Durango pick up

Hey Parents- we’re on the return drive from Durango.

Just got gas in Phoenix.

We should be back around 6:15, ready for pick up by 6:30


Durango Departure


  1. Clubhouse will open at 7AM. You need to be there by 7:30. We leave at 8AM.
  2. Pack a lunch! There will be snacks (chips, bananas, oranges), but you’ll need a lunch. I did not think of this until I was reminded of it today. I’ll make it through on a couple few bananas but y’all growin teens eat more than me.
  3. If you need any clothing that’s on the gear list, show up on the early side so I can set you up.

Hope to see ya tomorrow for trail work!


Saturday Trail Work Day!

Hey all!

Since we don’t have any practice on Saturday, Max and I are going to go out to 36th st. trailhead and do some trail-work with Neil Stitzer from Pima County. Everyone is welcome, parents, riders, and volunteers alike.

Meet at the clubhouse at 6:30am – Leave by 6:45am – Back by 10:15am

I will provide snacks, water, etc. We will drive a van or two out there with everyone in it.

Be sure to bring: Sturdy shoes, hat, sunscreen, water bottle, and work gloves if you have them.


Wednesday Mechanics Hours

Hey All, Apologies for the volume of posts here. Wednesday – 3:00pm-5:00pm – Mechanics hours – Come clean your bike and get help addressing issues on it See you then!

Durango Information

Hey! Here’s the logistical information for Durango. Leaving Sunday, July 28th at 8:00am. Please show up AT LEAST 30 minutes prior so that we can pack bikes, gear, etc.  Below is the packing list. As reminder from Coach Max: Pack using the packing list. Don’t fall in the trap of “I’m hot while I’m packing… Read more »

This week – And Durango

Hey all! Here’s the practice schedule for the next week: Tuesday: Meet 6:00am – Leave 6:30am – Back by 9:30am – MTBS Wednesday: Short track – Meet 5:30pm – Leave 6:00pm – Back by 8:00pm Thursday through Saturday is off: We’re trying to get a bit of rest in before Durango. If you’ve been at practices a… Read more »


We’ve had a couple of really fun rides this week. The weekend will hold a little more “work”, but it’ll still be fun. Saturday: Road bikes. Shootout- Meet 5:30, leave 5:45/6. If you do the big boy shootout, do the big boy shootout. If you comfortably make the old man, do the old man. B… Read more »

Practice Week of July 15

T minus two weeks till Durango. 8 weeks till the first NICA race. 12 days left to submit a T shirt design to me. Practice this week is about continuing to build base fitness as well as finding finesse on the MTB. Monday- OFF Tuesday- MTB. Meet 6AM, leave 6:30AM, back by 9AM. Wednesday- Short… Read more »

Clarification about Saturday ride

Hey! So. I’ve heard from volunteer coaches and parents alike, that the old-man shootout is harder than normal. That’s unfortunate because Here’s your chance for a good ride tomorrow. Show up at 6:00am, leave at 6:30am for the B-ride. The more people that show up, the faster the ride will be. If you’ve been getting… Read more »

Week of July 8

Hey! Hope everyone has had a good couple weeks, post bike camp. If you’re back from vacation, we’re stoked to have you. We’re essentially 3 weeks out from the majority of the team going to Durango, which means one thing: Show up. It sucks to get up there out of shape. Time to show up… Read more »