PARENTS! Fall Fondo

A message from our Executive Director:

Hey parents,

We need your help to make El Grupo a success. Please sign up to volunteer either at the event or on the ride course on Sunday – help us make the event a success. We will feed you with lunch. Fall Fondo raises money to support us all!

Fall Fondo Event:

Course Attendants:

Please sign up today!

Many thanks!

Week of Oct 21

Team, good race this weekend. We’ve got one to go. We are currently sitting 1-2-3 in the team rankings for the season. It is VERY close. Several teams are nipping at our heels. I really want to die my hair blue in two weeks, so let’s stay focused and keep pushing these final two weeks. White Tanks is a hard race, and we need to stay checked in while we close out the season. It’s not over yet. Every single person, every single result makes a difference. You all bring something special to the table and I want you all to bring it full force these coming weeks.

Tuesday: MTB. 4:30. Solid endurance.

Wednesday: 3:45 and 4:30. Road bikes. Endurance.

Thursday: MTB. 4:30. Short Tracks. This is a workout to show up ready to absolutely throw down. Hard day.

Saturday: OFF. Take the day to get your homeworks, etc. done. This is NOT an opportunity for an exciting Friday night. This is the chance for you to get some much needed rest, sleep in once this week, and get recovered/prepped for our final race of the season.

Sunday: FALL FONDO. PRIORITY NUMBER ONE. Road bikes. Meet at the clubhouse at 6:30AM. Wear a Grupo kit if you have one. Bring a change of clothes (Grupo T shirt) for after the ride. We’ll be all done, ready for pick up by 2:30PM.

This Week –

Hey all, Mad thanks to everyone for the help this week at the clubhouse cleanup! We got a whole lot done and the place looks pretty rad. Also thanks to the parents and riders who went to the 20Twenty ride on Saturday. They were extremely excited and had only great things to say about you… Read more »

Week of Oct 7

Hey Team, another great race in the books out at Ft. Huachuca this weekend! I want to give a big shoutout to our Frosh Boys who absolutely crushed it- some of the best racing I’ve seen out of em yet. This week we’re gonna keep the good times rolling with some harder efforts during the… Read more »

Week of Sept 30

This week is a classic pre NICA week. Last week was… hard. It was meant to be. If you felt tired by Sunday, that’s good! You did it right. This week, the work soaks in. NICA is a long, long season, and you’ve got to be on form for 2.5 months. What that means is… Read more »


Hey Parents, the next NICA race is in Sierra Vista. It is considered a home race for us, so we’re expected to help out with some aspects of the race. If you are interested in volunteering for the race organization, here is a link to all the volunteer positions/slots they are working to fill in… Read more »


Hey Team, practice this week remains the same. Practice this weekend is altered slightly. Saturday: same same same, as Ben stated in the last post. Sunday: ROAD BIKES. Meet 6:45AM. Leave 7:15AM. Back by 11AM. Group ride with Ride On Cycling. It’s important that you make it. It will be fun, challenging, and an opportunity… Read more »

Week of September 23

Hey! Smashing job this weekend at NICA to all those who raced. Lets keep the fitness and riding we’ve been doing going! This week is a work week. We’re gonna be focused on MTBing. Here’s the schedule: Tuesday 09/24 – MTB ride – If it rains, we’ll do a workout and work on our bikes… Read more »

Week of September 16

Alrighty folks, we’re hurtling right along towards NICA #2 this weekend up in Prescott. Ben and I were super impressed with all of you at the Flagstaff race. Everybody was really cool and helpful around camp, there was no fuss around bedtime/racing/camping/eating/etc. It was great. Let’s keep it that way in Prescott so that you… Read more »