.




We are in a re boot time. We have been racing full gas for a few months now and its time to switch gears, get back to the basics, find that riding love again, and get ready for the big events in late April.


Tuesday– Fun Endurance MTB ride.


Wednesday– Fun Endurance road rides. 2:30 and 4:30pm.


Thursday– Fun Endurance MTB ride.



Welcome Back

I sure hope everyone found the peace and rest they needed over the long Rodeo Break.


Everyone from the coaches, riders and parents certainly earned the break and rest and I thank all of you for being so supportive as we head down this road of learning who we can be together.


This weekend is the big in town stage race, the Tucson Bicycle Classic.


I have been on the commitee putting the race back together after a 2 year hiatus and we are really excited to bring it back.


I am super confident that the form we had going into the 24 hour race and Valley is still with us and with a little bit of work this week, I am sure we are going to be ready to have some fun this weekend.


Parents and coaches please look and see if there is a way for you to volunteer. Information for that can be found here: https://tucsonbicycleclassic.com/volunteers


All Information for the race can be found here: https://tucsonbicycleclassic.com/


Who is Signed up?


Women Novice  and 15/16 — You all race together same time, same race

Taryn, Olivia, Lucy Biederman, Luciana De La Huerta, Mia Hudson, Rosalie Ramos


Men 13/14

Levi, Evan, Sam


Men 15/16

Dom, Kaiden, Alex, Julian, Tomas, Elliot, Leo, Liam, Daniel


Men 3

Axel, Thomas, Andres


Men 4

Ben Colombi and Damiano




Friday is the time trial and it is out on March Station road. It will take approx. one hour to drive there from the clubhouse.


All athletes except for the Cat 3 men should be on site no later than 8am.


I will be leaving the clubhouse at 7am with vans.


We will be done at approx. 11am and we should be back to the clubhouse at approx. Noon on Friday.


Cat 3 men please be at the clubhouse ready to leave at 9am. I am going to ask Valentin to take you guys.


You should be back in town by 2pm.





All of our amazing women and the 13-14 Boys will race in the morning.


Racing starts at 7:10 am which means we need to be on site no later than 6am.


So we need to leave the clubhouse at 5:15am. I do enjoy when all racers are in the team vans together. It creates a commraderie and we can talk over how we want to race.


You all should be done racing by 9am and can be back at the clubhouse by 10am.


The second wave of racers is everyone else.


You will need to leave the clubhouse at 8:45am.


Your racing starts at 10:56.


You should be able to leave the venue by 2:30pm and be back at the clubhouse at approx. 3pm.





I would like for everyone to meet at the clubhouse and then to ride to the race at Pima West.


I will drive a van and trailer there with water, snacks, chairs, and tents.


Women racers and 13-14 boys we need to leave at 5:30am.


It will be cold and dark, please come prepared. Also I hope you stay to cheer your teammates on after you are done, so please bring extra clothes to change into, and I will bring plenty of food and drinks to say thank you.


Everyone else will be in Wave 3.


You need to be ready to leave the clubhouse at 9am.


Everyone should be done and ready to go home at approx. 1:30pm from the clubhouse.



Training Schedule 


Tuesday: Road ride out on the Circuit course.


Wednesday: 2:30pm riders will go out and recon the TT course

4:30 riders will again go to the circuit course


Thursday: Road Ride on the circuit course.


Friday– Racing starts


So Many Thank You’s

There are just so many thank you’s to say.   Thank you to all the athletes who trusted themselves this weekend.   Thank you to all the teammates who supported each other, believed in each other, and challenged each other to be their best.   Thank you to all the parents who trust this coaching… Read more »

This is the week

After months of hard work and early season races, we have arrived at the pay off weekend.   So many of you have put so much hard work in over these last few months and I am so very excited that you will get to express yourselves this weekend at full flight.   I want… Read more »

Weekend Logistics

SATURDAY Axel, Thomas, Alex, Tomas, Andy, Damiano, Kaiden, Leo   The first race starts at 8:30am. We need to be on site at 7am. So we need to leave the clubhouse at 5:30am sharp.   Please dress super warm for the van ride and have some food with you for before and after the race,… Read more »

Well Done Everyone

After another successful mountain bike race weekend, we can all finally rest.   We now get to soak in all the hard work we have put in over the last month and get to feel really fast.   Thank you everyone parents, riders and coaches for hanging in their over this month and really dedicating… Read more »

Taking it Home

We are three weeks away unitl the first big g0als of the season.   24 Hours  in the Old Pueblo and Valley of the Sun.   I hope that sounds super exciting to everyone.   This will be our last super big week of training as we approach and prepare for these goals.   So… Read more »

WEEK 3 and We continue to Build

I am going to start a new post on Wednesday’s to tell everyone abou the amazing young folk who raced this weekend. I could  not be prouder as a coach in regards to how everyone treated themselves.   There is a lot going on this time of year, and I am often overwhelmed because I… Read more »

WEEK 2 Building towards our goals

Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the laps at the 24 hour course on Saturday evening. I very much appreciate and want to thank all of the coaches who made it happen and all of the riders who stuck around for the 2 laps. I know it was cold out there, but… Read more »